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Project Name
Crossroads North Preliminary Plan
Home Improvement Center, Movie Theater, sports complex, retail pad sites
South west corner of Hwy 24 and Hwy 94
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Jim Houk ( )
(719) 284-7830
Jim Houk ( )
(719) 284-7830
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Project Manager
Kari Parsons
5/5/2020 11:54:43 AM

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Colorado Springs Public Works
12/30/2020 3:43:10 PM
Evaluate downstream capacity in the existing 54" CMP (E4).

Show how the flow in the proposed ditch along Markscheffel Road is being captured in Pond 4. If the flow is not being captured in Pond 4 evaluate the existing detention pond and outlet structure.

Label existing 42 or 48" RCP (E3) public or private in the ROW and show capacity.

Joel Metzker
Stormwater Enterprise
City of Colorado Springs
30 S. Nevada Ave., Suite 401
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Office: (719) 385-7719
12/30/2020 3:43:10 PM
View Colorado Department of Transportation - Pueblo Office
12/22/2020 5:09:16 PM
12/22/2020 5:09:16 PM
View PCD Project Manager
12/18/2020 7:23:19 AM
FAE redlines 12/18/2020 7:23:19 AM
View PCD Project Manager
12/18/2020 7:22:57 AM
Traffic Study Staff Comments; Please address these in addition to the outside consultant comments. 12/18/2020 7:22:57 AM
View PCD Project Manager
12/18/2020 7:19:21 AM
Grading & Erosion Control Plan Redlines.
Please note there were many comments in the submittal package; the drainage report comments will be uploaded at a later date with general comments. Please correct the items that have been commented on.
12/18/2020 7:19:21 AM
View PCD Project Manager
12/18/2020 7:17:14 AM
Soils & Geology Redlines 12/18/2020 7:17:14 AM
View PCD Project Manager
12/18/2020 7:16:47 AM
Deviation Redlines 12/18/2020 7:16:47 AM
View PCD Project Manager
12/18/2020 7:13:38 AM
Preliminary Plan Redlines. 12/18/2020 7:13:38 AM
View PCD Project Manager
12/18/2020 7:13:06 AM
LOI redlines 12/18/2020 7:13:06 AM
PCD Project Manager
12/17/2020 3:12:32 PM
PLEASE quality control check all documents before they are uploaded. There is an additional review fee after the 3rd submittal. 12/17/2020 3:12:32 PM
View PCD Project Manager
12/17/2020 3:11:00 PM
Fire Protection report redline- Has a different Fire Protection District than what other documentation with the submittal package identifies... 12/17/2020 3:11:00 PM
PCD Project Manager
12/17/2020 3:05:47 PM
Water Supply Summary Form does not have the correct information. It differs from the LOI and Preliminary Plan. Please correct after all comments within the submittal package are addressed. 12/17/2020 3:05:47 PM
View PCD Project Manager
12/17/2020 2:39:42 PM
The commitment letter states " this is NOT a commitment letter within it." Please provide a commitment letter. 12/17/2020 2:39:42 PM
View PCD Project Manager
12/17/2020 9:40:37 AM
Subdivision Summary Form Comments- Please quality check documents before submitting; this was missing a page. 12/17/2020 9:40:37 AM
View PCD Project Manager
12/17/2020 9:33:33 AM
Application Form Comments 12/17/2020 9:33:33 AM
View PCD Project Manager
12/17/2020 9:30:25 AM
Fire Commitment letter is not a commitment letter, if the area has not been included into a District. Provide Inclusion agreement or new letter from District stating area is included . In addition, see comments redline. 12/17/2020 9:30:25 AM
PCD Engineering Division
12/17/2020 5:47:36 PM
Review 1 comments to the following documents will be uploaded by the project manager:
- Traffic Impact Study
- Deviation Request (intersection spacing)
- Preliminary Plan
- Early Grading and Erosion Control Plan
- Financial Assurance Estimate

Notice: Comments on the Traffic Impact Study and Deviation Request are cursory in nature and the County will provide additional guidance after a joint meeting between PCD, DPW, CDOT and City of CS.

Notice: Drainage Report comments will be provided at a later date. The following items need to be addressed/discussed with PCD Engineering Manager and Staff:
1. Proposed inter-basin transfer with PCD Engineering Review Manager and Staff.
2. Offsite detention and improvements within the City of Colorado Springs. Similar situation occurred with EPC and City of Fountain regarding the detention pond in River Bend Residential project which resulted in a modified pond agreement.

Notice: The resubmittal will be considered as a first review due to the quantity and nature of the comments. New comments will be provided.

Reviewed by:
Gilbert LaForce, PE
12/17/2020 5:47:36 PM
View PCD Project Manager
12/15/2020 1:46:00 PM
Outsourced TIS Comments 12/15/2020 1:46:00 PM
View EPC Stormwater Review
12/15/2020 8:49:55 AM
SWMP Checklist_v1 12/15/2020 8:49:55 AM
PCD Project Manager
12/17/2020 3:19:42 PM
Water resource and wastewater report is out of date. Staff and Cherokee Metro District both have found out of date information in Reports. Please look at the revisions in the Code effective 9/2019. Separate the water and wastewater reports from each other. Provide the updated information per the revised Code.
12/17/2020 3:19:42 PM
View EPC Stormwater Review
12/15/2020 8:04:46 AM
SWMP_v1 12/15/2020 8:04:46 AM
View EPC Stormwater Review
12/15/2020 8:01:22 AM
GEC Checklist_v1 12/15/2020 8:01:22 AM
EPC Stormwater Review
12/15/2020 12:01:10 PM
Review 1: EPC Stormwater comments have been provided (in orange text boxes) on the following uploaded documents:
- Drainage Report (to be uploaded by PM with PCD comments)
- GEC Plan (to be uploaded by PM with PCD comments)
- GEC Checklist
- SWMP Checklist

Reviewed by:
Christina Furchak
Stormwater Engineer III
12/15/2020 12:01:10 PM
View Cherokee Metro Dist
12/14/2020 11:53:44 AM
12/14/2020 11:53:44 AM
Cherokee Metro Dist
12/14/2020 11:54:45 AM
The Crossroads North development is included in Cherokee Metro District's service area and Cherokee has adequate water and wastewater treatment capacity to serve this customer.

There is much out of date information on the Cherokee Metro District in Water and Wastewater Resource document that should be updated. I have uploaded a Water Resources Report that provides updated information.
12/14/2020 11:54:45 AM
Colorado Geological Survey
12/14/2020 9:52:44 AM
CTL | Thompson identifies potentially hydrocompactive soils (collapsible soils), existing uncontrolled fill stockpiles, and erodible soil as geologic hazards that may impact the site. However, the site is relatively flat, is not undermined, and does not appear to be exposed to any geologic hazards or geotechnical constraints that would preclude the proposed development.

CTL | Thompson’s characterization (CTL | T Project No. CS18526.001-105; 10/6/2020) of subsurface conditions and geotechnical recommendations are valid. CTL | Thompsons did not encounter groundwater in their borings drilled in December 2015. CTL Thompson recommends a passive underdrain system if future investigations do not discover groundwater and an active underdrain system if high moisture conditions or groundwater are found (pg. 11).

Given the propensity to encounter shallow or perched groundwater in eastern El Paso County and the fact that the geotechnical engineer completed the borings when groundwater is at or near its seasonal low, we find CTL | Thompson’s recommendation on underdrain systems particularly valid. We concur with planning for unexpected shallow or perched groundwater in this area of El Paso County.

CGS received grading plans with this submittal, while CTL | Thompson indicated they did not review such plans. CGS recommends that the county or developer provide CTL | Thompson with grading plans, and they review the plans for conformance with the geotechnical report recommendations. The geotechnical report states that eolian soils underlie the site. Once wetted and loaded, such soils can settle and cause damages to buildings, pavements, and other infrastructure. CTL Thomspon indicates that the risks to proposed structures from hydrocompactive soils are low for lightly to moderately load structures (one to two-story buildings). The report contains limited soil testing to determine the risk or degree of the potential of hydrocompaction. However, data provided, such as dry density, indicates soil with a high potential for hydrocompaction underlies parts of the site.

CTL | Thompson recommends additional subsurface investigations once the building locations are finalized (pg. 14). Given the proposed use and density, CGS agrees that the developer can complete further evaluation to determine the risks of hydrocompaction, and propose appropriate mitigation, upon completing grading and before issuance of building permits. It will be important that the additional investigations fully evaluate these risks along the entire soil profile (extent and depth).

In summary, provided that CTL | Thompson’s recommendations, and recommendations outlined above, are followed, CGS has no objection to approval of the preliminary plan.
12/14/2020 9:52:44 AM
View EPC Health Department
12/13/2020 3:31:40 PM
12/13/2020 3:31:40 PM
View Colorado Division of Water Resources
12/11/2020 5:00:53 PM
12/11/2020 5:00:53 PM
County Attorney - Development Review
12/11/2020 4:04:42 PM
No comments from County Attorney's Office - Development Review at this time. 12/11/2020 4:04:42 PM
View Colorado Springs Airport Advisory Commission
12/11/2020 7:28:35 AM
The attached land use review summary with comments will be presented at the December 16, 2020 Airport Advisory Commission meeting. 12/11/2020 7:28:35 AM
View PCD Engineering Division
12/10/2020 4:15:54 PM
Outsourced Review 1 comments to the TIS is attached. 12/10/2020 4:15:54 PM
Colorado Springs Public Works
12/10/2020 4:08:26 PM
Traffic Engineering has the following comments:

1- Please confirm that the future Reagan Ranch development were included in the traffic impact study analysis. If so, please consider to increase the expected traffic distributions coming from South Marksheffel Road to be 15% and reduce eastbound traffic along US-24 to 55%.
2- Please include the intersection of Marksheffel Road and Space Village Avenue in the traffic impact study analysis.
3- The city of Colorado springs recommend to analyze "in the traffic impact study" one of the proposed site access as signalized full movement intersection, and the other proposed site access as unsignalized 3/4 movements (right in, right out, left in) intersection.

Zaker Alazzeh, P.E.
Traffic Engineering Manager
City of Colorado Springs
(719) 385-5468
12/10/2020 4:08:26 PM
Traffic Review Consultant
12/10/2020 3:57:28 PM
Traffic comments uploaded in Bluebeam session. 12/10/2020 3:57:28 PM
Colorado Department of Transportation - Pueblo Office
12/10/2020 2:50:41 PM
Comments will be forthcoming. 12/10/2020 2:50:41 PM
Colorado Springs Public Works
12/10/2020 6:06:45 AM
Engineering Development Review Division has the following comments:
The area south of Air Lane was annex into the City of Colorado Springs. Clearly show and callout the City of Colorado Springs boundary and roadway construction plans for Marksheffel Road and Air Lane will be submitted and reviewed by El Paso County.

Patrick V. Morris
Civil Engineer II
Public Works/Engineering Development Review
City of Colorado Springs
30 S. Nevada Ave., Suite 401
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
tel: 719-385-5075
Main: 719-385-5979
12/10/2020 6:06:45 AM
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
12/9/2020 2:20:22 PM
1. This area is already platted as Hillcrest Acers. 54080-02-015, 003, 002, 014, 54080-01-011, 029, 008, 034, 042, 041, 033, 050, 032, 051, & 052 apply to this area. 5408007005 does not seem to apply to this application.
2. Since the area has been reconfigured, if addresses were receive please discard them, they will not be used.
3. Provide a larger scale copy of the entire development on a single sheet of paper without the contours for addressing purposes.
4. Marksheffell Road should not have the letter C in the spelling. See pages 1,3, & 5 of the preliminary plan.


1. For assignment of addressing for lots and tracts, place an addressing marker (xxx) where they are intended to be utilized. Lot marker placement to be front door.

2. Provide a 100 scale copy or larger of the entire APPROVED development to this department so that addressing can be assigned. Once received, the DP will be placed on a list to be addressed.

3. An email from El Paso/Teller County 9-1-1 Authority, reserving the street name is required to be emailed to the Enumerations department. or

Amy Vanderbeek
Enumerations Plans Examiner
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
O: 719-327-2930
12/9/2020 2:20:22 PM
View EPC Parks Department
12/9/2020 2:09:28 PM
See final administrative Parks comments attached. 12/9/2020 2:09:28 PM
911 Authority - El Paso/Teller County
12/4/2020 10:53:30 AM
Comments for E911 as follows:

Pro Omnibus Heights – Available
Nox Album View – Available
Semper Supra Point – Available
We would just like to confirm that the above are intended to be private roads, if not we will need to discuss other suffixes.

Air Lane – Logical continuation of existing road

Thank you
12/4/2020 10:53:30 AM
Upper Black Squirrel Creek GWMD
12/1/2020 2:02:24 PM
The Upper Black Squirrel Creek GWMD does not have any comments at this time but respectfully reserves the right to comment in the future. 12/1/2020 2:02:24 PM
Colorado Springs Utilities, Dev, Svc.(includes water resources)
12/1/2020 11:52:18 AM
Hey Kari,

I have finished with the review for the proposal. CSU has no action items and approval can be recommended.


Ryne Solberg
12/1/2020 11:52:18 AM
View Colorado Parks and Wildlife
11/30/2020 8:58:09 AM
11/30/2020 8:58:09 AM
View EPC Environmental Services
11/25/2020 2:05:10 PM
11/25/2020 2:05:10 PM
View Falcon Fire Protection District
11/25/2020 9:42:45 AM
11/25/2020 9:42:45 AM
Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.
11/24/2020 8:28:59 AM
This project is outside the Mountain View Electric service area. MVEA is not the electric service provider to this parcel.

Thank you,
Mountain View Eclectic Association, Inc.
11/24/2020 8:28:59 AM
View Parks Advisory Board
11/23/2020 2:31:29 PM
Please see Parks comments attached. 11/23/2020 2:31:29 PM
County Attorney - Water
11/22/2020 1:00:57 PM
County Attorney's Office will provide review of water sufficiency following receipt of findings from Colorado Division of Water Resources. Thank you. 11/22/2020 1:00:57 PM
View Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
11/20/2020 4:20:17 PM
Please see the attached comments from CDPHE. Also, please delete the account associated with and send all future CDPHE referrals to the following email address: 11/20/2020 4:20:17 PM