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10765 KINCH CT - Stealth Tower
new stealth tower in the rr-5 zone district, special use and SDP required
6224004020 6224004020
Tower Ventures
Lou Katzerman ( )
(901) 244-4017
Lou Katzerman ( )
(901) 244-4017
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Project Manager
Scott Weeks
2/8/2024 11:26:56 AM

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Review Comments (12)

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PCD Project Manager
6/12/2024 2:08:08 PM
Based on a site visit and meeting with neighbor on June 7 after the first submittal as well as multiple neighborhood concerns received regarding the location of the tower and impact on the neighborhood immediately to the west, I propose that the location of the cell tower be analyzed to be placed further east of the property to lessen neighborhood impact and to take advantage of the slope on the property to possibly reduce the overall height of the tower. 6/12/2024 2:08:08 PM
View El Paso County Conservation Dist
5/14/2024 10:45:42 AM
Please see attached .PDF for brief comments. Thanks! 5/14/2024 10:45:42 AM
EPC Stormwater Review
5/13/2024 3:23:25 PM
Review 1: EPC DPW Stormwater comments have been provided (in orange text boxes) on the following uploaded documents (to be uploaded by the Project Manager):
- Site Plan

Reviewed by:
Mikayla Hartford
Stormwater Engineer I
5/13/2024 3:23:25 PM
View PCD Project Manager
5/13/2024 10:39:50 AM
Special Use Application Packet comments 5/13/2024 10:39:50 AM
View PCD Project Manager
5/13/2024 10:38:49 AM
Site Plan Drawing comments 5/13/2024 10:38:49 AM
View PCD Project Manager
5/13/2024 10:39:23 AM
See comments on Letter of Intent 5/13/2024 10:39:23 AM
PCD Engineering Division
5/13/2024 10:14:29 AM
Review 1 - EPC Engineering Comments have been provided on the following documents:

- Letter of Intent
- Site Plan Drawing
- Special Use Application - Packet.

All Documents will be uploaded by the project manager.

Hao Vo, PE
5/13/2024 10:14:29 AM
Black Forest Fire Protection District
5/9/2024 6:04:09 AM
BFFRPD has reviewed the proposed project. It is unclear if the County is seeking a fire review or if this project was submitted to BFFRPD just due to location. Should county need a fire review the applicant shall submit technical plans to CSFD Construction Services for review as a commercial/industrial project. However, El Paso Planning may not be requiring this review and the application may have come to BFFRPD simply due to location. El Paso County is the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) and will make the determination for the applicant. 5/9/2024 6:04:09 AM
PCD Administrative Notice
5/7/2024 12:39:14 PM
On 5/7/2024, PCD mailed combined "Notice of Application" and "Notice of Administrative Determination" letters to surrounding property owners within a 500-foot range (30 addresses). Copies of the notice, mailing labels, and selected range have been uploaded to the EDARP file. Cost of postage to be billed to the applicant = $19.20. MB 5/7/2024 12:39:14 PM
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
5/2/2024 9:08:10 AM
1. 10765 Kinch Court will not be the address to the tower. This lot address will be used for a future residence. The tower will be assigned the address of 10787 Kinch Court, cabinet address will be 10789 Kinch Court.
2. The trash enclosure does not meet the requirement based on height to have an address assigned and separate permit issued.
No further comment.

Amy Vanderbeek
Enumerations Plans Examiner
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
O: 719-327-2930 E:
5/2/2024 9:08:10 AM
Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.
4/30/2024 2:17:13 PM
MVEA has no objection to the proposed tower location 4/30/2024 2:17:13 PM
PCD Project Manager
4/30/2024 1:58:24 PM
Add zoning existing zoning district RR-5 to site plan drawing. 4/30/2024 1:58:24 PM