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Town of Palmer Lake Annexation Ben Lomand
An annexation application to the Town of Palmer Lake (the “Town”) to annex the ±181.5 acre portion of the property lying easterly and outside of the Town boundary. SCHEDULED FOR TOWN TRUSTEES JANUARY 25; notice received January 2, 2024
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Town of Palmer Lake
Dawn Collins ( )
(719) 481-2953
Dawn Collins ( )
(719) 481-2953
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Project Manager
Kylie Bagley
1/3/2024 3:20:30 PM

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View EPC Health Department
2/9/2024 11:59:22 AM
2/9/2024 11:59:22 AM
View EPC Parks Department
1/18/2024 2:31:56 PM
El Paso County Parks and Community Services Final Administrative Comments - Please See Attached Documents and Maps (No PAB Endorsement Necessary for Annexation Applications) 1/18/2024 2:31:56 PM
PCD Project Manager
1/10/2024 3:24:49 PM
Annexation impact report required 1/10/2024 3:24:49 PM
PCD Engineering Division
1/5/2024 10:21:28 AM

1. Maintenance of County Line Road within this annexation area will be the responsibility of the Town.
2. Maintenance of County Line Road east of the annexation area to to I-25 should be taken by the Town, and that right-of-way should be annexed as well, when possible.
3. Any maintenance agreement(s) between El Paso County and Douglas County for these segments of County Line Road should be transferred to the Town of Palmer Lake.

1. Drainage isn't anticipated to be a major issue with the 2.5-acre lots proposed. The north part of the property almost entirely flows north to County Line Road. The southwest part of the annexation area flows southwest toward the Town of Palmer Lake through two or three unincorporated properties that could be affected; attention to the subdivision design will be required at that time.

Reviewed by:
Jeff Rice
1/5/2024 10:21:28 AM
EPC Stormwater Review
1/4/2024 5:38:04 PM
EPC DPW Stormwater has no comments. 1/4/2024 5:38:04 PM
County Attorney - Development Review
1/4/2024 3:11:38 PM
As previously discussed, an annexation impact report is required by state law unless a written request for the report to be waived, including the rationale for the request, is approved by the BoCC. 1/4/2024 3:11:38 PM
View Colorado Department of Transportation - Pueblo Office
1/4/2024 9:52:16 AM
1/4/2024 9:52:16 AM