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Project Name
Monument Industrial Park
Town of Monument Project No. PDSP-2021-572
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Town of Monument
Planning Director Larry Manning ( )
(719) 884-8019
Planning Director Larry Manning ( )
(719) 884-8019
File Number
Project Manager
Ryan Howser
1/20/2021 4:07:00 PM

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Review Comments (2)

Link Agency Comment
PCD Project Manager
2/18/2021 4:37:13 PM
Planning Division has no comments at this time. 2/18/2021 4:37:13 PM
PCD Engineering Division
2/18/2021 4:38:19 PM
Review 1:
- Drainage Comment:
1. The drainage report is unclear regarding the outfall conveyance for the pond and the flow path downstream of the pond. The drainage and utility plan exhibit (pg 40 of 40 of the drainage report) appears to show surface discharge from the pond. The exhibit does not show a culvert structure under the gas station driveway adjacent to the pond. Based on the exhibit, pond discharge appears to be conveyed along Terrazo Drive C&G and into an existing inlet on Terrazo Dr. This does not match the historic drainage map or existing condition description on pg 2 . Does the inlet/storm system have sufficient capacity? Where does the inlet discharge? Update the narrative and exhibit to clearly describe the conveyance path.
2. Update the title of the drainage report. Unclear if this is a Preliminary Drainage Report or Final Drainage Report. Staff's assuming this is preliminary level and detailed pond outlet structure design will be provided in a future application.
3. Update existing condition narrative and provide a design point for where basin OS-4 discharges. The basin map does not show any storm drain lines or culverts.

- Traffic comments.
1. Queue Length Analysis (pg 23 of the TIS) noted certain turn movements queuing exceed storage capacities during peak hour (Example is the WBLT at Baptist Road & Terrazzo Drive). In the narrative, identify the ECM Criteria for the required auxiliary lane (taper/lane length/storage) vs existing at Baptist/Terrazzo and state whether it's currently met or, if not met, identify required modifications so they are met.

Reviewed by:
Gilbert LaForce
2/18/2021 4:38:19 PM