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Project Name
High View Estates Preliminary Plan
Create 5 rural lots. Deviation for public road. file was previously MS222 applicant uploaded a major subdivision as a minor subdivision
5100000421 5100000421
Compass Surveying and Mapping, LLC
John Fornander ( ) John Fornander ( )
EA Number
File Number
Project Manager
Kylie Bagley
7/19/2022 3:46:03 PM

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Review Comments (27)

Link Agency Comment
PCD Project Manager
10/19/2022 1:01:43 PM
no comments at this time 10/19/2022 1:01:43 PM
PCD Engineering Division
10/18/2022 12:46:05 PM
There are no further comments. The project manager will upload any approved documents.

Reviewed By:
Lupe Packman
10/18/2022 12:46:05 PM
View EPC Stormwater Review
8/29/2022 3:28:03 PM
Drainage Letter 8/29/2022 3:28:03 PM
EPC Stormwater Review
8/29/2022 2:34:25 PM
Review 1: EPC Stormwater comments have been provided (in orange text boxes) on the following uploaded documents:
- Drainage Letter...(use this latest file that includes Lupe's original comments uploaded on 8/16 and additional comments from Daniel and I).

Please provide the following document upon resubmittal:
- PBMP Applicability Form

Reviewed by:
Glenn Reese, P.E.
Stormwater Engineer II
8/29/2022 2:34:25 PM
County Attorney - Development Review
8/25/2022 11:51:07 AM
No comments from County Attorney - Development Review at this time. 8/25/2022 11:51:07 AM
View PCD Engineering Division
8/24/2022 4:38:10 PM
Drainage Report Redlines 8/24/2022 4:38:10 PM
View El Paso County Conservation Dist
8/21/2022 7:32:28 PM
EPCCD brief comments attached as .docx. 8/21/2022 7:32:28 PM
View El Paso County Conservation Dist
8/21/2022 7:32:17 PM
EPCCD grass seed native shotgun mix info attached as a .jpg. 8/21/2022 7:32:17 PM
Colorado Geological Survey
8/16/2022 5:21:11 PM
The Colorado Geological Survey (CGS) has reviewed SP226, a revised Preliminary Plan (Compass Surveying & Mapping, July 26, 2022). We previously reviewed the site (39.0911, -104.707) on April 27, 2022.

Our previous comments remain relevant and are repeated here:

“6665 Walker Road (High View Estates, located at 39.0911, -104.707) is planned as a rural residential subdivision with 5-lots on 40 acres. The site does not contain any geologic hazards or unusual geotechnical constraints that would preclude the proposed development. The available referral documents include a Soil, Geology, and Geologic Hazard Study (Entech Engineering, 12/28/2021). Entech’s report contains good descriptions of surface and subsurface conditions and makes appropriate recommendations regarding site development. CGS concurs in general with their identification of geologic hazards and constraints impacting or potentially impacting the site.
Entech states p. 3, “Groundwater is not anticipated to affect shallow foundations on the majority of the site.” Should basements or other below-grade inhabitable spaces eventually be desired, the soil and foundation investigation for the individual site must include an evaluation and discussion of the potential groundwater fluctuation anticipated at the site and if these fluctuations will preclude basements.
Provided Entech’s recommendations are adhered to; CGS has no objection to approval of the planned subdivision. CGS recommends that Plat note #7 be expanded or an additional note is added to the plat stating Entech’s recommendation p.8 “Individual investigations for new building sites and septic systems will be required before construction.”

Submitted 8/16/2022 by Jonathan R. Lovekin, P.G. Senior Engineering Geologist, Colorado Geological Survey:
8/16/2022 5:21:11 PM
PCD Project Manager
8/16/2022 2:01:52 PM
Planning Commission Scheduled for September 1 8/16/2022 2:01:52 PM
View PCD Project Manager
8/16/2022 1:59:48 PM
Traffic Memo Redlines 8/16/2022 1:59:48 PM
View PCD Project Manager
8/16/2022 1:57:20 PM
Preliminary Plan Redlines 8/16/2022 1:57:20 PM
View PCD Project Manager
8/16/2022 1:56:54 PM
Drainage Letter Redlines 8/16/2022 1:56:54 PM
View Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.
8/16/2022 12:04:18 PM
See attached comments 8/16/2022 12:04:18 PM
PCD Engineering Division
8/24/2022 4:37:32 PM
Review 1 comments will be uploaded by the project manager. Address comments on the following documents:

-Preliminary plan
-Final plat drawing
-Drainage report: Comments have been updated to include EPC Stormwater comments. See attached drainage report redlines.
-Traffic memo

Reviewed By:
Lupe Packman
Review Engineer
8/24/2022 4:37:32 PM
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
8/15/2022 3:54:09 PM
Regarding a request for approval of a preliminary plan for High View Estates (6665 Walker Rd.), Enumerations has the following comments:

1. Comments returned by Enumerations to this submittal in Feb. 2022 still apply to this submittal, with the exception of the title block, which has been corrected.

Brent Johnson
Enumerations Plans Examiner
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
O: 719-327-2888 E: W:
8/15/2022 3:54:09 PM
View County Attorney - Water
8/12/2022 12:32:10 PM
Please see attached. 8/12/2022 12:32:10 PM
Colorado Parks and Wildlife
8/10/2022 4:21:25 PM
Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) has reviewed the plans for the High View Estates Preliminary Plan in El Paso County. Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) is in receipt of the above referenced permit application and is familiar with the site. Based both on the location and type of action that has been taken CPW anticipates that the impacts to the wildlife resource from this project would be negligible.

We appreciate being given the opportunity to comment. Please feel free to contact District Wildlife Manager, Aaron Berscheid, should you have any questions or require additional information at 719-439-9601 or via email at
8/10/2022 4:21:25 PM
Black Forest Fire Protection District
8/10/2022 10:35:13 AM
Black Forest Fire Rescue/JMR
As this is a 5 lot proposed sub there will be a firefighting water cistern requirement. We will meet with the developer to coordinate a good location and size. We require that all drives and access meet county requirements for fire access, turnarounds and turnouts. JMR
8/10/2022 10:35:13 AM
View EPC Environmental Services
8/4/2022 2:09:51 PM
8/4/2022 2:09:51 PM
County Attorney - Development Review
8/1/2022 3:15:20 PM
No comments from County Attorney - Development Review at this time. 8/1/2022 3:15:20 PM
Colorado State Forest Service
8/1/2022 11:35:18 AM
The primary wildland fuel type for this proposal is grassland with scattered trees having a low wildfire hazard potential. No special fire mitigation plans or other actions are necessary for final approval by the Colorado State Forest Service. 8/1/2022 11:35:18 AM
View Colorado Division of Water Resources
8/1/2022 9:41:27 AM
8/1/2022 9:41:27 AM
View Parks Advisory Board
7/28/2022 3:25:46 PM
See final Parks comments attached.

Thanks, Greg
7/28/2022 3:25:46 PM
View EPC Parks Department
7/28/2022 3:24:14 PM
See administrative comments attached.

Thanks, Greg
7/28/2022 3:24:14 PM
911 Authority - El Paso/Teller County
7/28/2022 8:49:29 AM
BRICK HTS was approved as a street name under separate correspondence

G. West
7/28/2022 8:49:29 AM
County Attorney - Water
7/26/2022 1:29:19 PM
The County Attorney's Office will provide review of water sufficiency following receipt of findings from the Colorado Division of Water Resources. Thank you. 7/26/2022 1:29:19 PM