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7225 N Meridian Rd., Dentist Office
Site Development Plan for Dentist Office
5312114003 5312114003
Mike Beurskens ( ) ( )
File Number
Project Manager
Mercedes Rivas
5/6/2021 2:40:51 PM

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View PCD Project Manager
10/19/2021 3:40:13 PM
Site Development Plan_V1 redlines 10/19/2021 3:40:13 PM
View PCD Project Manager
10/19/2021 3:39:51 PM
Floor Plans (24x36)_V1 redlines 10/19/2021 3:39:51 PM
View PCD Project Manager
10/19/2021 3:39:34 PM
Letter of Intent_V1 redlines 10/19/2021 3:39:34 PM
View PCD Project Manager
10/19/2021 3:39:18 PM
Lighting Plan_V1 redlines 10/19/2021 3:39:18 PM
View PCD Project Manager
10/19/2021 3:38:55 PM
Sign Plan_V1 redlines 10/19/2021 3:38:55 PM
View PCD Project Manager
10/19/2021 3:38:39 PM
Landscape Plan drawings_V1 redlines 10/19/2021 3:38:39 PM
View PCD Project Manager
10/19/2021 3:38:12 PM
Elevation Plans_V1 redlines 10/19/2021 3:38:12 PM
View PCD Project Manager
10/19/2021 3:37:54 PM
Application Petition Form_V1 redlines 10/19/2021 3:37:54 PM
PCD Engineering Division
10/18/2021 8:54:07 AM
Review 1 comments will be uploaded by the project manager. Please address comments on the following documents:

-Letter of intent
-Site development plan

Please note Stormwater documents will be required for the second review. These documents are: Drainage report, Financial Assurance Estimate, Grading and Erosion Control Plan and checklist, SWMP and SWMP checklist, and ESQCP, and Traffic Memo. The planner has opened up submittal slots for these documents on EDARP but if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Reviewed by:
Carlos Hernandez
Review Engineer

Lupe Packman
Review Engineer
10/18/2021 8:54:07 AM
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
10/13/2021 11:40:28 AM
1. The intent letter contains a few errors. Please update to show the correct subdivision name, change all mentions of “Meridian Crossings” to “Meridian Crossing”, update the address in the letter RE: to show N Meridian Road not Drive.
2. The range, township, section etc. information in the title block on the Site Development Plan is incorrect. Please update to show the correct location information.
3. It appears there is a trash enclosure on site; how tall is the trash enclosure? If the trash enclosure is over 7’ in height then a separate address and permit will need to be issued. We can assign the address to the trash enclosure prior to plan submittal.

Becky Allen
Enumerations Plans Examiner
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
O: 719-799-2707 W: E:
10/13/2021 11:40:28 AM
View Falcon Fire Protection District
10/12/2021 4:01:46 PM
10/12/2021 4:01:46 PM
View Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.
10/12/2021 3:12:39 PM
See attached comments 10/12/2021 3:12:39 PM
Colorado Springs Public Works
10/12/2021 9:18:55 AM
Engineering Development Review Division has no comments on this item

Patrick V. Morris
Civil Engineer II
Public Works/Engineering Development Review
City of Colorado Springs
Phone: 719-385-5075
10/12/2021 9:18:55 AM
Colorado Springs Utilities, Dev, Svc.(includes water resources)
10/5/2021 2:02:44 PM
The review is complete. Elevation and site plans do not indicate the location of the gas meter. Other than that, we have no comments. Gas meters should be placed at least 3 feet from any opening (windows/doors). As a result, we recommend approval.
If gas services are needed, please reach out to our gas field engineering team at 719-668-4985.

Corey Masoumi | Engineering Support Coordinator
Colorado Springs Utilities | Utilities Development Services
PHYSICAL: 1521 S Hancock Expressway, Colorado Springs, CO 80903
MAILING: PO BOX 1103, MC 1812, Colorado Springs, CO 80947-0010
Direct (719) 668-1856 | Main (719) 668-8259 •
10/5/2021 2:02:44 PM
Falcon Highlands Metro
9/28/2021 8:28:50 AM
This application seems incomplete for a Minor Site Development Plan. However, Falcon Highlands Metropolitan District does not object to the application. Approval of the actual building permit is contingent upon the applicant following FHMD procedures for obtaining a water tap. Please contact the District for more information on that process. 9/28/2021 8:28:50 AM
Upper Black Squirrel Creek GWMD
9/23/2021 2:49:47 PM
The Upper Black Squirrel Creek GWMD does not have any comments at this time but respectfully reserves the right to comment in the future. 9/23/2021 2:49:47 PM
Colorado Springs Public Works
9/23/2021 11:39:44 AM
Traffic Engineering has no comments on this item.

Zaker Alazzeh, P.E.
Traffic Engineering Manager
City of Colorado Springs
(719) 385-5468
9/23/2021 11:39:44 AM