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Winsome Filing No. 3 Final Plat
Final Plat of 38 residential lots. Subject to approval of SF-21-012 Winsome Filing No. 2. Subject to preliminary plan amendment. Note: Director has allowed waiver request for 5 lots that will be C.O. restricted while floodplain base elevation studies are under review.
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Andrea Barlow ( )
(719) 471-0073
Andrea Barlow ( )
(719) 471-0073
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Project Manager
Ryan Howser
4/6/2021 1:28:09 PM

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View Parks Advisory Board
3/10/2022 10:57:35 AM
See Park Advisory Board endorsed comments attached.

Thanks, Greg
3/10/2022 10:57:35 AM
View Colorado Department of Transportation - Pueblo Office
3/7/2022 2:54:03 PM
3/7/2022 2:54:03 PM
View PCD Project Manager
3/3/2022 4:11:01 PM
Please see redline comments on Water Supply Information Summary 3/3/2022 4:11:01 PM
View PCD Project Manager
3/3/2022 4:09:37 PM
Please see redline comments on Soils Report 3/3/2022 4:09:37 PM
View PCD Project Manager
3/3/2022 4:08:28 PM
Please see redline comments on OWTS 3/3/2022 4:08:28 PM
View PCD Project Manager
3/3/2022 4:07:49 PM
Please see redline comments on FAE 3/3/2022 4:07:49 PM
View PCD Project Manager
3/3/2022 4:07:03 PM
Please see redline comments on Plat 3/3/2022 4:07:03 PM
View PCD Project Manager
3/3/2022 4:06:27 PM
Please see redline comments on ESQCP 3/3/2022 4:06:27 PM
View PCD Project Manager
3/3/2022 4:05:52 PM
Please see redline comments on FDR 3/3/2022 4:05:52 PM
View PCD Project Manager
3/3/2022 4:04:23 PM
Please see redline comments on DMA 3/3/2022 4:04:23 PM
View PCD Project Manager
3/3/2022 4:03:51 PM
Please see redline comments on CDs 3/3/2022 4:03:51 PM
View PCD Project Manager
3/3/2022 4:03:02 PM
Please see redline comments on application form 3/3/2022 4:03:02 PM
View PCD Project Manager
3/3/2022 3:58:14 PM
Please see redline comments on Adjacent Notification 3/3/2022 3:58:14 PM
View EPC Stormwater Review
3/2/2022 5:59:13 PM
SDI Form 3/2/2022 5:59:13 PM
View EPC Stormwater Review
3/2/2022 5:58:48 PM
PBMP Applicability Form 3/2/2022 5:58:48 PM
View EPC Stormwater Review
3/2/2022 5:58:34 PM
GEC Checklist 3/2/2022 5:58:34 PM
View Colorado Division of Water Resources
3/2/2022 2:27:09 PM
3/2/2022 2:27:09 PM
PCD Engineering Division
3/3/2022 8:08:05 AM
Review #1
1. Submit a Traffic Impact Study
2. Applicant shall submit a Non-Jurisdictional Water Impoundment application to the State. Provide a copy of the application and the subsequent determination by the State upon receipt.

3. Redline comments on the following documents will be uploaded by the project manager:
- Final Drainage Report
- Plat
- Construction Drawings
- Financial Assurance Estimate
- Geotech Report
- Pond Maintenance Agreement

Reviewed by:
Gilbert LaForce, PE
3/3/2022 8:08:05 AM
EPC Stormwater Review
3/2/2022 5:55:07 PM
Review 1: EPC Stormwater comments have been provided (in orange text boxes) on the following uploaded documents:
- CD.........................(to be uploaded by PM with PCD comments)
- Drainage Report....(to be uploaded by PM with PCD comments)
- ESQCP...................(to be uploaded by PM with PCD comments)
- FAE........................(to be uploaded by PM with PCD comments)
- GEC Checklist
- PBMP Applicability Form

Please sign and re-submit the following completed docs:
- SWMP Checklist

Reviewed by:
Glenn Reese, P.E.
Stormwater Engineer II
3/2/2022 5:55:07 PM
PCD Project Manager
2/25/2022 4:53:58 PM
Comments to be uploaded once PCD Engineering has completed their review 2/25/2022 4:53:58 PM
Kiowa Conservation Dist
2/25/2022 7:43:14 AM
The Kiowa Conservation District does not have any comments at this time. 2/25/2022 7:43:14 AM
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
2/24/2022 8:29:14 AM
Regarding a request for approval of a final plat for Winsome Filing No. 3, Enumerations has the following comments:

1. Where is the access for Lot 11? The note which appears on Lot 12 shows a driveway maintenance agreement between lots 12 & 13, but does not mention Lot 11. Is this driveway also the access for Lot 11?
2. Please submit a copy of this plat to Enumerations for address assignment as early as feasible so that addresses can be added to the plat. When submitting, please include a copy any future filings where streets in this filing will continue into the future ones, so that addressing can be assigned consistently.
3. Prior to recording, Enumerations will review the mylar for addressing, street names and title block. The Enumerations fee due at the time of review will be $10 per lot/tract which is assigned an address.

Brent Johnson
Enumerations Plans Examiner
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
O: 719-327-2888 E: W:
2/24/2022 8:29:14 AM
Colorado Geological Survey
2/23/2022 9:27:01 AM
As noted in Entech’s report (Entech Engineering, Inc., May 21, 2021), geologic constraints are present and include potentially expansive soils, downslope creep, potentially unstable slopes, potentially seasonal shallow groundwater, and seasonal shallow groundwater areas. Entech’s Engineering Geology/Geology Map (figure 6) separates Filing No. 3 into the following: downslope creep (dsc), floodplain (fp), potentially unstable slope (pu), seasonal shallow groundwater area (sw), potentially seasonal shallow groundwater area (psw), and flowing water (w). Entech makes appropriate preliminary recommendations for mitigating the site’s potential geological constraints. We offer the following comments.

1. As noted on page 9 of Entech’s report, “the steeply sloping areas along the drainage in the central portion of the site have been identified as potentially unstable slopes.” Lots 31 and 32 are mapped as containing potentially unstable slopes. CGS agrees with Entech, “Building should be avoided in these areas,” and with their recommendation that “structures on these lots should be set back a minimum of 30 feet from the crest of these slopes.” An 80-foot no-build easement is noted on the construction plans (Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc., December 16, 2021) in Lots 31 and 32. Entech also states, “septic fields should not be located within the building setback as well.” A note should be added to the plans indicating that OWTS systems should also be avoided in these setback/no-build easements.

2. Entech also states, “areas of downslope creep have been mapped on the site.” Lots 7, 8, 10, and 11 are mapped as containing areas of downslope creep. CGS agrees with Entech on page 10 that “the foundation should be designed to withstand pressures where steeper areas slope away from the foundation,” and with their recommendations to include tie beams and buttresses to stiffen the foundation system.” Careful consideration for the location of proposed structures and improvements within lot 8 is recommended.

3. Per note 12 of the final plat (Edward-James Surveying, Inc., December 10, 2021), “According to the wastewater study prepared by Entech Engineering, Inc. drafted 1/22/2020, most lots will require an engineered OWTS system.” CGS agrees, “Individual lot soil testing is required prior to construction.” CGS recommends adding a note to the final plat requiring lot-specific geotechnical and septic investigations once building locations have been determined.

4. Note 11 on the final plat should be updated to include Entech’s May 21, 2021 report for Filing No. 3 with the geologic hazards associated with the site listed.

Provided Entech’s recommendations are adhered to, and lot-specific investigations and analyses are conducted, CGS has no objection to final plat approval for Filing No. 3.

Reviewed by Amy Crandall, P.E., Engineering Geologist, Colorado Geological Survey (
2/23/2022 9:27:01 AM
Colorado Parks and Wildlife
2/22/2022 8:15:41 PM
Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) has reviewed the plans for the Winsome Filing No. 3 Final Plat in El Paso County. Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) is in receipt of the above referenced permit application and is familiar with the site. Based both on the location and if the recommendations in the Natural Features report are followed, CPW anticipates that the impacts to the wildlife resource from this project would be negligible. CPW has also commented on previous filings for the Winsome project, so comments can be viewed in previous comments.

We appreciate being given the opportunity to comment. Please feel free to contact District Wildlife Manager, Aaron Berscheid, should you have any questions or require additional information at 719-439-9601 or via email at
2/22/2022 8:15:41 PM
View Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.
2/22/2022 1:23:31 PM
See attached comments 2/22/2022 1:23:31 PM
View Colorado State Forest Service
2/17/2022 10:16:41 AM
The primary wildland fuel type for this proposal is grassland with scattered trees having a low wildfire hazard potential. No special fire mitigation plans or other actions are necessary within these areas.

On the forested portion of the site, the Colorado State Forest Service recommends that all forested acres be mitigated to reduce the risk of wildfire and that defensible space be created for each dwelling using the standards in the CSFS "Home Ignition Zone Guide" (formerly known as "Quick Guide FIRE 2012-1: Protecting Your Home From Wildfire") located on the Colorado State Forest Service website.

In addition, we recommend that all wildfire mitigation be completed before or during dwelling construction.
2/17/2022 10:16:41 AM
View EPC Parks Department
2/15/2022 10:56:26 AM
See preliminary Parks comments attached.

2/15/2022 10:56:26 AM
911 Authority - El Paso/Teller County
2/14/2022 11:57:59 AM
No additional Street naming requested with this filing No 3.
No action required by E911

2/14/2022 11:57:59 AM
County Attorney - Development Review
2/10/2022 3:10:52 PM
Please remove all highlighting from SIA and Detention Maintenance Agreement. No other changes requested. 2/10/2022 3:10:52 PM
View EPC Environmental Services
2/4/2022 1:07:49 PM
2/4/2022 1:07:49 PM
County Attorney - Water
2/3/2022 8:04:14 AM
County Attorney's Office will provide review of water sufficiency following receipt of findings from Colorado Division of Water Resources. Thank you. 2/3/2022 8:04:14 AM