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Project Name
Crystal Park Site S-74(R)
Site S-74 Final Plat
7418000195 7418000195
M.V.E., Inc.
Chuck Crum ( )
(719) 635-5736
Chuck Crum ( )
(719) 635-5736
File Number
Project Manager
Ryan Howser
6/10/2020 11:37:38 AM

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Review Comments (3)

Link Agency Comment
PCD Project Manager
8/26/2020 11:34:33 AM
Planning Division has no comments at this time. Please coordinate with the Project Manager to set up a recording meeting. Meetings are to be scheduled at 2 pm on Wednesdays. Please bring the signed mylar, a copy of an updated title commitment, zero tax certificate, and be prepared to pay recording fees. 8/26/2020 11:34:33 AM
View PCD Project Manager
6/30/2020 10:56:51 AM
Plat drawing redline attached. 6/30/2020 10:56:51 AM
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
6/30/2020 9:22:18 AM
Regarding a request for approval of a final plat for Site S-74(R), Enumerations has the following comments:

1. The address assigned for this site is 550 Sunrise Peak Rd. This address should appear on the plat.
2. Per Regional Building Code, section RBC312.8 addresses must appear on plats. Submit a 100 scale copy of the plat to our office for addressing. Place an (xxxx) on all lots and tracts which will require an address, in the location the address will be needed. Once addressing is completed, the addresses will be returned so that they may be placed on the mylar prior to recording.
3. Prior to recording, Enumerations will review the mylar for addressing, title block, street names and floodplain statement. A fee of $10 per lot/tract addressed, payable to Pikes Peak Regional Building Department will be due at the time of mylar review.
4. Provide a copy of the final recorded plat to Enumerations. Approval of any plans submitted for this development will be pending receipt in our office of a copy of the final recorded plat.

Brent Johnson
Enumerations Plans Examiner
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
O: 719-327-2888 E: W:
6/30/2020 9:22:18 AM