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Hackberry Carport - Board of Adjustment
BOA request to allow carport in front and side setback. Not a temporary carport.
6512317007 6512317007
Murphy Building and Remodeling, Inc. ( ) ( )
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Project Manager
Ryan Howser
3/12/2021 11:44:39 AM

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PCD Project Manager
7/20/2021 3:25:38 PM
Planning Division has no comments at this time. Project is scheduled for Board of ADjustment hearing on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 11, 2021. 7/20/2021 3:25:38 PM
PCD Engineering Division
7/19/2021 9:44:01 AM
PCD Engineering does not have any comments relating to drainage or transportation. The applicant has stated that runoff from carport will drain down rain gutters towards street.

Reviewed by:
Lupe Packman
Review Engineer
7/19/2021 9:44:01 AM
View Colorado Springs Airport Advisory Commission
5/13/2021 4:08:31 PM
The attached summary with comments will be presented at the May 26, 2021 Airport Advisory Commission meeting. 5/13/2021 4:08:31 PM
PCD Project Manager
4/29/2021 4:28:47 PM
No planning comments. Project will be prepared to go before BOA. 4/29/2021 4:28:47 PM
Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.
4/22/2021 11:44:26 AM
This parcel/location is not within our service territory 4/22/2021 11:44:26 AM
PCD Engineering Division
4/15/2021 4:00:29 PM
There are no engineering comments relating to drainage or transportation.

Reviewed by:
Lupe Packman
Review Engineer
4/15/2021 4:00:29 PM
Colorado Springs Utilities, Dev, Svc.(includes water resources)
4/15/2021 3:04:00 PM
Hey Sophie,

CSU has no action items with the proposed submittal. Approval is recommended.


Ryne Solberg
4/15/2021 3:04:00 PM
PCD Project Manager
3/26/2021 10:54:53 AM
Please revise and re-upload requested documents per instructions in submission request and email sent by Sophie Kiepe, PM. 3/26/2021 10:54:53 AM