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520 Empress Street ADR
Setback reduction for side yard
5519403015 5519403015
Angela Jackson-Butler
Angela Jackson-Butler ( )
(254) 681-5945
Angela Jackson-Butler ( )
(254) 681-5945
File Number
Project Manager
John Green
4/7/2021 3:46:46 PM

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Review Comments (12)

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PCD Administrative Notice
8/6/2021 2:14:25 PM
Adjacent property notifications have been mailed indicating the anticipated decision date and how to provide comment. 8/6/2021 2:14:25 PM
PCD Project Manager
7/25/2021 3:02:58 PM
The site plan still does not depict the setback from the garage to the north setback or the setback from the sunroom addition to the two other property lines. please show all setbacks.

the vacation of the utility easement requires a separate application. Please reach out to John Green to discuss the process as well as getting the project set up to allow you to encroach into the setbacks. Prior to reaching out to John, staff highly recommends contacting the utility provers to see if they are agreeable to such a vacation. If so, ask them for a commitment letter.
7/25/2021 3:02:58 PM
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7/6/2021 4:00:04 PM
Please see redline comments on Vicinity Map 7/6/2021 4:00:04 PM
View PCD Project Manager
7/6/2021 3:59:41 PM
Please see redline comments on Site Plan 7/6/2021 3:59:41 PM
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7/6/2021 3:59:16 PM
Please see redline comments on Letter of Intent 7/6/2021 3:59:16 PM
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7/6/2021 3:58:52 PM
Please see redline comments on application form 7/6/2021 3:58:52 PM
View El Paso County Conservation Dist
7/1/2021 8:33:51 AM
7/1/2021 8:33:51 AM
PCD Engineering Division
6/23/2021 2:20:13 PM
Applicant my not negatively impact adjacent lots, and downspouts of structure shall be directed so that runoff flows to Empress Street. There are no other comments relating to drainage or transportation.

Reviewed by:
Lupe Packman
Review Engineer
6/23/2021 2:20:13 PM
Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.
6/21/2021 2:01:39 PM
This property is not within Mountain View Electric's service territory. 6/21/2021 2:01:39 PM
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6/21/2021 1:43:35 PM
6/21/2021 1:43:35 PM
County Attorney - Development Review
6/21/2021 10:55:05 AM
It appears that the setback encroachment exceeds the 20% limit eligible for administrative relief. 6/21/2021 10:55:05 AM
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6/18/2021 8:42:33 AM
6/18/2021 8:42:33 AM