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Carports for Widefield Water and Sanitation District
5530003009 5530003009 6525000004 6525000004
CIty of Fountain - Gaby Serrano
Planning Supervisor Kristy Martinez ( )
(719) 322-2015
Planning Supervisor Kristy Martinez ( )
(719) 322-2015
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Project Manager
Lindsay Darden
7/15/2019 8:01:36 AM

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Review Comments (4)

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PCD Engineering Division
10/25/2019 9:23:02 AM
All Engineering comments have been addressed. 10/25/2019 9:23:02 AM
PCD Project Manager
10/24/2019 2:34:50 PM
Planning Comments have been addressed. COM 19-026 was approved for carport on El Paso County Parcel. 10/24/2019 2:34:50 PM
View PCD Project Manager
7/25/2019 4:51:15 PM
Review 1 Comments 7/25/2019 4:51:15 PM
PCD Engineering Division
7/19/2019 10:46:16 AM
Regarding stormwater quality:
Identify on the site plan which structures/impervious areas were built prior to February 2008 and which were built after February 2008. This identification is for water quality accounting. The cumulative land disturbance/impervious acreage post-February 2008 must be accounted for water quality capture volume treatment.
Note: Once the cumulative land disturbance/impervious acreage post-February 2008 is equal to or exceeds 1 acre, then water quality capture volume treatment shall be required. Any runoff contained within the site is not of concern, only runoff from developed areas exiting the site.

Jeff Rice -- 719-520-7877
7/19/2019 10:46:16 AM