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Project Name
deck encroachment
5225307010 5225307010
R & B Enterprises, INC ( ) ( )
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Project Manager
Matthew Fitzsimmons
6/20/2022 8:16:06 AM

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Review Comments (11)

Link Agency Comment
PCD Project Manager
9/6/2022 10:54:27 AM
no additional comments.
Ready for BOA hearing
9/6/2022 10:54:27 AM
Falcon Fire Protection District
8/19/2022 9:44:40 AM
Falcon Fire has no objections or other comments on this project. 8/19/2022 9:44:40 AM
View PCD Project Manager
8/10/2022 4:24:56 PM
Drawing comments 8/10/2022 4:24:56 PM
View PCD Project Manager
8/10/2022 4:24:32 PM
LOI comments 8/10/2022 4:24:32 PM
View PCD Project Manager
8/10/2022 4:24:08 PM
application comments 8/10/2022 4:24:08 PM
View El Paso County Conservation Dist
8/9/2022 1:15:47 PM
EPCCD brief comments attached as a .docx. 8/9/2022 1:15:47 PM
View El Paso County Conservation Dist
8/9/2022 1:15:33 PM
EPCCD grass seed native shotgun mix info attached as a .jpg. 8/9/2022 1:15:33 PM
Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.
8/3/2022 4:18:23 PM
Mountain View Electric Association has no objection to the BOA. There is a 10 foot rear easement on this lot per the plat 8/3/2022 4:18:23 PM
Upper Black Squirrel Creek GWMD
8/2/2022 7:52:30 PM
The Upper Black Squirrel Creek GWMD does not have any comments at this time but respectfully reserves the right to comment on any future submittals. 8/2/2022 7:52:30 PM
PCD Engineering Division
8/1/2022 11:57:38 AM
No comments

Reviewed by:
Carlos Hernandez
Review Engineer
8/1/2022 11:57:38 AM
Paint Brush Hills Metro
7/20/2022 1:29:49 PM
Paint Brush Hills metro District has no objections at this time. It appears that the 10' rear utility easement is not being infringed and no work is being completed in the front yard. Therefore Water and Wastewater will not be affected. If anything changes, ensure the district is informed immediately. 7/20/2022 1:29:49 PM