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Sterling Ranch Sketch Plan 3rd Amendment
Amended Sketch Plan consisting of 212 acres of 1,444 acres located east of Vollmer Road, south of Arroya, and east of the channel. Concurrent rezones and Sketch Plan Files SKP235; P239; P2310 and P2311
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Andrea Barlow ( )
(719) 471-0073
Andrea Barlow ( )
(719) 471-0073
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SKP - Sketch Plan
Project Manager
Kari Parsons
6/21/2023 9:43:30 AM

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Approved Documents (2)

Project pending final approval. Some approved documents are available prior to the overall Approval.

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View Traffic Impact Study
View Master Development Drainage Plan (MDDP)

Additional Documents (11)

Link Document Comment
View Neighbor Notice & Vicinity Map PCD mailed "Notice of Application" to surrounding property owners on 10/17/2023. This was a combined notice for SKP235, P239, P2310, and P2311. MB
View Mailing Labels 500-foot range (32 addresses)
View PC Hearing Agenda For Planning Commission hearing on 2/15/2024. MB
View Hearing Notice & Vicinity Map Hearing Notice for Planning Commission hearing 2/15/2024 and Board of County Commissioners hearing 3/14/2024. MB
View Selected Range Selected range was 500 feet. MB
View Mailing Labels Selected range produced 34 addresses. MB
View PC & BOCC Poster Poster for Planning Commission hearing 2/15/2024 and Board of County Commissioners hearing 3/14/2024. MB
View Notarized - Affidavit for Notice of Public Hearing
View Posters on Property
View PC Staff Report - final with attachments For Planning Commission hearing on 2/15/2024. MB
View Signed PC Resolution From Planning Commission hearing on 2/15/2024. MB

Review Documents (24)

Link Document Date
View Application/Petition Form 10/2/2023 5:30:21 PM
View Legal Description (MS WORD Version required) 10/2/2023 5:30:27 PM
View Letter of Intent 12/19/2023 10:56:32 AM
View Title Commitment (Current within 30 days of submittal) 10/2/2023 5:30:29 PM
View Colorado Geological Survey Receipt 10/2/2023 5:30:23 PM
View Sketch Plan Drawing(s) 1/23/2024 7:38:31 AM
View Commitment letter from waste water service provider 10/2/2023 5:30:24 PM
View Commitment letter from water service provider 10/2/2023 5:30:23 PM
View Fire Commitment Letter 10/2/2023 5:30:25 PM
View Natural Features Report 10/2/2023 5:30:28 PM
View Soils & Geology Report 10/2/2023 5:30:26 PM
View Subdivision Summary Sheet 9/28/2023 1:14:58 PM
View Traffic Impact Study 1/22/2024 6:44:56 PM
View Wastewater Disposal Report 10/2/2023 5:30:29 PM
View Water Resources Report 10/2/2023 5:30:30 PM
View Water Supply Information Summary 10/2/2023 5:30:30 PM
View County Impact Identification Report 12/19/2023 10:56:33 AM
View LOI responses to county comments. 12/19/2023 10:56:34 AM
View Master Development Drainage Plan (MDDP) 1/19/2024 9:52:58 AM
View MDDP COMMENT RESPONSES 1/19/2024 9:53:03 AM
View Noxious Weed Management Plan 10/2/2023 5:30:32 PM
View Sketch Plan responses to county comments. 12/20/2023 1:17:22 PM
View TIS Comment responses 12/22/2023 6:15:01 PM
View TIS response to comments. 1/22/2024 6:44:57 PM