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Pike Solar Site Development Plan
Request to develop 175 MW solar facility including single-axis tracker arrays with photovoltaic modules capable of generating up to 175 AC MW and a potential of 25MW Battery Energy Storage System. This project will have an 1,350-acre solar array siting envelope within the 4998.37 Acres WSEO Boundary on land owned by the City of Colorado Springs . The project will also include 35-kv medium voltage feeders to the project substation, a centralized project substation and overhead high-voltage AC feeders to the Williams Creek substation. Expansion of the Williams Creek Substation and 230 kV lines are included in the 1041 request.
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JuweAmerica Solar
Eric Jesse, Engineer Eric Jesse ( )
(303) 877-4715
Eric Jesse, Engineer Eric Jesse ( )
(303) 877-4715
File Number
Project Manager
Brad Walters
4/22/2024 4:07:56 PM

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Review Comments (3)

Link Agency Comment
EPC Stormwater Review
6/4/2024 8:41:02 AM
Review 1:
- Show all permanent runoff reduction water quality facilities on As-Built Drawings.
- Please submit Detention Maintenance Agreement for review.

Reviewed by:
Christina Prete, P.E.
Stormwater Manager
6/4/2024 8:41:02 AM
PCD Engineering Division
5/28/2024 7:26:43 PM
There are no comments relating to drainage or engineering.

Reviewed By:
Lupe Packman
5/28/2024 7:26:43 PM
PCD Engineering Inspections
5/21/2024 7:56:12 AM
Inspections doesn't have any commits 5/21/2024 7:56:12 AM