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Project Name
Jane Davis Ranch Sketch Plan
Sketch Plan for 400+/- acres for combination of rural residential / commercial service uses
4200000354 4200000354 4200000377 4200000377 4200000379 4200000379 4200000406 4200000406 4233000031 4233000031
William Guman & Associates, Ltd.
Bill Guman ( )
(719) 633-9700
Bill Guman ( )
(719) 633-9700
EA Number
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Project Manager
Ryan Howser
6/9/2022 7:45:32 AM

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Review Comments (26)

Link Agency Comment
View Peyton 23
11/6/2023 8:15:11 AM
11/6/2023 8:15:11 AM
View EPC Health Department
10/9/2023 3:21:26 PM
10/9/2023 3:21:26 PM
View Colorado Department of Transportation - Pueblo Office
9/26/2023 2:43:04 PM
9/26/2023 2:43:04 PM
View Upper Black Squirrel Creek GWMD
9/25/2023 11:17:18 AM
9/25/2023 11:17:18 AM
View PCD Engineering Division
9/20/2023 9:28:22 AM
Soils & Geology comments 9/20/2023 9:28:22 AM
View PCD Engineering Division
9/20/2023 9:27:43 AM
MDDP comments 9/20/2023 9:27:43 AM
View PCD Engineering Division
9/20/2023 9:27:19 AM
Traffic Impact Study comments 9/20/2023 9:27:19 AM
View PCD Engineering Division
9/20/2023 9:26:54 AM
Sketch Plan comments 9/20/2023 9:26:54 AM
View PCD Engineering Division
9/20/2023 9:26:33 AM
Letter of Intent comments 9/20/2023 9:26:33 AM
PCD Engineering Division
9/20/2023 9:26:04 AM
Review 1 comments on the following documents will be uploaded:
-Letter of Intent
-Sketch Plan
-Traffic Impact Study
-Soils & Geology (see stormwater comments)

Due to the volume and nature of the comments provided and additional information/details required, additional comments may be generated on the resubmittal.

reviewed by:
Daniel Torres
9/20/2023 9:26:04 AM
View PCD Project Manager
9/14/2023 3:20:16 PM
V1 - WSIS - Planning comments attached 9/14/2023 3:20:16 PM
EPC Stormwater Review
9/14/2023 2:14:15 PM
Review 1: EPC DPW Stormwater comments have been provided (in orange text boxes) on the following uploaded documents:
- MDDP...................(to be uploaded with Development Services comments)
- Sketch Plan..........(to be uploaded with Development Services comments)
- Soils Report..........(to be uploaded with Development Services comments)

Reviewed by:
Mikayla Hartford
Stormwater Engineer I
9/14/2023 2:14:15 PM
View Parks Advisory Board
9/14/2023 11:37:57 AM
El Paso County Parks and Community Services Final Comments - Please See Attached Documents (PAB Endorsed 09/13/2023) 9/14/2023 11:37:57 AM
PCD Project Manager
9/14/2023 11:22:19 AM
Review 1: PCD Planning Division comments have been provided (in green) on the following uploaded documents:
- Sketch Plan (to be uploaded by review Engineer)
- Letter of Intent (to be uploaded by review Engineer)
9/14/2023 11:22:19 AM
PCD Project Manager
9/14/2023 10:13:04 AM
Please update the title to the new project name on the following documents:
- Application
- Letter of Intent
- Sketch Plan
- Soils & Geology Report
- Subdivision Summary Form
- Water Resources Report
- Water Supply Summary Sheet
- Wastewater Report
- Wildlife Report
9/14/2023 10:13:04 AM
PCD Project Manager
9/14/2023 9:59:14 AM
Per discussion between Guman and PCD Planner, please provide a new name for this project, as the Davis Ranch subdivision currently exists elsewhere. Please update the project name on all documents. If I have selected a document for resubmittal but we have not identified specific comments on that document, then the only necessary change is the title change for that document. 9/14/2023 9:59:14 AM
Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.
9/6/2023 10:48:34 AM
MVEA has existing facilities near and within this parcel of land. If there is any damage, removal or relocation of facilities it will be at the expense of the applicant. Please keep our office informed on when the development starts. 9/6/2023 10:48:34 AM
View El Paso County Conservation Dist
9/5/2023 9:05:21 PM
Brief comments attached as a .PDF. 9/5/2023 9:05:21 PM
View EPC Parks Department
9/1/2023 9:04:49 AM
El Paso County Parks and Community Services Preliminary Comments - Please See Attached Documents (To be presented to the PAB for endorsement on 09/13/23) 9/1/2023 9:04:49 AM
County Attorney - Water
8/31/2023 1:56:35 PM
The County Attorney's Office does not provide a Water Supply Review and Recommendation for Sketch Plans. 8/31/2023 1:56:35 PM
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
8/31/2023 10:40:38 AM
Enumerations has no specific comments at this time due to the very general nature of this sketch plan. Enumerations will have more specific comments as each phase of the overall development is submitted for review.

Brent Johnson
Enumerations Plans Examiner
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
O: 719-327-2888 E: W:
8/31/2023 10:40:38 AM
County Attorney - Development Review
8/24/2023 1:31:25 PM
No comments from County Attorney - Development Review. 8/24/2023 1:31:25 PM
Meadow Lake Airport Association
8/22/2023 5:38:36 AM
This subdivision also lies under the primary Meadow Lake Airport traffic pattern. We request that the standard Disclosure Notification be added to the Sub-division Plat Notes, and that an Avigation Easement be coordinated and recorded. 8/22/2023 5:38:36 AM
View Colorado Division of Water Resources
8/18/2023 7:55:20 AM
See attached letter. 8/18/2023 7:55:20 AM
Colorado Springs Utilities, Dev, Svc.(includes water resources)
8/15/2023 1:01:32 PM
Continue to work with Colorado Springs Utilities: Field Engineering(719-668-4985) for Natural gas service and line extension

No further comment
8/15/2023 1:01:32 PM
RBD Floodplain
8/15/2023 9:08:38 AM
RBC313.18.5 Subdivision Proposals.
FEMA approved base flood elevation data and 100-year floodplain boundaries shall be provided and shown on plats
for subdivision proposals and other proposed developments that contain at least fifty lots or five (5) acres, whichever is less;
All buildable lots less than two and one half (2½) acres in size are required to be located entirely outside of the 100-year floodplain. Lands within the 100-year floodplain shall be established in a tract, and require that the owner maintain the tract. Buildable lots two and one half (2½) acres and larger, are required to have the 100-year floodplain contained in a drainage easement dedicated by plat in the name of the governing body with the restrictions of “No Build” and “No Storage of any Materials”;

The parcel is located within the current effective Zone A floodplain with no BFEs(no supporting model available). Draft model backed BFEs for this area have been developed as part of Phase 1 for the ongoing El Paso County, CO, Risk MAP Project”. The data has been reviewed and approved through FEMA’s QA/QC process (May 11, 2022) and is currently in the MIP (Case No. 19-08-0037s). The Phase 1/Base Level Engineering outputs and Zone A ready deliverables are, under the following folder:
K:/FY2019/19-08-0037S/Discovery - BLE - El Paso and Teller Counties, CO - FY18 - 04/Discovery Data Capture - Discovery Data Capture - El Paso and Teller Counties, CO - 01/El Paso_Discovery_1

BFEs from the aforementioned study should be shown on the final plat to comply with RBC 313.18.5
8/15/2023 9:08:38 AM