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Project Name
Meridian Service Metro District Well Sites 5,7,& 8
Site Development Plan to construct well houses within 1041 approval of Meridian Ranch Metro District
Well Site 5: 10511 Rainbow Bridge Drive, Peyton CO 80831 -Well Site 7: 10810 Eastonville Road, Peyton CO 80831 -Well Site 8" 11496 Eastonville Road, Peyton, CO 80831
4200000400 4200000400 4229204081 4229204081
JDS-Hydro Consultants, Inc.
Project Manager Mario DiPasquale ( )
(719) 227-0072 x110
Project Manager Mario DiPasquale ( )
(719) 227-0072 x110
EA Number
File Number
Project Manager
Ryan Howser
2/2/2021 2:19:25 PM

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Review Comments (11)

Link Agency Comment
View Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
8/11/2021 11:20:41 AM
8/11/2021 11:20:41 AM
View PCD Project Manager
8/10/2021 5:11:02 PM
PBMP applicability - PCD Engineering comments 8/10/2021 5:11:02 PM
View PCD Project Manager
8/10/2021 5:10:26 PM
PCD Planning and PCD Engineering - letter of intent comments 8/10/2021 5:10:26 PM
View PCD Project Manager
8/10/2021 5:09:12 PM
Landscape plan - PCD Planning comment 8/10/2021 5:09:12 PM
View PCD Project Manager
8/10/2021 5:08:57 PM
PCD Engineering - Drainage letter comment. 8/10/2021 5:08:57 PM
PCD Engineering Division
8/10/2021 3:40:25 PM
Review 1 comments on the following documents will be uploaded by the project manager:
-Letter of intent
-Site Development Plan
-Drainage letter
-PBMP Applicability form

Per the submitted site development plans, the proposed disturbance is greater than 1 acre. Additional engineering documents such as a grading and erosion control plan(GEC), GEC checklist, ESQCP, SWMP, SWMP checklist, and FAE will be required. DPW stormwater will be a review agency on the subsequent submittal. Due to the comments provided and the additional documents that are required, additional comments may be provided on the resubmittal.

reviewed by:
Daniel Torres
8/10/2021 3:40:25 PM
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
8/5/2021 1:00:37 PM
1. Addresses for the electrical service to the three wells were assigned in December 2020. These addresses: 10511 Rainbow Bridge Drive (well #5), 10810 Eastonville Road (well #7), and 11496 Eastonville Road (well #8), can be used for the plan submittal for the new well houses.
2. Intent letter has two errors, the parcel number listed for Well Site 5 is incorrect, please update to show 4229204081. Eastonville is spelled incorrectly in the third paragraph (first instance).
3. Fence is at 7’ in height, no separate address or plan required.
4. No further comments.

Becky Allen
Enumerations Plans Examiner
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
O: 719-799-2707 W: E:
8/5/2021 1:00:37 PM
View EPC Parks Department
8/4/2021 4:26:13 PM
See attached administrative comments on behalf of El Paso County Parks. 8/4/2021 4:26:13 PM
Woodmoor Water and Sanitation District
7/26/2021 4:58:51 PM
This is not within the boundaries of Woodmoor Water & Sanitation District No. 1. It is likely that Woodmen Hills Metro District will be the water and wastewater service provider in this project area. 7/26/2021 4:58:51 PM
Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.
7/26/2021 1:13:28 PM
Mountain View Electric has no objections to the current plan. No comments at this time. 7/26/2021 1:13:28 PM
911 Authority - El Paso/Teller County
7/26/2021 7:26:24 AM
Comments for E911 as follows:

No new street names requested on this submittal.
No action for E911.

Thank you.
7/26/2021 7:26:24 AM