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Meadowbrook Park Subdivision Final Plat
A Final Plat for 67 single-family detached homes. Water sufficiency made at PUDSP. PUD Reception No. 221175265 9/17/21
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Larry Salazar ( )
(719) 284-7829
Larry Salazar ( )
(719) 284-7829
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Project Manager
Kari Parsons
3/24/2021 11:23:08 AM

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Review Comments (37)

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View PCD Engineering Division
8/9/2021 9:18:45 AM
TIS redlines 8/9/2021 9:18:45 AM
View PCD Engineering Division
8/9/2021 9:18:32 AM
ESQCP redlines 8/9/2021 9:18:32 AM
View PCD Engineering Division
8/9/2021 9:18:15 AM
FAE redlines 8/9/2021 9:18:15 AM
View PCD Engineering Division
8/9/2021 9:17:59 AM
O&M redlines 8/9/2021 9:17:59 AM
View PCD Engineering Division
8/9/2021 9:17:15 AM
GEC redlines 8/9/2021 9:17:15 AM
View PCD Engineering Division
8/9/2021 9:16:53 AM
Construction Documents redlines 8/9/2021 9:16:53 AM
View PCD Engineering Division
8/9/2021 9:16:35 AM
Drainage Report redlines 8/9/2021 9:16:35 AM
View PCD Engineering Division
8/9/2021 9:16:19 AM
Plat redlines (with engineering comments) 8/9/2021 9:16:19 AM
PCD Engineering Division
8/9/2021 9:15:30 AM
Review 1 comments on the following documents will be uploaded:
-Drainage Report
-Construction Documents

Per Chapter 11, section 11.3.3 of the El Paso County Drainage Criteria Manual recommendations for the foundation preparation and embankment construction shall be submitted with the complete design analysis for all permanent detention facilities.

Please submit the following documents
-Proof of state-non jurisdictional water impoundment form
-MS4 post construction form

Due to the type of comments provided, additional comments may be generated on the re-submittal.

Reviewed by:
Daniel Torres
8/9/2021 9:15:30 AM
View PCD Project Manager
8/5/2021 11:05:11 AM
LOI Checklist 8/5/2021 11:05:11 AM
PCD Project Manager
7/27/2021 3:52:44 PM
A complete review will occur after a completed plat document is provided. 7/27/2021 3:52:44 PM
View PCD Project Manager
7/27/2021 3:51:59 PM
Plat Notes (to be customized and added). 7/27/2021 3:51:59 PM
View PCD Project Manager
8/5/2021 11:04:40 AM
Plat checklist- 8/5/2021 11:04:40 AM
View PCD Project Manager
7/27/2021 3:48:16 PM
Plat is missing a lot of required info: notes, dimensions, centerlines, wrong name is used in edge title block, etc.... Review the plat checklist, and the plat notes. Quality control the submittal before uploading please. Review the Hannah Ridge at Midtown Fil 2 SF in EDARP for an sample. Add the PPRBD note for recording also.
Planning comments only.
7/27/2021 3:48:16 PM
PCD Project Manager
7/27/2021 1:43:13 PM
Does the applicant seek to enter into a Public Improvement District( 2 or 3)? If so, please file application now as it takes 60 days to process. Please contact Lori Seago if applicant chooses to do so. Also, please update LOI to state you are or are not entering the PID 2 or PID 3, and fees will be paid at building permit. Add the appropriate plat notes. 7/27/2021 1:43:13 PM
View PCD Project Manager
7/27/2021 1:33:53 PM
Letter of Intent Planning Comments. 7/27/2021 1:33:53 PM
PCD Project Manager
7/27/2021 1:18:23 PM
FAE (Financial Assurance Estimate) Complete page 4/4 based on PUD landscape plan. Add retaining walls, and other fencing including screening to this section or note specifically where that is in the other sections in the FAE. 7/27/2021 1:18:23 PM
View Parks Advisory Board
7/23/2021 11:31:59 AM
El Paso County Community Services / Parks Final Comments - Please See Attached Documents (PAB Endorsed 07/14/2021) 7/23/2021 11:31:59 AM
View EPC Stormwater Review
7/21/2021 11:37:55 AM
SWMP V_1 7/21/2021 11:37:55 AM
View EPC Stormwater Review
7/21/2021 11:35:51 AM
SWMP Checklist V_1 7/21/2021 11:35:51 AM
View EPC Stormwater Review
7/21/2021 11:35:29 AM
PBMP Form V_1 7/21/2021 11:35:29 AM
View EPC Stormwater Review
7/21/2021 11:35:03 AM
GEC Checklist V_1 7/21/2021 11:35:03 AM
Cherokee Metro Dist
7/21/2021 10:41:18 AM
Comments on water and wastewater utilities review are included in separate EDARP review: PUDSP - Combined PUD/Preliminary Plan. Cherokee review is contingent on acceptance of this separate review.

The Meadowbrook Park Subdivision development is included in Cherokee Metro District's service area and Cherokee has adequate water and wastewater treatment capacity to serve this customer.
7/21/2021 10:41:18 AM
EPC Stormwater Review
7/21/2021 2:10:44 PM
Review 1: EPC Stormwater comments have been provided (in orange text boxes) on the following uploaded documents:
- CD's.........................(to be uploaded by PM with PCD comments)
- Drainage Report....(to be uploaded by PM with PCD comments)
- GEC Plan...............(to be uploaded by PM with PCD comments)
- Plat.........................(to be uploaded by PM with PCD comments)
- GEC Checklist
- PBMP Applicability Form
- SWMP Checklist

Please include the following documents on resubmittal:
- MS4 Post Construction Form

Please note for future projects: we have revised versions of our SWMP and GEC Checklists available for download on our website linked below. The content (all checklist rows/items) are the same, but the formatting has been updated to be more user-friendly. They are now fillable PDF's.

Reviewed by:
Glenn Reese, P.E.
Stormwater Engineer I
7/21/2021 2:10:44 PM
Colorado Geological Survey
7/20/2021 3:42:02 PM
CGS has no objection to approval of the Final Plat for Meadowbrook Park (38.845, -104.6902) provided all RMG’s recommendations continue to be followed in the development of this subdivision. CGS provided comments for this project on 12/7/2020, 5/4/2021, and 5/16/2021. Relevant comments are repeated: CGS agrees with RMG that site-specific soils and foundations investigations should be conducted for individual structures. The site-specific investigations are required to develop foundation recommendations based on the engineering properties of soils and/or bedrock on-site. Exploratory borings are needed to determine depth to bedrock, groundwater and to collect samples for laboratory testing. We recommend laboratory testing include tests for density, for sulfates (corrosion to concrete) and consolidation testing. These are needed to help assess collapse potential, and extent of corrosion to concrete.
Water induced collapse can occur at depth below foundations and CGS recommends collapse potential be evaluated within the full zone of influence of the foundation as determined by the engineer at the time of site-specific soils and foundation investigations. Extent of collapse potential (hydrocompaction) is assessed in part by depositional environment of the material, and in part on measured water content and density of the soils along with consolidation tests. Where collapsible soils may occur has not been evaluated at this time. Both the alluvium and eolian deposits at the site are susceptible to collapse (hydrocompaction).
Submitted 7/20/2021 by Jonathan R. Lovekin, P.G. Senior Engineering Geologist, Colorado Geological Survey -
7/20/2021 3:42:02 PM
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
7/20/2021 1:34:07 PM
1.There are some discrepancies on the Civil Construction Documents and the Final Plat submittal. E911- stated the street name Solum Grove is available; however, the plat shows “Solium” Grove. The disapproved street name “Celeste Heights” is on the plat and the civils show Nova View. Please email me the approved list of street names from E911 when available, Please clarify all street names on the final plat.

2. It appears the lots will have a 1’ setback on one side, please see IRC code Section R302 for more information regarding fire separation distance less than 5’-0”.


1. Enumerations will review the mylar prior to plat for address placement, street names, and title block.

2.$10.00 per lot and tract platting fee will be due at the time of the review of the mylar, (2 addresses per lot and tract). If an address is not needed on a tract then no fee applies. Check should be made out to PIKES PEAK REGIONAL BUILDING DEPARTMENT or PPRBD. Paid directly to the Enumerations Department. An additional over the phone transaction fee of $3.50 will apply for any credit card payment.

3. A copy of the final recorded plat is required prior to plan submittal. (Please email the Enumerations staff that reviewed your project)

4. *Temporary Exception: During Covid-19, all mylar reviews will be reviewed via “pdf”. The mylar will be stamped by Enumerations for accuracy and returned to the applicant and the planner. All payments to be mailed to RBD via a check or credit card payment over the phone. Plats should not be recorded prior to Enumerations receiving payment.

Becky Allen
Enumerations Plans Examiner
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
O: 719-799-2707 W: E:
7/20/2021 1:34:07 PM
View Colorado Division of Water Resources
7/19/2021 3:47:03 PM
7/19/2021 3:47:03 PM
Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.
7/19/2021 2:18:55 PM
This site is not within MVEA's service area boundaries. 7/19/2021 2:18:55 PM
View EPC Environmental Services
7/15/2021 3:00:28 PM
7/15/2021 3:00:28 PM
View County Attorney - Development Review
7/14/2021 9:19:08 PM
The property owners must be parties to the Detention Maintenance Agreement. Please use the correct template for Developer - Metro District, attached hereto. 7/14/2021 9:19:08 PM
View County Attorney - Development Review
7/14/2021 9:17:18 PM
Proposed changes to SIA attached. 7/14/2021 9:17:18 PM
View Colorado Springs Utilities, Dev, Svc.(includes water resources)
7/8/2021 3:34:16 PM
1 Comment from LBS. No other comments from CSU. 7/8/2021 3:34:16 PM
Upper Black Squirrel Creek GWMD
7/6/2021 2:04:21 PM
The Upper Black Squirrel Creek GWMD does not have any comments at this time but respectfully reserves the right to comment at a later date if necessary. 7/6/2021 2:04:21 PM
View EPC Parks Department
7/2/2021 12:12:33 PM
El Paso County Community Services / Parks Preliminary Comments - Please See Attached Documents (To be presented to the PAB for endorsement on 07/14/2021) 7/2/2021 12:12:33 PM
Cimarron Hills Fire
6/30/2021 9:32:05 AM
CHFD has reviewed the final plat submittal for the Meadowbrook Park Subdivision. Planning meetings with the developer has all details covered for fire and life safety access, water supply, and roads. This is approved for CHFD. JT McLeod Division Chief-Fire Inspector III/Plans Examiner. 6/30/2021 9:32:05 AM
911 Authority - El Paso/Teller County
6/30/2021 7:29:49 AM
Comments for E911 as follows:

Celeste Heights – Not acceptable, new name recommended.

Solum Grove – Available
Tenebris Point – Available
Nova View – Available
Lux point – Available

Thank you
6/30/2021 7:29:49 AM
Central Marksheffel Metro
6/29/2021 12:32:23 PM
This proposed improvement is not within the Central Marksheffel Metropolitan District and not subject to any of their platting or building permit fees. 6/29/2021 12:32:23 PM