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Project Name
Jimmy Camp Creek DBPS
Drainage Basin Planning Study- Unincorporated County only
East of Falcon down to Fountain generally located east of Powers
El Paso County Planning
Petra Rangel ( )
(719) 487-4636
Petra Rangel ( )
(719) 487-4636
File Number
Project Manager
Ryan Howser
10/17/2023 12:58:11 PM

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Review Comments (24)

Link Agency Comment
Security Fire Protection District
12/6/2023 4:04:00 PM
No objection to the Jimmy Camp Creek Report
Mark Stanwood for Security Fire Department
12/6/2023 4:04:00 PM
Falcon School District 49
12/4/2023 2:49:56 PM
No comments at this time 12/4/2023 2:49:56 PM
View Parks Advisory Board
11/15/2023 1:06:52 PM
El Paso County Park and Community Services Department Final Comments - Please See Attached Documents (No PAB Endorsement Necessary for Master Plans) 11/15/2023 1:06:52 PM
View EPC Parks Department
11/15/2023 1:03:13 PM
El Paso County Park and Community Services Department Final Comments - Please See Attached Documents (No PAB Endorsement Necessary for Master Plans) 11/15/2023 1:03:13 PM
Colorado Department of Transportation - Pueblo Office
11/14/2023 7:08:45 AM
The study includes three crossings of SH 94. DSNPT_J5_7, CH1_C2_6 and DSNPT_S1_7 all show flows increasing from existing to future in Table 1-12. Consideration will need to be made to address potential impacts to existing CDOT facilities. Future development can not allow adverse impacts to SH 94. 11/14/2023 7:08:45 AM
View Colorado Parks and Wildlife
11/14/2023 1:29:10 PM
CPW Comment Letter 11/14/2023 1:29:10 PM
Colorado Springs Utilities, Dev, Svc.(includes water resources)
11/8/2023 4:17:03 PM
CSU does not currently have any issues with this plan 11/8/2023 4:17:03 PM
Upper Black Squirrel Creek GWMD
11/8/2023 2:25:09 PM
Thank you for sending this to us to review. 11/8/2023 2:25:09 PM
PCD Project Manager
11/8/2023 10:50:11 AM
Planning has no comments. 11/8/2023 10:50:11 AM
PCD Engineering Division
11/8/2023 10:32:37 AM
Comments have been provided directly to the consultant.

Jeff Rice
11/8/2023 10:32:37 AM
EPC Stormwater Review
11/7/2023 1:04:35 PM
EPC DPW Stormwater has no comments. 11/7/2023 1:04:35 PM
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
11/7/2023 9:45:16 AM
Enumerations has no comment. 11/7/2023 9:45:16 AM
View Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
11/2/2023 11:34:49 AM
Please see auto responder from CDPHE. Please let us know if you have additional question. 11/2/2023 11:34:49 AM
Academy SD 20 Building Fund
10/31/2023 7:33:09 AM
Academy District 20 is in receipt of File #MP232 for approval of the Jimmy Camp Creek Drainage Basin Planning Study.

The District has no comment regarding this request.

If you need additional information, please contact me.

Don Smith
Planning Consultant
10/31/2023 7:33:09 AM
View EPC Environmental Services
10/30/2023 1:59:17 PM
10/30/2023 1:59:17 PM
Black Forest Fire Protection District
10/29/2023 11:06:04 AM
Applicants shall demonstrate full compliance and conformance with El Paso County’s adopted Land Development Code (LDC), Engineering Criteria Manual (ECM), adopted International Fire Code (IFC), and all other adopted codes, provisions, or statutes that impact fire safety to include access/egress, water supply, hardening of structures, addressing, fire protection systems, etc. The applicant shall submit a comprehensive fire protection report from a qualified fire protection engineer that is licensed as a Professional Engineer (PE) by the Colorado State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers to demonstrate conformance to all requirements. Furthermore, the District does not support any waivers or variances that negatively impact any fire safety provisions including access/egress, water supply, hardening of structures, addressing, fire protections systems, etc. 10/29/2023 11:06:04 AM
Colorado Springs Public Works
10/27/2023 10:54:23 AM
Engineering Development Review has no comments on this item.

Joel Dagnillo, P.E.
Engineer III
Engineering Development Review
City of Colorado Springs
10/27/2023 10:54:23 AM
County Attorney - Development Review
10/26/2023 10:11:41 AM
No comments at this time. 10/26/2023 10:11:41 AM
Falcon Fire Protection District
10/23/2023 1:07:10 PM
No objections or comments. Thank you for asking. 10/23/2023 1:07:10 PM
Cherokee Metro Dist
10/20/2023 11:27:05 AM
No comments but Cherokee appreciates the opportunity to review these plans. 10/20/2023 11:27:05 AM
Colorado Springs Public Works
10/19/2023 1:28:30 PM
Traffic Engineering has no comments on this item.

Zaker Alazzeh, P.E.
Traffic Engineering Manager/Deputy City Traffic Engineer
City of Colorado Springs
(719) 385-5468
10/19/2023 1:28:30 PM
Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.
10/19/2023 7:07:22 AM
No Comment 10/19/2023 7:07:22 AM
Schriever AFB
10/18/2023 3:27:09 PM
No comments. 10/18/2023 3:27:09 PM
PCD Administrative Notice
10/18/2023 10:19:33 AM
No "neighbor notifications" need to be mailed. Legal advertisement of the 2 PC Hearings will be published in The Gazette and will be uploaded to EDARP. MB 10/18/2023 10:19:33 AM