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Retreat at PrairieRidge Preliminary Plan Phase 1 (AKA Jaynes)
Concurrent Rezones from RR5 to RS 6000, CS, RR-0.5; RR-2.5 for 135 acres west of Vollmer Road south of Poco. 217 lots, this includes the 2.5AC lots, 0.7AC lots and RS6000 lots. The first preliminary plan will also be including both parks, the park to the south and the park along Vollmer. Water Sufficiency requested.
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Andrea Barlow ( )
(719) 471-0073
Andrea Barlow ( )
(719) 471-0073
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Project Manager
Kari Parsons
6/21/2023 9:27:42 AM

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Review Comments (46)

Link Agency Comment
View Colorado Parks and Wildlife
2/15/2024 10:58:03 AM
2/15/2024 10:58:03 AM
View Parks Advisory Board
2/15/2024 7:22:50 AM
See Parks comments attached. 2/15/2024 7:22:50 AM
Northern EPC Coalition of Community Organizations, Inc. (NEPCO)(to also include the TLLU areas)
2/14/2024 11:01:42 AM
Thank you for including NEPCO in the review process. We have no comments, but will share the project information with our members. 2/14/2024 11:01:42 AM
EPC Sheriff's Department
2/8/2024 1:23:58 PM
No concerns from EPSO 2/8/2024 1:23:58 PM
Black Forest Land Use Committee
1/28/2024 11:26:34 AM
The Black Forest Land Use Committee has no comments on this proposal. 1/28/2024 11:26:34 AM
View PCD Engineering Division
1/25/2024 5:00:43 PM
TIS Redlines Summary 1/25/2024 5:00:43 PM
View PCD Engineering Division
1/25/2024 5:00:08 PM
TIS Redlines 1/25/2024 5:00:08 PM
View PCD Engineering Division
1/25/2024 4:59:46 PM
Preliminary Plan Redlines Summary 1/25/2024 4:59:46 PM
View PCD Engineering Division
1/25/2024 4:56:50 PM
Preliminary Plan Redlines 1/25/2024 4:56:50 PM
View PCD Engineering Division
1/25/2024 4:55:14 PM
Preliminary Drainage Report Redline Summary 1/25/2024 4:55:14 PM
View PCD Engineering Division
1/25/2024 4:53:12 PM
Preliminary Drainage Report Redlines 1/25/2024 4:53:12 PM
PCD Engineering Division
1/25/2024 4:51:11 PM
Review 1: EPC DPW Engineering comments have been provided on the following uploaded documents:
- Preliminary Drainage Report
- Preliminary Plan
- Traffic Impact Study
- Letter of Intent (Uploaded by PM)
- Noise Study (Uploaded by PM)
- Soils & Geology Report (Uploaded by PM)

-Please provide a preliminary roundabout analysis report so we can verify general geometry and layout is meeting current criteria. If a meeting is needed to discuss this, please let staff know.

Reviewed by:
Charlene Durham, PE

Bret Dilts, PE
1/25/2024 4:51:11 PM
PCD Project Manager
1/25/2024 12:44:00 PM
Charlene Durham will upload the TIS, PDR and Prelim plan redlines when she has completed her review.
Please let me know if you would like to have a comment review meeting.
1/25/2024 12:44:00 PM
View Colorado Geological Survey
1/25/2024 11:24:26 AM
See attached comments 1/25/2024 11:24:26 AM
View PCD Project Manager
1/25/2024 11:14:58 AM
State Water Summary Form Comments 1/25/2024 11:14:58 AM
View PCD Project Manager
1/25/2024 11:14:35 AM
Wastewater Disposal Report Comments. This should include both central and on-site requirements of Code , Chapter, 8.4.8. 1/25/2024 11:14:35 AM
View PCD Project Manager
1/25/2024 11:13:31 AM
Summary Sheet 1/25/2024 11:13:31 AM
View PCD Project Manager
1/25/2024 11:13:08 AM
Soils And Geology Summary Sheet of Report Review 1. 1/25/2024 11:13:08 AM
View PCD Project Manager
1/25/2024 11:12:40 AM
Soils And Geology Report Review 1. 1/25/2024 11:12:40 AM
View PCD Project Manager
1/25/2024 11:11:13 AM
Noise Study Comments Review 1 1/25/2024 11:11:13 AM
View PCD Project Manager
1/25/2024 11:10:47 AM
Water Summary Form comments; please provide the additional information necessary to the water resources reports requested by State including deeds, well abandonment form if needed, etc. 1/25/2024 11:10:47 AM
View PCD Project Manager
1/25/2024 11:09:25 AM
Letter of intent- Prelim plan comments AND rezoning comments combined review 1; this is different than rezoning upload. 1/25/2024 11:09:25 AM
PCD Project Manager
1/25/2024 11:15:15 AM
Please modify name change to documents. Retreat at PrarieRidge Phase 1 Preliminary Plan 1/25/2024 11:15:15 AM
PCD Project Manager
1/24/2024 4:18:08 PM
Please clarify in the letter of intent how many lots are to be served by well and septic, and by central water & wastewater. Identify in the Letter of Intent how many lots, and tracts are proposed and how many filings are within the preliminary plan. Within each filing, what is the anticipated number of lots? Are you starting along POCO? 1/24/2024 4:18:08 PM
View Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.
1/24/2024 11:52:10 AM
See attached comments 1/24/2024 11:52:10 AM
View El Paso County Conservation Dist
1/24/2024 11:05:17 AM
Brief comments attached as a .pdf. 1/24/2024 11:05:17 AM
View Upper Black Squirrel Creek GWMD
1/23/2024 5:16:58 PM
1/23/2024 5:16:58 PM
Colorado Springs Public Works
1/22/2024 9:32:03 AM
Engineering Development Review will require all public improvements to be built to full City Standards if this is chosen for pre-annexation per the IGA.

Joel Dagnillo, P.E.
Engineer III
Engineering Development Review
City of Colorado Springs
1/22/2024 9:32:03 AM
View Colorado Springs Utilities, Dev, Svc.(includes water resources)
1/19/2024 2:56:57 PM
CSU is in the process of moving its natural gas boundary up to Briargate parkway. To provide natural gas services for the lots south of Briargate Parkway. The attached map shows the existing bounddary and the new boundary.

For CSU Natural Gas servcies, contact Field Engineering 668-4985

1/19/2024 2:56:57 PM
EPC Stormwater Review
1/23/2024 1:40:26 PM
Review 1: EPC DPW Stormwater comments have been provided (in orange text boxes) on the following uploaded documents:
- Preliminary Drainage Report...........(to be uploaded by DSD engineer)

Reviewed by:
Mikayla Hartford
Stormwater Engineer I
1/23/2024 1:40:26 PM
Colorado State Forest Service
1/17/2024 9:31:28 AM
The primary wildland fuel type for this proposal is grassland with scattered trees having a low to moderate wildfire hazard potential. No special fire mitigation plans or other actions are necessary for final approval by the Colorado State Forest Service. 1/17/2024 9:31:28 AM
View Colorado Division of Water Resources
1/16/2024 3:35:51 PM
See attached letter. 1/16/2024 3:35:51 PM
Colorado Springs Airport Advisory Commission
1/16/2024 1:09:47 PM
Outside of Airport Overlay 1/16/2024 1:09:47 PM
View EPC Parks Department
1/11/2024 4:17:49 PM
See preliminary Parks comments attached. 1/11/2024 4:17:49 PM
PCD Administrative Notice
1/11/2024 10:07:26 AM
PCD mailed "Notice of Application" letters to property owners within a 500-foot radius of the subject property (75 addresses) on 1/9/2024. The notice included information for P2313 (RS-6000), P2314 (RR-0.5), P2316 (RR-2.5), and SP239 (Preliminary Plan). The cost of postage was included in the returned comments of P2313. MB 1/11/2024 10:07:26 AM
US Postal Service
1/11/2024 10:02:55 AM
To establish mail delivery please submit the following to Rita Minnard for approval:

• Development Plan
• Make an appointment to go over pad locations and mailboxes
• Building and Site plan showing proposed locations of mailboxes
• Type of mail receptacle proposed for development
• Elevation sheets for approval – 4C receptacles
• Mailroom dimensions (6’ between panels when facing each other)
• Mailboxes must be approved prior to purchase
• Final Plat with addresses
• Type of Development (business/residential/mixed)
• Date of first occupancy
• If the community is Apartments - a letter from the owner regarding oversized parcels

Effective October 5, 2006, all new designs approved for NEW CONSTRUCTION AND MAJOR RENOVATION require U.S. Postal Service approved CBU’s to be installed.

Effective July 2020 all new apartment projects or apartment remodels must provide 1 parcel locker for every 5 mailbox compartments.

Once the information is submitted, we will follow-up with any additional questions, and we will set up a time to discuss the project for final approval.
1/11/2024 10:02:55 AM
911 Authority - El Paso/Teller County
1/11/2024 7:38:08 AM
Comments for E911 as follows:

Wheatfield Walk Dr – Available – Recommend Court, Place, Circle, Way, Terrace, Lane, Loop, Trail, or Path
Sundance Square Pl – Available
Falcon Flight Dr – Available – Recommend Court, Place, Circle, Way, Terrace, Lane, Loop, Trail, or Path
Fawn Hollow Ct – Available
Sunlit Prairie Pl – Available – Recommend Street or Drive
Sandstone Mesa Way – Available
Bluebell Meadow Way – Available – Recommend Street or Drive
Autumn Sky Ln – Available

Foxglove Field Dr, Lupine Prairie Way, Golden Prairie Pl – Available - These can be combined into one streetname – Recommend Loop for suffix.

Skyline Prairie Way, Quail Quest Pl – Available - These can be combined into one streetname – Recommend Street or Drive for suffix.

Prairie Dawn Way – Available – The plan drawings have this spelled as Praire Dawn, please correct on next submittal.

Thank you
1/11/2024 7:38:08 AM
PCD Project Manager
1/10/2024 10:01:29 AM
Please see Section 8.4.8 Water Resources report and add the missing information (Court decrees, etc) to the report. 1/10/2024 10:01:29 AM
County Attorney - Water
1/10/2024 9:15:35 AM
County Attorney’s Office will review for water sufficiency following receipt of findings from the Colorado Division of Water Resources. Additionally, please upload approved court decrees/augmentation plans for the 5 new wells as well as water supply information for the existing well, which should be included in the Water Resource Report and Water Supply Information Summary. 1/10/2024 9:15:35 AM
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
1/10/2024 7:41:57 AM
1. 8455 Poco Road from 52280-00-025-the El Paso County Assessors shows that there is a single family home on the land, 52280-00-024 from 9650 Vollmer Road-Assessors shows this as vacant land.
I am not finding notes regarding the existing homes and if they will remain. Please clarity.
2. The project was titled Retreat at Prairie Ridge but being referred as PrairieRidge Fil. No. 1 in the intent letter. There is currently a platted subdivision with the name Prairie Ridge Fil No. 1, in the county. I just want to be curtain that this project plat will be called Retreat at Prairie Ridge and not PrairieRidge.
3. Can Foxglove Field Dr, Lupine Prairie Way and Golden Prairie Place be one street name?

4. Standard Development Plan comments;
a. For assignment of addressing for lots and tracts, place addressing marker (xxx) where they are intended to be utilized. Addressing marker for lots should be front door.
b. Provide a 100 scale copy or larger of the entire APPROVED development plan (d.p.) to this department so that addressing can be assigned. Once received, the development plan will be placed on a list to be addressed. Development plans that are not yet approved may be addressed, however additional plan review fees will accrue if changes are made to the D.P. after initial addressing.
c. An email from El Paso-teller County 9-1-1 Authority , reserving the street names is required to be emailed to the Enumerations department. Amy Vanderbeek; Brent Johnson; or Rebekah Allen
d. The area south of Briargate Pkwy would be provided gas service from Colorado Springs Utilities. If underground service is needed prior to plat, submit a Utilities Addressing Plan (UAP), to Colorado Springs Utilities via the related link at For more information contact: Jade Swan

Amy Vanderbeek
Enumerations Plans Examiner
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
O: 719-327-2930 E:
1/10/2024 7:41:57 AM
View EPC Environmental Services
1/9/2024 1:42:22 PM
1/9/2024 1:42:22 PM
Black Forest Fire Protection District
1/4/2024 8:42:59 AM
The Fire Protection Report is an excellent example of what the engineers and planners are capable of doing. It appears that the BFFR boilerplate position statement of "Applicants shall demonstrate full compliance and conformance with El Paso County’s adopted Land Development Code (LDC), Engineering Criteria Manual (ECM), adopted International Fire Code (IFC), and all other adopted codes, provisions, or statutes that impact fire safety to include access/egress, water supply, hardening of structures, addressing, fire protection systems, etc. The applicant shall submit a comprehensive fire protection report from a qualified fire protection engineer that is licensed as a Professional Engineer (PE) by the Colorado State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers to demonstrate conformance to all requirements. Furthermore, the District does not support any waivers or variances that negatively impact any fire safety provisions including access/egress, water supply, hardening of structures, addressing, fire protections systems, etc." was reviewed and that the applicant has put forth a good faith effort to meet the criteria of the county. Alas the County, being the authority gets to decide actual conformance.

Good job N.E.S.
1/4/2024 8:42:59 AM
Falcon Fire Protection District
1/4/2024 7:20:36 AM
This project is not within the Falcon Fire Protections District boundaries. 1/4/2024 7:20:36 AM
Colorado Springs Public Works
1/3/2024 11:14:42 AM
1- Traffic Engineering will require all public improvements to be built to full City Standards if this site is chosen for pre-annexation.
2- Traffic engineering will require public improvements to be built to City Standards at any city road intersection.

Zaker Alazzeh, P.E.
Traffic Engineering Manager/Deputy City Traffic Engineer
City of Colorado Springs
(719) 385-5468
1/3/2024 11:14:42 AM
Meadow Lake Airport Association
1/3/2024 10:19:26 AM
This project appears to be more than 5 nm NW of Meadow Lake (outside the Airport Impact Area). No comments at this time. Thank you. 1/3/2024 10:19:26 AM
Academy SD 20 Building Fund
1/3/2024 7:25:06 AM
Academy District 20 is in receipt of File #’s SP239, P2313, P2314, and P2316 for approval of the Prairie Ridge Preliminary Plan Phase 1 (AKA Jaynes), Prairie Ridge Rezone RS6000 (AKA Jaynes), Prairie Ridge Rezone RR-0.5 (AKA Jaynes), and Prairie Ridge Rezone RR-2.5 (AKA Jaynes).

The District is requesting fees in lieu of land dedication per the existing County Code for all residential units within this development.

The District is able to serve each student who is a resident of District 20.

If you need additional information, please contact me.

Don Smith
Planning Consultant
1/3/2024 7:25:06 AM