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Project Name
Banning Lewis Ranch North Annexation - CPC A 19-00022
Annexation of 847.58 acres
5300000241 5300000241 5300000304 5300000304 5300000484 5300000484 5300000605 5300000605 5300000606 5300000606 5311100001 5311100001
City of Colorado Springs
Katie Carleo ( )
(719) 385-5060
Katie Carleo ( )
(719) 385-5060
File Number
Project Manager
Nina Ruiz
9/19/2019 11:05:07 AM

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PCD Engineering Division
1/28/2020 9:20:11 AM
Comments provided by Elizabeth Nijkamp (719-520-7852) and Jenifer Irvine
-El Paso County requested that the applicant and the City address the easements for the roadway infrastructure. The response from the applicant indicated that the annexation does not change the easement and that the easements to the County remain, and the County understands that the annexation plat does not convey easement ownership which is why the easements need to be addressed by separate instrument. The easements that County staff are referring to are for public infrastructure that either includes the physical road and/or public infrastructure appurtenant to Woodmen Road and are necessary for the City to appropriately maintain Woodmen Road/Woodmen Frontage Road which is part of the annexation. The County requests that the City includes a requirement in the annexation agreement that ensures that that the conveyance of the easements are completed simultaneously with the annexation of the right-of-way and/or other public infrastructure. City or applicant shall prepare the appropriate deeds and the County/City will need to review, approve and the County will have to agendize deed conveyance to the El Paso County Board of County Commissioners for hearing prior to recording. In addition to being addressed in the annexation agreement, the County recommends that this be memorialized in an IGA between the City and the County.

-The County previously commented that the TIS is low in the estimate of the 10% traffic going east towards Falcon. The applicant’s response is that additional traffic studies may need to be adjusted. Given that 70% of the estimated traffic is being distributed to BLR Parkway and does not currently connect to major roadways that are not currently constructed and that the closest shopping area is currently located within Falcon (existing Walmart & King Soopers under construction) and the proximity to US24 , it is reasonable and appropriate that more than 10% of the traffic (total buildout is approximately 40,000 ADT) will be going east on Woodmen & Woodmen frontage Road. Similar to the City request for Woodmen east of the project (which projects 20% distribution and is likely low a well), the development should be responsible for a financial contribution toward future improvements for Woodmen Road east of the site and that figure should be determined by collaboration with the City and County and should be included in the annexation agreement; or as an alternative, the County and City could enter into an IGA for future conveyance of Woodmen Road from this development east to US24. In addition to being addressed in the annexation agreement, the County recommends that the resolution to this issue be memorialized in an IGA between the City and the County.

- The County requested that the conveyance of the utility (MVEA) be completed from the County to the City in conjunction with the annexation. The response indicated that this was not an issue for the applicant to resolve. With the annexation action, the responsibility for ownership/maintenance and utility for the signals will become a City responsibility and the appropriate mechanism to accomplish this conveyance of ownership/maintenance and transfer of utility for the signals can only be accomplished by action initiated by the City. It is imperative that the signal conveyance of ownership/maintenance and transfer of utility to be addressed with this action to ensure public safety. The County requests that the City includes a requirement in the annexation agreement to address this signal issue. In addition to being addressed in the annexation agreement, the County recommends that this be memorialized in an IGA between the City and the County.

-The annexation of Woodmen Road/Woodmen Frontage Road needs to be extend east to the City easterly boundary per previous discussions with the City and per previous County comments-it appears that there is a misunderstanding of the intent of the easterly edge-the easterly edge of the annexation should be the easterly edge of parcel 5300000158 (and should include Golden Sage Road). In addition, the applicant appears to be missing ROW adjacent to the mainline that should be included in the annexation. El Paso County has previously provided an exhibit to the City to assist in capturing all the ROW (as well as easements described above).

-El Paso County requests to be included in reviewing the annexation agreement and any revisions thereto.

-El Paso County requests a meeting with the City and applicant to assist in expediting resolution to the outstanding comments.
1/28/2020 9:20:11 AM
PCD Project Manager
1/27/2020 12:55:00 PM
Pending engineering comments. 1/27/2020 12:55:00 PM
PCD Engineering Division
10/3/2019 2:24:34 PM
Comments provided by El Paso County Planning, Elizabeth Nijkamp, Engineering Review Manager, 719-520-7852:

1. Pursuant to email provided to Katie Carleo on September 27, 2019 from Jennifer Irvine we would like to request a meeting with Travis Easton and Peter Wysocki to coordinate and discuss the boundaries of the annexation prior to proving a full list of comments concerning the ROW to be included in this annexation. It is currently unclear as to the extent of the adjacent County ROW that is proposed to be annexed. The extents of the annexation of Woodmen Road will be a part of these discussions as well.

2. There is currently infrastructure and easements that appears to be bifurcated that require coordination between the EPC and City Public Works department prior to this annexation.

3. Please provide a copy of the draft annexation agreement, when available.

4. Please reference EPC Planning comments.
10/3/2019 2:24:34 PM
PCD Project Manager
10/2/2019 3:18:17 PM
1. The parcel being annexed is in excess of 10 acres and will require an annexation impact report.
2. The El Paso County Planning and Community Development supports the continued annexation of enclaves and urbanizing areas. In connection with the annexation, all adjacent roadways and drainage facilities should be annexed. The annexation plat identifies that all of the adjacent Woodmen Road will be annexed, however, there will only be a small portion of Woodmen from Brule to Mustang that will remain in the County. The County requests that this additional roadway area be annexed. Pursuant to statute, the City should annex all platted roadways adjacent to areas being annexed. Golden Sage Road should be annexed.
3. The property lies within the Woodmen Road Metro as well as the Falcon Highlands Metro Districts.
4. Sterling Ranch Sketch Plan (SKP-18-003) was recently approved which depicts he future alignment of Banning Lewis Parkway. The alignment shown on the sketch plan varies from what is shown on the proposed layout for the area to be annexed.
10/2/2019 3:18:17 PM
PCD Project Manager
9/30/2019 3:54:16 PM
Hi Katie:

I am requesting a copy of the titlework that was submitted with the application-I need to have my survey staff verify whether portions of existing County right-of-way are included in the annexation plat-it is unclear. Also, If there is a draft annexation agreement, I would appreciate that as well.

I am also requesting a meeting with Travis and Peter to coordinate and to discuss the boundaries of the annexation prior to providing any comments. I have some concerns about impacts to the infrastructure that appears to remain within the County, infrastructure that will be bifurcated by the annexation as well as easements owned by the County within the area to be annexed that are appurtenant to the infrastructure that need to be addressed in some manner.

Jana is copied here and can be contacted to assist with my schedule regarding a meeting-I would be happy to meet at the City offices. I would appreciate that it be set up soon so that County comments can be provided as a follow up to the meeting.

Many Thanks! Jennifer

Jennifer E. Irvine P.E., MPA
County Engineer
El Paso County Department of Public Works
3275 Akers Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80922
(719) 520-6898
cell: (719) 332-6310
9/30/2019 3:54:16 PM