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Brewing Ground Investments
Site Plan to establish brewery in existing building. No bar or restaurant service.
5311101001 5311101001
Brewing Ground Investments
Lisa Peterson ( ) Lisa Peterson ( )
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Project Manager
Lindsay Darden
11/3/2020 5:23:51 PM

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View PCD Project Manager
12/20/2020 8:13:21 PM
The HC parking for the brewery side does not appear to meet dimensional standards for 4' min width path of travel from parking space to the building entrance. Also one of the HC spaces is only 7' wide. See redlines.

After these items are addressed, I am ready to approve so if you can get it back to me quickly, I will turn it around so they can pull permit.
12/20/2020 8:13:21 PM
View PCD Project Manager
11/15/2020 11:04:14 PM
Please see redlines on the site plan. 11/15/2020 11:04:14 PM
PCD Project Manager
11/15/2020 11:03:29 PM
Please provide a floorplan showing the proposed use (brewery only). 11/15/2020 11:03:29 PM
PCD Engineering Division
11/9/2020 9:31:09 AM
Review comments provided by Jack Patton (719) 505-7951.

- No engineering comments at this time.
11/9/2020 9:31:09 AM