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Grandview Reserve Phase 3
A combined site -specific PUD preliminary plan approval to develop 322 single-family residential lots. Early grading is requested - no utilities/storm amends phase 1
HR Green Inc.
Phil Stuepfert ( )
(630) 220-7936
Phil Stuepfert ( )
(630) 220-7936
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Project Manager
Kari Parsons
1/17/2024 4:03:47 PM

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Peyton 23
6/10/2024 1:58:47 PM
Peyton School District 23jt still has outstanding concerns as detailed in previous submittals, including impact fees, school site size and location.

Thank you,

Greg Land
Director of Facilities
Peyton School District 23jt
13990 Bradshaw Rd.
Peyton, CO 80831
6/10/2024 1:58:47 PM
View PCD Project Manager
6/6/2024 12:12:31 PM
Traffic Impact Study Comments 6/6/2024 12:12:31 PM
View PCD Project Manager
6/6/2024 12:07:25 PM
Soils and Geology Report Comments 6/6/2024 12:07:25 PM
View PCD Project Manager
6/6/2024 12:06:30 PM
PUD Preliminary Plan Comments 6/6/2024 12:06:30 PM
View PCD Project Manager
6/6/2024 12:02:47 PM
Letter of Intent Comments 6/6/2024 12:02:47 PM
PCD Project Manager
6/6/2024 11:52:36 AM
Please make sure that all the constraints and or hazards are identified on the notes for the specific lots; add mitigation to note; add no build areas to lots depicted on PUD Plan. 6/6/2024 11:52:36 AM
PCD Project Manager
6/6/2024 11:45:20 AM
Please use this Preliminary Plan criteria in LOI:
(e)Criteria for Approval. In approving a preliminary plan, the BoCC shall find that:
• The proposed subdivision is in general conformance with the goals, objectives, and policies of the Master Plan;

• The subdivision is consistent with the purposes of this Code;

• The subdivision is in conformance with the subdivision design standards and any approved sketch plan;

• A sufficient water supply has been acquired in terms of quantity, quality, and dependability for the type of subdivision proposed, as determined in accordance with the standards set forth in the water supply standards [C.R.S. § 30-28-133(6)(a)] and the requirements of Chapter 8 of this Code (this finding may not be deferred to final plat if the applicant intends to seek administrative final plat approval);

• A public sewage disposal system has been established and, if other methods of sewage disposal are proposed, the system complies with state and local laws and regulations, [C.R.S. § 30-28-133(6) (b)] and the requirements of Chapter 8 of this Code;

• All areas of the proposed subdivision, which may involve soil or topographical conditions presenting hazards or requiring special precautions, have been identified and the proposed subdivision is compatible with such conditions. [C.R.S. § 30-28-133(6)(c)];

• Adequate drainage improvements complying with State law [C.R.S. § 30-28-133(3)(c)(VIII)] and the requirements of this Code and the ECM are provided by the design;

• The location and design of the public improvements proposed in connection with the subdivision are adequate to serve the needs and mitigate the effects of the development;

• Legal and physical access is or will be provided to all parcels by public rights-of-way or recorded easement, acceptable to the County in compliance with this Code and the ECM;

• The proposed subdivision has established an adequate level of compatibility by (1) incorporating natural physical features into the design and providing sufficient open spaces considering the type and intensity of the subdivision; (2) incorporating site planning techniques to foster the implementation of the County's plans, and encourage a land use pattern to support a balanced transportation system, including auto, bike and pedestrian traffic, public or mass transit if appropriate, and the cost effective delivery of other services consistent with adopted plans, policies and regulations of the County; (3) incorporating physical design features in the subdivision to provide a transition between the subdivision and adjacent land uses; (4) incorporating identified environmentally sensitive areas, including but not limited to, wetlands and wildlife corridors, into the design; and (5) incorporating public facilities or infrastructure, or provisions therefore, reasonably related to the proposed subdivision so the proposed subdivision will not negatively impact the levels of service of County services and facilities;

• Necessary services, including police and fire protection, recreation, utilities, open space and transportation system, are or will be available to serve the proposed subdivision;

• The subdivision provides evidence to show that the proposed methods for fire protection comply with Chapter 6 of this Code; and

• The proposed subdivision meets other applicable sections of Chapter 6 and 8 of this Code.
6/6/2024 11:45:20 AM
PCD Project Manager
6/6/2024 11:44:10 AM
Please use this PUD criteria in LOI:
(D)Approval Criteria For PUD Zoning. The Planning Commission and BoCC shall determine that the following criteria have been met to approve a PUD zoning district:
• The proposed PUD District zoning advances the stated purposes set forth in this Section;

• The application is in general conformity with the Master Plan;

• The proposed development is in compliance with the requirements of this Code and all applicable statutory provisions and will not otherwise be detrimental to the health, safety, or welfare of the present or future inhabitants of El Paso County;

• The subject property is suitable for the intended uses and the use is compatible with both the existing and allowed land uses on the neighboring properties, will be in harmony and responsive with the character of the surrounding area and natural environment; and will not have a negative impact upon the existing and future development of the surrounding area;

• The proposed development provides adequate consideration for any potentially detrimental use to use relationships (e.g. commercial use adjacent to single family use) and provides an appropriate transition or buffering between uses of differing intensities both on-site and off-site which may include innovative treatments of use to use relationships;

• The allowed uses, bulk requirements and required landscaping and buffering are appropriate to and compatible with the type of development, the surrounding neighborhood or area and the community;

• Areas with unique or significant historical, cultural, recreational, aesthetic or natural features are preserved and incorporated into the design of the project;

• Open spaces and trails are integrated into the development plan to serve as amenities to residents and provide a reasonable walking and biking opportunities;

• The proposed development will not overburden the capacities of existing or planned roads, utilities and other public facilities (e.g., fire protection, police protection, emergency services, and water and sanitation), and the required public services and facilities will be provided to support the development when needed;

• The proposed development would be a benefit through the provision of interconnected open space, conservation of environmental features, aesthetic features and harmonious design, and energy efficient site design;

• The proposed land use does not permit the use of any area containing a commercial mineral deposit in a manner which would unreasonably interfere with the present or future extraction of such deposit unless acknowledged by the mineral rights owner;

• Any proposed exception or deviation from the requirements of the zoning resolution or the subdivision regulations is warranted by virtue of the design and amenities incorporated in the development plan and development guide; and

• The owner has authorized the application.
6/6/2024 11:44:10 AM
PCD Project Manager
6/6/2024 8:40:42 AM
The subdivision summary sheet is no longer a required document. You may elect to not address the comments. 6/6/2024 8:40:42 AM
View EPC Stormwater Review
6/5/2024 3:59:52 PM
SWMP Checklist 6/5/2024 3:59:52 PM
View EPC Stormwater Review
6/5/2024 3:59:35 PM
SWMP 6/5/2024 3:59:35 PM
View EPC Stormwater Review
6/5/2024 3:59:11 PM
PBMP 6/5/2024 3:59:11 PM
View EPC Stormwater Review
6/5/2024 3:58:43 PM
GEC Checklist 6/5/2024 3:58:43 PM
View EPC Stormwater Review
6/5/2024 3:58:26 PM
GEC Plan 6/5/2024 3:58:26 PM
View EPC Stormwater Review
6/5/2024 3:57:49 PM
FAE 6/5/2024 3:57:49 PM
View EPC Stormwater Review
6/5/2024 3:57:27 PM
ESQCP 6/5/2024 3:57:27 PM
View EPC Stormwater Review
6/5/2024 3:54:24 PM
Preliminary Drainage Report 6/5/2024 3:54:24 PM
View Colorado Division of Water Resources
6/5/2024 2:30:23 PM
6/5/2024 2:30:23 PM
View PCD Engineering Division
6/5/2024 1:36:13 PM
Subdivision Summary Redlines 6/5/2024 1:36:13 PM
View PCD Engineering Division
6/5/2024 1:35:20 PM
Preliminary Utility Plan Redlines 6/5/2024 1:35:20 PM
PCD Engineering Division
6/5/2024 2:09:41 PM
Review 1: DPW Engineering had comments on the following documents:

- Preliminary Utility Plan
- Subdivision Summary Sheet
- PDR (to be uploaded by Stormwater)
- GEC (to be uploaded by Stormwater)
- TIS (to be uploaded by Project Manager)
- PUD Plan (to be uploaded by Project Manager)
- Soils & Geology Report (to be uploaded by Project Manager)

- A preliminary roundabout design report will be needed for the roundabout located at Rex Road.
- A final drainage report addressing only the early grading activities will need to be submitted.

Reviewed by:
Bret Dilts, PE

Charlene Durham, PE
6/5/2024 2:09:41 PM
EPC Stormwater Review
6/5/2024 3:53:10 PM
Review 1: EPC DPW Stormwater comments have been provided (in orange text boxes) on the following uploaded documents:
- Preliminary Drainage Report
- GEC Plan
- GEC Checklist
- PBMP Applicability Form
- Soils Report..........(to be uploaded by the Project Manager)
- SWMP Checklist

Reviewed by:
Mikayla Hartford
Stormwater Engineer I
6/5/2024 3:53:10 PM
Colorado Geological Survey
6/4/2024 8:38:18 AM
With this referral, we reviewed the Geologic Hazard Evaluation and Preliminary Geotechnical Investigation (CTL Thompson, Inc., March 12, 2024), Letter of Intent (HR Green Development, LLC, March 19, 2024), PUD Development Plan and Preliminary Plan (HR Green, March 21, 2024), Early Grading and Erosion Control Plan (HR Green, March 8, 2024), and other documents. CTL’s report provides a valid description of surface and subsurface conditions and soil and bedrock engineering properties. CTL states on page 8, “The most significant hazard identified at this site is shallow groundwater.” We offer the following comments and recommendations.

1. Based on the referral documents, the site is located within a designated FEMA floodplain (Map Numbers 08041C0556G and 08041C0552G, December 7, 2018) and plans are in process to establish new floodplain limits. The PUD Development Plan (Floodplain Notes, note 3) states, “Those lots either partially or entirely located within the current floodplain shall not be platted until the floodplain boundary revision process is completed effectively removing the floodplain limits from these lots,” and note 5, “No structures or solid fences are permitted within the designated floodplain area.” CGS concurs with the PUD Development Plan that no lots should be associated with the current floodplain. CGS recommends establishing a setback from the flood hazard boundary to reduce hazards associated with not just floodwater inundation but also erosion and scour. CGS looks forward to reviewing the preliminary plat application once the flood limits are approved/revised.

2. The letter of Intent states (p. 7), “Due to the known high groundwater conditions there will be no basement foundations proposed within the Phase 2 project limits.” Additionally, the PUD states, “No basements are proposed within the limits of this development plan.” CGS agrees that no below grade levels should be allowed within the Grandview Reserve Phase 3 Development.

3. The Letter of Intent (page 13) references a report prepared by Entech; this should be CTL Thompson, Inc.

4. CGS commends CTL for installing monitoring wells within the site. Measurements from October 2023 through January 2024 indicated groundwater depths between 0.4 and 14.1 feet. CGS recommends that groundwater elevations within these wells continue to be measured during Spring/Summer/Fall 2024 and following early grading operations.

5. CGS has concerns with the proximity of groundwater to crawlspace level foundation systems, which was a previous concern of CTL (Phase 2, CTL Thompson, Inc., Revised February 27, 2024). The separation distance between the lowest floor levels and maximum anticipated groundwater levels (determined by the monitoring program) should be at least three feet (preferably five feet) and maintained year-round. CGS recommends that CTL review monitoring holes vs. proposed grades of the lots when available to determine if crawlspace levels are feasible. CGS agrees with CTL, “Typical foundation drains are capable of dealing with minor surface water infiltration but are not designed as a dewatering system for groundwater.”

6. Three detention ponds are planned within Phase 3 that will be near the groundwater elevation based on Fig. 3 of CTL’s report. During the Phase 2 PUD development plan review (CGS comments 3/26/2024), CTL recommended a pond liner to maintain separation from groundwater, where the design bottom elevation of a detention pond is above the depth of peak groundwater measured in monitoring wells. CGS recommends that CTL review monitoring holes vs. proposed grades of the detention ponds when available and provide recommendations for a pond liner as applicable.

7. The geologic hazard note on the preliminary development plan should be incorporated into the preliminary and final plats going forward.

Submitted 6/4/2024 by Amy Crandall, Engineering Geologist, Colorado Geological Survey (303-384-2632 or
6/4/2024 8:38:18 AM
View Falcon School District 49
6/4/2024 8:29:54 AM
Please see attached 6/4/2024 8:29:54 AM
View Falcon Fire Protection District
6/3/2024 4:02:12 PM
6/3/2024 4:02:12 PM
View Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.
6/3/2024 11:07:08 AM
See attached comments 6/3/2024 11:07:08 AM
View PCD Project Manager
5/29/2024 3:55:09 PM
Please provide the fire protection report based on the 9/2023 memo. No commitment letter is needed. 5/29/2024 3:55:09 PM
View Colorado Department of Transportation - Pueblo Office
5/28/2024 9:54:32 AM
5/28/2024 9:54:32 AM
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
5/28/2024 9:31:10 AM
1. Street names; Lismore Lane and Clifden Lane need to be replaced. An email from Justin Annan,; the El Paso-teller County E-9-1-1 Authority, reserving the street names is required to be emailed to the Enumerations department.
2. Standard PUD comments:
a. For assignment of addressing for lots and tracts, place addressing marker (xxx) where they are intended to be utilized. Addressing marker for lots should be front door.
b. Rear Loaded homes will have unique address assignment and placement. A plat note will be required showing address placement. See attached page 2 of 2.
c. Provide a 100 scale copy or larger of the entire APPROVED development plan (pud) to this department so that addressing can be assigned. Once received, the development plan will be placed on a list to be addressed. Development plans that are not yet approved may be addressed, however additional plan review fees will accrue if changes are made to the pud after initial addressing.
d. If CSU gas service are provided for this area: If underground service is needed prior to plat, submit a Utilities Addressing Plan (UAP), to Colorado Springs Utilities via the related link at For more information contact: Jade Swan
No further comments.

Amy Vanderbeek
Enumerations Plans Examiner
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
O: 719-327-2930 E:
5/28/2024 9:31:10 AM
View EPC Parks Department
5/23/2024 11:51:34 AM
El Paso County Parks and Community Services Department, Preliminary Comments - Please See Attached Documents (To be presented to Park Advisory Board for endorsement on June 12, 2024) 5/23/2024 11:51:34 AM
View EPC Environmental Services
5/21/2024 1:12:13 PM
5/21/2024 1:12:13 PM
PCD Administrative Notice
5/20/2024 1:14:58 PM
On 5/20/2024, PCD mailed "Notice of Application" letters to the surrounding property owners within a 500-foot range (1 address, all other owners are part of the application). Copies of the notice, mailing labels, and selected range have been uploaded to the EDARP file. Cost of postage to be billed to the applicant = $0.64. MB 5/20/2024 1:14:58 PM
Cherokee Metro Dist
5/17/2024 9:28:52 AM
This development is outside of the Cherokee Metro District and is not using Cherokee for any of its' Utilities. No further reviews from Cherokee Metro District are needed. 5/17/2024 9:28:52 AM
County Attorney - Water
5/16/2024 11:31:18 AM
The Letter of Intent indicates that the applicant requests water sufficiency be deferred to final plat. Please let us know if this has changed. 5/16/2024 11:31:18 AM
EPC Sheriff's Department
5/15/2024 3:12:18 PM
No Issues EPSO 5/15/2024 3:12:18 PM
911 Authority - El Paso/Teller County
5/15/2024 8:43:16 AM
Comments for E911 as follows:

Dawlish Dr – Acceptable - Logical continuation
Glampton Dr – Acceptable - Logical continuation

Ballyclare Ter - Available
Roscommon St - Available
Wishaw Pl - Available
Aberdeen Dr - Available
Salthill Ct – Available
Althone Way – Available

Lismore Ln – Not acceptable - Phonetically similar to existing – Lizmoor Ct
Clifden Ln – Not acceptable - Similar to existing

Thank you
5/15/2024 8:43:16 AM
RBD Floodplain
5/14/2024 8:05:35 AM
CLOMR 24-08-0102R is currently in FEMA review and will need to be approved prior to any grading in the floodplain.

The document in this file labeled "floodplain development permit" is a copy of the 2020 El Paso County operations and maintenance permit, it is expired, it is not relevant to this project, and should be removed.
5/14/2024 8:05:35 AM