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Retreat at TimberRidge Filing No. 1
Final Plat
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Classic Consulting Engineers & Surveyors, LLC
kyle campbell ( )
(719) 492-1219
kyle campbell ( )
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Project Manager
David Parkerson
12/2/2020 10:28:21 AM

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Review Comments (4)

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View PCD Engineering Division
2/9/2023 4:46:43 PM
(As-built storm certification letter) 2/9/2023 4:46:43 PM
View PCD Engineering Division
2/9/2023 4:42:57 PM
(As-built plans redlines) 2/9/2023 4:42:57 PM
EPC Stormwater Review
2/8/2023 10:03:50 AM
Review 1: EPC DPW Stormwater comments have been provided (in orange text boxes) on the following uploaded documents:
- As Built Drawings.......................(to be uploaded with PCD comments)
- PE Storm Certification................(to be uploaded with PCD comments)

Reviewed by:
Christina Prete, P.E.
Stormwater Engineer III
2/8/2023 10:03:50 AM
PCD Engineering Division
2/6/2023 2:47:51 PM
Engineering has the following comments:

1. The certifications need language per ECM 5.10.6.B:
- Shall state that the site and adjacent properties (as affected by work performed under the County permit) are stable with respect to settlement and subsidence, sloughing of cut and fill slopes, revegetation or other ground cover, and that the improvements (public improvements, common development improvements, site grading and paving) meet or exceed the minimum design requirements.
- For sites including detention and/or water quality facilities, the certification letter shall include a statement that the facilities provide the required storage volume and will meet the required release rates, as documented by an attached UDFCD design form.

2. Provide revised pond calculation sheets with as-built elevations and volumes. The outlet structure grate elevations on both ponds are constructed lower than the previously calculated EURV and 5-year water surface elevations. Verify that the permanent sediment basin info on sheet 10 is accurate.

3. Provide as-built contours on sheets 31 and 33.

4. If access road locations have changed, show the new locations.

5. See as-built plan redlines. There are no revisions on sheets 21-26; verify that the storm drain system on these sheets was constructed per plans and that Class IV pipe and joint restraints were placed where required.

6. No as-builts were received for the utility plans; provide that set as well.

7. Ensure that all documents required for the bridge (per Attachment A below) have been provided. Verify with Inspections.

Note: Original review file is SF-19-009.

** Attachment A
Documents Typically Required for the Structure Record

The documents (electronic format preferred) typically required for the structure records include but are not limited to the following:

• All Structure Construction documents
o As-built drawings
o Working drawings
o Shop drawings
o Material certifications
o Material test reports

• Final Geotechnical Report
• Final Hydraulic Report
• Scour Evaluation
• Final Construction Plans
• Project Specifications
• Design Calculations
• Independent Design Check Calculations
• Load Rating Package per the CDOT Bridge Rating Manual
• Inspection Sketch

-- Jeff Rice - 719-520-7877
2/6/2023 2:47:51 PM