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Project Name
Waterview East RM-30 Rezone
Rezone a 5.23 acre portion of a larger 24.6 acre parcel from CS (Commercial Service) to RM-30 (Residential Multi-unit)
5509200001 5509200001
Dakota Springs Engineering
PA Koscielski ( )
(719) 377-0244
PA Koscielski ( )
(719) 377-0244
EA Number
File Number
Project Manager
John Green
4/21/2020 8:13:01 AM

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Review Comments (20)

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View PCD Project Manager
1/19/2021 2:19:56 PM
Please see redline comments for Traffic Impact Study 1/19/2021 2:19:56 PM
View PCD Project Manager
1/19/2021 2:19:31 PM
Please see redline comments for Letter of Intent 1/19/2021 2:19:31 PM
View EPC Health Department
1/9/2021 12:42:02 PM
1/9/2021 12:42:02 PM
View Colorado Department of Transportation - Pueblo Office
12/22/2020 11:16:56 AM
12/22/2020 11:16:56 AM
Colorado Department of Transportation - Pueblo Office
12/10/2020 2:28:59 PM
Comments will be forthcoming. 12/10/2020 2:28:59 PM
PCD Engineering Division
12/7/2020 9:32:46 AM
Review 1: Resubmit an updated traffic study for review. The traffic study uploaded with review 1 was dated Aug 2018. This does not address the proposed change from commercial to multifamily and it's impact to the surrounding roads.

Reviewed by:
Gilbert LaForce, PE
12/7/2020 9:32:46 AM
View Parks Advisory Board
12/7/2020 8:27:13 AM
El Paso County Community Services / Parks Final Comments - Please See Attached Documents (No PAB Endorsement Necessary) 12/7/2020 8:27:13 AM
View EPC Parks Department
12/4/2020 9:19:31 AM
El Paso County Community Services / Parks Final Comments - Please See Attached Documents (No PAB Endorsement Necessary for Rezone Applications) 12/4/2020 9:19:31 AM
PCD Project Manager
12/1/2020 11:40:13 PM
Additional redlines will be uploaded after engineering review is completed. 12/1/2020 11:40:13 PM
PCD Project Manager
12/1/2020 11:39:38 PM
The title commitment should be updated to reference the correct parcel: 5509200001 12/1/2020 11:39:38 PM
PCD Project Manager
12/1/2020 11:38:17 PM
Adjacent neighbor notification:

The letter sent for notification refers to the wrong zoning district. RM-30 is proposed on the zoning map and RM-12 is indicated on the notification letter.

Notification should include the following parcels that are either adjacent to or across the ROW from parcel 5509200001:

12/1/2020 11:38:17 PM
PCD Project Manager
12/1/2020 11:15:05 PM
It appears the area proposed for rezone is a portion of parcel 5509200001. If that is the case, the outline of that whole parcel should be shown on the vicinity map. 12/1/2020 11:15:05 PM
View PCD Project Manager
12/1/2020 11:13:40 PM
Please see redlines on the application. 12/1/2020 11:13:40 PM
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
11/30/2020 2:53:22 PM
The tax schedule numbers referenced on the main EDARP page and the intent letter are incorrect. Should be 55092-00-001.
No further comment.

Amy Vanderbeek
11/30/2020 2:53:22 PM
View Colorado Springs Airport Advisory Commission
11/19/2020 9:38:20 AM
The attached land use summary with comments was reviewed with no objection by the Airport Advisory Commission on November 18, 2020. 11/19/2020 9:38:20 AM
View El Paso County Conservation Dist
11/18/2020 8:58:20 AM
11/18/2020 8:58:20 AM
View EPC Environmental Services
11/12/2020 9:28:03 AM
11/12/2020 9:28:03 AM
Colorado Springs Utilities, Dev, Svc.(includes water resources)
11/12/2020 8:41:30 AM
Hey Lindsay,

I have finished with CSU's review for the subject application. There are no action items and approval can be recommended. Let me know if you need anything further from me.


Ryne Solberg
11/12/2020 8:41:30 AM
Traffic Review Consultant
11/10/2020 7:37:02 AM
No outside traffic review requested, per e-mail from Gilbert LaForce dated Nov 10, 2020. 11/10/2020 7:37:02 AM
Peterson AFB
11/9/2020 9:28:32 AM
Peterson AFB have no comments 11/9/2020 9:28:32 AM