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Cimarron Westridge Filing No. 4A
Vacation of interior lot line Lot 57, Filing 1 and Lot 57A, Filing 4 and the associated easements. Lots have previously been combined for tax purposes. Applicant wishes to vacate easements as well, which cannot be accomplished via a merger or lot combination agreement.
5406414109 5406414109
Anthony Homes, Ltd
Judy Cucuzza ( )
(719) 495-3005
Judy Cucuzza ( )
(719) 495-3005
File Number
Project Manager
Kari Parsons
3/6/2024 4:36:14 PM

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PCD Administrative Notice
5/28/2024 4:28:22 PM
On 5/28/2024, PCD mailed combined "Notice of Application" and "Notice of Administrative Decision" letters to surrounding property owners within a 500-foot range (90 addresses). Copies of the notice, mailing labels, and selected range have been uploaded to the EDARP file. Cost of postage to be billed to the applicant = $57.60. MB 5/28/2024 4:28:22 PM
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
5/28/2024 8:20:41 AM
Enumeration has no comments regarding the vacation replat of Cimarron Westridge Filing no. 4A.

Becky Allen
5/28/2024 8:20:41 AM
PCD Project Manager
5/23/2024 3:04:49 PM
Closure sheets must be prepared by surveyor that prepared plat 5/23/2024 3:04:49 PM
View PCD Project Manager
5/23/2024 3:04:29 PM
Letter of Intent Comments review 1 5/23/2024 3:04:29 PM
View PCD Project Manager
5/23/2024 3:04:09 PM
Final Plat comments- This must be prepared by a professional survey- samples have been provided in the redline drawings attached 5/23/2024 3:04:09 PM
View EPC Environmental Services
5/15/2024 10:49:55 AM
5/15/2024 10:49:55 AM
911 Authority - El Paso/Teller County
5/14/2024 9:41:24 AM
No action necessary for E911 on this submittal.
Thank you.
5/14/2024 9:41:24 AM