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Peterson / HWY 24 Roundabout Project
Construction Drawing Review for City-initiated roadway improvement project to install a roundabout at the intersection of Peterson Road and HWY 24.
Basis Partners
Chris Jennings ( )
(719) 733-3519
Chris Jennings ( )
(719) 733-3519
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Project Manager
Ryan Howser
12/26/2023 1:06:14 PM

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View Cimarron Hills Fire
2/7/2024 1:41:06 PM
The Cimarron Hills Fire Department (CHFD) has reviewed the Peterson / Hwy 24 Roundabout Project and is providing the following comments. This is a request for a review of a comprehensive “Traffic Safety Plan” for each phase of roadway construction. This plan is crucial to ensure the safety of workers, motorists, pedestrians, and emergency vehicles. CHFD requests the applicant address the various aspects of traffic management, signage, and communication to minimize the risk of accidents in the construction zone.

Safety is a priority for everyone involved in or affected by roadway construction. Regularly review and update the traffic safety plan to adapt to changing conditions and ensure continued effectiveness. Additionally, involve relevant stakeholders, including local authorities, transportation agencies, and emergency services, in the planning and execution of the traffic safety plan.
2/7/2024 1:41:06 PM
View EPC Parks Department
1/25/2024 4:08:48 PM
See El Paso County Parks comments attached. 1/25/2024 4:08:48 PM
EPC Stormwater Review
1/18/2024 4:23:43 PM
Review 1: Proposed scope of work will overlap jurisdictional boundary. Please provide an MOU outlining responsible party for MS4 Permitting, including Construction Site Program and Permanent Water Quality Management/Post Construction Program.

Reviewed by:
Christina Prete, P.E.
Stormwater Engineer III
1/18/2024 4:23:43 PM
View PCD Engineering Division
1/18/2024 9:05:57 AM
See attached redline comments/recommendations and questions.

Reviewed by:
Jeff Rice
1/18/2024 9:05:57 AM
PCD Project Manager
1/18/2024 8:52:06 AM
It appears that this project would eliminate the landscape buffer on the west side of the Super 8 motel on the east side of Peterson Rd NE of the intersection of Peterson and HWY 24. It appears that several parking spaces would also be removed and the drive aisles through the parking lot would be significantly reduced to the extent that this site would become nonconforming to the El Paso County Land Development Code. Schedule Number: 5408000052 for the property in question. Staff recommends a site development plan is submitted to redesign the parking lot on this property and replace the landscaping that will be removed.

Staff notes minimal impact to all other properties located in the County as a result of this public improvement project.
1/18/2024 8:52:06 AM
Colorado Springs Public Works
1/17/2024 11:19:51 AM
Please submit these construction plans separately to City of Colorado Springs Engineering Development Review and Traffic Engineering in Project Dox for potential review and comment. Thank you.

Joel Dagnillo, P.E.
Engineer III
Engineering Development Review
City of Colorado Springs
1/17/2024 11:19:51 AM
View Colorado Springs Utilities, Dev, Svc.(includes water resources)
1/12/2024 3:51:47 PM
Good afternoon Ryan,
Please see the three (3) Springs Utilities 1st review comments to be addressed for CDR2323 as well as the two (2) additional Springs Utilities comments on page 94.

* Please include the book and page number and/or reception number of all existing and proposed easements.
* Show and label all existing utility service lines with diameter, material, and either Public and/or private.
* Add a note stating "Trees shall maintain a 15-foot minimum separation from water and wastewater mains and a 6-foot minimum separation from electric and gas distribution lines."

Please have the applicant provide a response letter to the five (5) Springs Utilities comments.
Matthew Alcuran, MPA| Engineering Support Specialist Sr.
Utilities Development Services | Colorado Springs Utilities
1521 South Hancock Expressway| MC 1812 | Colorado Springs, CO 80903
O: 719-668-8261 |
1/12/2024 3:51:47 PM
Colorado Springs Public Works
1/4/2024 8:22:39 AM
The construction plans were reviewed by City Traffic Engineering and comments were coordinated with Kevin Diekelman the City Project Engineer.

Zaker Alazzeh, P.E.
Traffic Engineering Manager/Deputy City Traffic Engineer
City of Colorado Springs
(719) 385-5468
1/4/2024 8:22:39 AM