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Tanner Ranch Cistern & Mailbox
review of cistern and mailbox kiosk for tanner ranch
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Nina Ruiz
3/8/2021 8:19:05 PM

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Link Agency Comment
PCD Engineering Division
3/18/2021 12:41:49 PM
Comments provided by Nijkamp, 719-237-7206.

Please flip the drive isle for the cistern to maximize the distance from Hwy 94. No topography was given, so we cannot determine where the pond slopes begin.

Please shift the mail box as well, to maximize the distance from Hwy 94.

Please resubmit new drawing.
3/18/2021 12:41:49 PM
Tri-County Fire Protection District
3/12/2021 7:41:19 AM
It appears that the driveway width is approximately 10 FT wide. The actual driveway width is not shown. We would require a minimum of 15 FT wide improved surface driveway. Minimum fire lane access required by the fire code is 20 FT we allow an exception for a limited access one way drive to be reduced to 15 Ft. So the 15 Ft would apply. Please let me know if there are any questions. FYI we approved the cistern design as submitted. 3/12/2021 7:41:19 AM