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Multifamily Development Fishers Canyon- Thompson Thrift Venetucci
Multi-Family Rezoning (A class development) apartments located east and south of Fischers Canon Creek and across from Walmart-Sams Club, north of Pikes Peak State College. Potential for trails and open space along creek
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Andrea Barlow ( )
(719) 471-0073
Andrea Barlow ( )
(719) 471-0073
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Project Manager
Scott Weeks
5/16/2023 11:51:57 AM

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Review Comments (12)

Link Agency Comment
View Colorado Parks and Wildlife
6/4/2024 7:14:18 PM
6/4/2024 7:14:18 PM
View PCD Engineering Division
6/4/2024 4:22:25 PM
Review 1 - EPC Engineering Comments have been provided on the following document:

- TIS - Uploaded with this comment.

Reviewed by:
Daniel, PE

Hao Vo, PE
6/4/2024 4:22:25 PM
PCD Project Manager
6/4/2024 1:06:44 PM
Submittal meets letter of intent and map amendment (rezoning) checklists. No comments. 6/4/2024 1:06:44 PM
View El Paso County Conservation Dist
6/4/2024 8:06:57 AM
Please see attached .PDF for brief comments. Thanks! 6/4/2024 8:06:57 AM
View EPC Parks Department
5/30/2024 3:17:09 PM
El Paso County Parks and Community Services Department, Final Comments - Please See Attached Documents (No Park Advisory Board endorsement necessary for zoning applications) 5/30/2024 3:17:09 PM
EPC Stormwater Review
5/30/2024 3:11:27 PM
Review 1: EPC DPW Stormwater has no comments on this rezone.

Note: With future projects associated with the site, stormwater quality will need to be addressed. An EPC Stormwater Permit (ESQCP) and stormwater quality treatment facility (PBMP) will be needed when one acre of soil is disturbed. PBMP exclusions can be found in our PBMP Applicability Form and ECM Appendix I.7.

Reviewed by:
Mikayla Hartford
Stormwater Engineer I
5/30/2024 3:11:27 PM
View Colorado Springs Utilities, Dev, Svc.(includes water resources)
5/30/2024 1:32:46 PM
CSU 1st review complete. Please see attached. 5/30/2024 1:32:46 PM
View EPC Environmental Services
5/15/2024 1:00:43 PM
5/15/2024 1:00:43 PM
Stratmoor HIlls Fire Department
5/14/2024 6:38:15 PM
The Stratmoor Hills Fire DFepartment has no ojcections to the rezoning as described. MAS for SHVFD 5/14/2024 6:38:15 PM
Security Fire Protection District
5/14/2024 6:34:47 PM
This is not in the Security Fire Protection District. MAS foe SFD 5/14/2024 6:34:47 PM
Colorado Springs Airport Advisory Commission
5/14/2024 3:40:52 PM
This development is outside of the Airport Overlay, no comments from the Airport. 5/14/2024 3:40:52 PM
RBD Floodplain
5/14/2024 2:11:02 PM
i do not see any documents to review for floodplain. (ie... plats, DP , Grading Plans).
There is floodplain to the north, any work in this area will need to comply with RBC 313
contact for any further questions

Keith Curtis, PE, CFM, LEED AP
Floodplain Administrator
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
2880 International Circle
Colorado Springs CO, 80910
O: 719-327-2898 E: W:
5/14/2024 2:11:02 PM