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OAR: Calhan Commons
town of calhan has requested a review for a replat of lot 2
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El Paso County Planning
Petra Rangel ( )
(719) 487-4636
Petra Rangel ( )
(719) 487-4636
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Project Manager
Ashlyn Mathy
3/27/2024 2:17:54 PM

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Link Agency Comment
PCD Engineering Division
4/4/2024 8:56:29 AM
1. Drainage
The property is located within the Calhan drainage basin. As the property develops, stormwater detention and water quality treatment facilities should be provided as appropriate to mitigate impacts to the receiving drainageways and downstream County rights-of-way and property owners. It is noted that a detention pond is proposed for this development; therefore, drainage impacts downstream of the Town are not anticipated to be significant.

2. Traffic/Transportation
Traffic impacts to County roads around the subject parcel are not anticipated to be an issue. Hahn Road adjacent to the site was included in the annexation of the site to the Town of Calhan.

Reviewed by:
Jeff Rice
4/4/2024 8:56:29 AM