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Retreat at Prairie Ridge Rezone RR-2.5 (AKA Jaynes)
Rezone from RR5 to RR-2.5 for X acres west of Vollmer Road south of Poco.
5228000024 5228000024 5228000025 5228000025
Andrea Barlow ( )
(719) 471-0073
Andrea Barlow ( )
(719) 471-0073
EA Number
File Number
Project Manager
Kari Parsons
6/5/2023 4:23:15 PM

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Review Comments (15)

Link Agency Comment
View Colorado Parks and Wildlife
2/15/2024 10:59:12 AM
2/15/2024 10:59:12 AM
Black Forest Land Use Committee
1/28/2024 11:25:48 AM
The Black Forest Land Use Committee has no comments on this proposal. 1/28/2024 11:25:48 AM
View PCD Project Manager
1/24/2024 2:58:01 PM
Zone Map Comments RR-2.5 1/24/2024 2:58:01 PM
View PCD Project Manager
1/24/2024 2:57:37 PM
Application RR-2.5 comments 1/24/2024 2:57:37 PM
View PCD Project Manager
1/24/2024 2:56:43 PM
Combined letter of intent comments 1/24/2024 2:56:43 PM
View El Paso County Conservation Dist
1/24/2024 11:04:19 AM
Brief comments attached as a .pdf. 1/24/2024 11:04:19 AM
PCD Engineering Division
1/22/2024 10:55:57 AM
Engineering Review 1 has provided comments on the following documents:

- Zoning Map (to be uploaded by Project Manager)

Please see SP239 - Retreat at Prairie Ridge Preliminary Plan for comments on TIS.

Reviewed by:

Bret Dilts, PE

Charlene Durham, PE
1/22/2024 10:55:57 AM
View Parks Advisory Board
1/11/2024 4:26:16 PM
See Parks comments attached. 1/11/2024 4:26:16 PM
View EPC Parks Department
1/11/2024 4:23:23 PM
See Parks comments attached. 1/11/2024 4:23:23 PM
PCD Administrative Notice
1/11/2024 10:07:48 AM
PCD mailed "Notice of Application" letters to property owners within a 500-foot radius of the subject property (75 addresses) on 1/9/2024. The notice included information for P2313 (RS-6000), P2314 (RR-0.5), P2316 (RR-2.5), and SP239 (Preliminary Plan). The cost of postage was included in the returned comments of P2313. MB 1/11/2024 10:07:48 AM
View EPC Environmental Services
1/9/2024 12:07:40 PM
1/9/2024 12:07:40 PM
Colorado Springs Utilities, Dev, Svc.(includes water resources)
1/5/2024 2:56:28 PM
CSU UDS does not have any Issues with the proposed re-zoning
1/5/2024 2:56:28 PM
Black Forest Fire Protection District
1/4/2024 8:37:16 AM
Applicants shall demonstrate full compliance and conformance with El Paso County’s adopted Land Development Code (LDC), Engineering Criteria Manual (ECM), adopted International Fire Code (IFC), and all other adopted codes, provisions, or statutes that impact fire safety to include access/egress, water supply, hardening of structures, addressing, fire protection systems, etc. The applicant shall submit a comprehensive fire protection report from a qualified fire protection engineer that is licensed as a Professional Engineer (PE) by the Colorado State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers to demonstrate conformance to all requirements. Furthermore, the District does not support any waivers or variances that negatively impact any fire safety provisions including access/egress, water supply, hardening of structures, addressing, fire protections systems, etc. 1/4/2024 8:37:16 AM
Academy SD 20 Building Fund
1/3/2024 7:26:04 AM
Academy District 20 is in receipt of File #’s SP239, P2313, P2314, and P2316 for approval of the Prairie Ridge Preliminary Plan Phase 1 (AKA Jaynes), Prairie Ridge Rezone RS6000 (AKA Jaynes), Prairie Ridge Rezone RR-0.5 (AKA Jaynes), and Prairie Ridge Rezone RR-2.5 (AKA Jaynes).

The District is requesting fees in lieu of land dedication per the existing County Code for all residential units within this development.

The District is able to serve each student who is a resident of District 20.

If you need additional information, please contact me.

Don Smith
Planning Consultant
1/3/2024 7:26:04 AM
Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.
1/2/2024 2:16:24 PM
MVEA has no objection to the rezone 1/2/2024 2:16:24 PM