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Skyline at Lorson Ranch Final Plat
85 Single-Family Lots, public roads, & early grading with wet utilities; site also includes a RHBPS pump station, and maintenance building; deviations for pedestrian ramps at street crossings
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Matrix Design Group, Inc.
Jason Alwine ( )
(719) 457-5609
Jason Alwine ( )
(719) 457-5609
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CON - Construction Permit
Project Manager
Amanda Rivera
6/6/2022 1:32:44 PM

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View Unapproved Final Plat Drawings
View Approved Street And Storm Sewer Construction Plans 7-28-22
View Approved Pavement Design 9-28-22
View Approved FAE 7-28-22
View Approved Final Drainage Plan7-28-22
View Approved Final Grading And Erosion Control Plans 7-28-22
View Signed Construction Permit With Notice To Proceed 6-9-22
View As-Built Drawing For Energy Dispersion Wall Addition In Pond C4 Forebay 10-6-22
View Laboratory Test Results For Class VI Recycled Crushed Concrete 10-7-22
View Approved ESQCP 2-1-22
View Approved Final Drainage Plan 7-28-22
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