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Verizon Tower Modification - Microwave Dish
Tower modification - new microwave dish - second modification to this tower in 2020 adding new equipment
3207000007 3207000007
Nexius Solutions for AT&T Mobility
Jaclyn Levine ( )
(773) 870-5221
Jaclyn Levine ( )
(773) 870-5221
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Project Manager
Sophie Kiepe
9/1/2020 8:10:00 AM

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View PCD Project Manager
11/6/2020 8:21:23 AM
Please see comments to Letter of Intent. 11/6/2020 8:21:23 AM
View PCD Project Manager
11/6/2020 8:20:50 AM
Please see comments to Site Development Plan. 11/6/2020 8:20:50 AM
View PCD Project Manager
11/6/2020 8:20:25 AM
Please see comments to Elevation Plans. 11/6/2020 8:20:25 AM
PCD Engineering Division
11/5/2020 1:06:05 PM
Review comments provided by:
Jack Patton
(719) 520-7951

- No access permit on file, can be applied for on the EDARP website under the "initiate a minor permit" link.

No additional engineering comments at this time.
11/5/2020 1:06:05 PM
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
11/5/2020 9:24:54 AM
Each carrier on a cell tower is assigned a separate address. 2960 N Peyton Hwy was assigned to Verizon. AT&T has not been assigned and address up to now. Please use 2962 N Peyton Hwy.
When submitting plans to RBD the address need to be changed to this new address.
No further comment.
11/5/2020 9:24:54 AM
View Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.
10/22/2020 3:24:34 PM
10/22/2020 3:24:34 PM