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Project Name
Cunningham Ag Exemption
Special Use to allow of a ag exemption in excess of 5000 sqft
5117001001 5117001001
Breck and Timmie Cunningham ( )
(720) 838-6809 ( )
(720) 838-6809
File Number
Project Manager
Rad Dickson
10/16/2019 4:13:22 PM

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Review Comments (10)

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View EPC Code Enforcement
1/9/2020 2:40:44 PM
Application for an agricultural structure exemption from Building Code received. Site plan approval pending. 1/9/2020 2:40:44 PM
View PCD Project Manager
12/26/2019 3:49:36 PM
Vicinity Map Redlines 12/26/2019 3:49:36 PM
View PCD Project Manager
12/26/2019 3:49:05 PM
Site Plan Redlines 12/26/2019 3:49:05 PM
View PCD Project Manager
12/26/2019 3:48:31 PM
Letter of Intent Redline 12/26/2019 3:48:31 PM
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
12/18/2019 9:23:29 AM
Regarding a request for approval of a special use for a horse barn/arena at 17505 Black Forest Rd., Enumerations has no comment.

Brent Johnson
Enumerations Plans Examiner
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
O: 719-327-2888 E: W:
12/18/2019 9:23:29 AM
PCD Engineering Division
12/12/2019 4:53:26 PM
Review 1.
In the Letter of Intent under Special Use Approval Criteria No. 4 (pg 7 of 8), provide a narrative explaining if this use will generate additional vehicle trip generation than is expected. If yes, provide an estimate.

Reviewed by:
Gilbert LaForce, PE
12/12/2019 4:53:26 PM
RBD Floodplain
12/5/2019 11:30:49 AM
the proposed riding facility is not located in the SFHA, No Comment 12/5/2019 11:30:49 AM
EPC Code Enforcement
12/4/2019 7:50:15 AM
Agricultural Structure Exemption from the Building Code application is needed in order to review the use of the structure. The original affidavit portion of the application is needed. 12/4/2019 7:50:15 AM
View El Paso County Conservation Dist
11/25/2019 1:47:59 PM
11/25/2019 1:47:59 PM
View El Paso County Conservation Dist
11/25/2019 1:47:25 PM
11/25/2019 1:47:25 PM