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Project Name
Peaks Center
Annexation into City of Colorado Springs. See also OAR213 for related rezoning and concept plan project.
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City of Colorado Springs
Katie Carleo ( )
(719) 385-5060
Katie Carleo ( )
(719) 385-5060
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Project Manager
Ryan Howser
2/11/2020 2:49:21 PM

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Review Comments (4)

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PCD Project Manager
6/16/2020 3:06:04 PM
Please provide a complete annexation impact report packet at least 20 days prior to the City’s annexation hearing. Annexation report shall include the following:
1. A map or maps of the municipality and adjacent territory to show the following information:
(a) The present and proposed boundaries of the municipality in the vicinity of the proposed annexation;
(b) The present streets, major trunk water mains, sewer interceptors and outfalls, other utility lines and ditches, and the proposed extension of such streets and utility lines in the vicinity of the proposed annexation; and
(c) The existing and proposed land use pattern in the areas to be annexed;
2. A copy of any draft or final pre-annexation agreement, if available;
3. A statement setting forth the plans of the municipality for extending to or otherwise providing for, within the area to be annexed, municipal services performed by or on behalf of the municipality at the time of annexation;
4. A statement setting forth the method under which the municipality plans to finance the extension of the municipal services into the area to be annexed;
5. A statement identifying existing districts within the area to be annexed; and
6. A statement on the effect of annexation upon local-public school district systems, including the estimated number of students generated and the capital construction required to educate such students.
6/16/2020 3:06:04 PM
PCD Engineering Division
6/12/2020 1:44:40 PM
PCD-Engineering has no additional comments.

Regarding water quality provisions - City Staff has provided comments to the Applicant.

Regarding annexation of adjacent roads, City Staff has responded that comments by County Engineering discussing further roadway needs will be discussed between City and El Paso County Staff.

Jeff Rice -- 719-520-7877
6/12/2020 1:44:40 PM
View PCD Project Manager
2/25/2020 7:31:58 AM
Comments attached. 2/25/2020 7:31:58 AM
PCD Engineering Division
2/24/2020 4:40:20 PM
Comments provided by Elizabeth Nijkamp, 719-520-7852

The proposed site changes to the two lots combined (and two phases) appears to exceed an acre. Water Quality and/or low impact development should be addressed. if the area to the south (for both lots) is to be used as a grass buffer, it should be placed in a tract for a permanent WQ buffer strip so that it can not be constructed upon without addressing WQ.

The proposed WQ design for the two lots should not adversely impact the adjacent residential lots to the south. The change in the site should not change the manner for quantity of flow to the adjacent lots.

Comments provided by DPW:

1. Voyager Parkway is owned and maintained by City and portions between Briargate Parkway and Old Ranch Road are located in unincorporated EPC and should be all encompassing annexed into the City.
2. That with this annexation, the remaining portion of Old Ranch Road will be approximately 1900’ from approximately Kettle Creek Road to the east and should be conveyed/annexed from County to City to provide for well-planned and orderly provisions of infrastructure operations, maintenance and emergency services, etc.
3. That Montezuma Road between Voyager and Old Ranch should be annexed into the City at this time.
2/24/2020 4:40:20 PM