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Project Name
Prairie Ridge Metropolitan Districts Nos. 1-3
Max Debt Max Mills 50; O and M 10; 5 CCR Mills; D1 Commercial, D 2-3 Residential
5228000024 5228000024 5228000025 5228000025
Spencer Fane LLC
Nicole Peykov ( )
(303) 839-3715
Nicole Peykov ( )
(303) 839-3715
File Number
Project Manager
Kari Parsons
5/2/2024 2:09:41 PM

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Review Comments (13)

Link Agency Comment
PCD Project Manager
6/11/2024 10:54:31 AM
Please consider watching the BOCC hearing June 13th for the Peaceful Valley Special District so you can address the concerns discussed in your application.

Analysis or comparisons of other developments in El Paso County regarding mill levy; facility fees ; PIFs and PIDs should be mentioned in letter of intent and be prepared to discuss at hearing. Id this district proposing something unique or common? This was discussed at Flying Horse North BoCC hearing as a response to emailed questions.
6/11/2024 10:54:31 AM
View PCD Project Manager
6/11/2024 10:51:09 AM
Service Plan Comments 6/11/2024 10:51:09 AM
View PCD Project Manager
6/11/2024 10:50:37 AM
Letter of Intent Comments 6/11/2024 10:50:37 AM
Black Forest Land Use Committee
6/9/2024 7:16:08 PM
The Black Forest Land Use Committee has no comment on this metro district plan. 6/9/2024 7:16:08 PM
Falcon School District 49
6/7/2024 11:47:42 AM
District 49 appreciates the opportunity to review and comment on the Intent to Form the proposed Prairie Ridge Metropolitan District Nos. 1 – 3, the development itself is located within the Academy 20 School District boundaries. Therefore, we will defer to Academy 20. 6/7/2024 11:47:42 AM
County Attorney - Development Review
6/6/2024 12:39:56 PM
No comments at this time. 6/6/2024 12:39:56 PM
PCD Engineering Division
6/5/2024 11:46:04 AM
Engineering has no comments on the uploaded documents for the project.

Reviewed by:
Bret Dilts, PE
Engineer III
6/5/2024 11:46:04 AM
View El Paso County Conservation Dist
6/4/2024 8:20:12 AM
Please see attached .PDF for brief comments. Thanks! 6/4/2024 8:20:12 AM
Colorado Springs Public Works
5/31/2024 10:33:07 AM
Engineering Development Review has no comments on this item.

Joel Dagnillo, P.E.
Engineer III
Engineering Development Review
City of Colorado Springs
5/31/2024 10:33:07 AM
View EPC Environmental Services
5/21/2024 1:39:26 PM
5/21/2024 1:39:26 PM
Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.
5/20/2024 4:08:34 PM
MVEA has no comments on the Special District 5/20/2024 4:08:34 PM
Cherokee Metro Dist
5/17/2024 9:42:21 AM
No Cherokee facilities in the area and no Cherokee Utilities being provided. No further comments or review needed. 5/17/2024 9:42:21 AM
Colorado Springs Public Works
5/16/2024 11:43:33 AM
Traffic Engineering has no comments on this item.

Zaker Alazzeh, P.E.
Traffic Engineering Manager/Deputy City Traffic Engineer
City of Colorado Springs
(719) 385-5468
5/16/2024 11:43:33 AM