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9946 Golf Crest Drive ADR
Administrative relief for a side yard setback of 4.1 feet where 5 feet are required.
4230402019 4230402019
David Hostetler ( )
(719) 528-6133 x109
David Hostetler ( )
(719) 528-6133 x109
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Project Manager
Lindsay Darden
6/27/2019 10:02:51 AM

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PCD Project Manager
10/20/2019 8:57:38 PM
No additional planning comments. I will be taking this to PCD director for decision this week and will update you once decision is made. Thanks! 10/20/2019 8:57:38 PM
PCD Project Manager
10/17/2019 10:04:49 AM
Neighbor notification: You are responsible for notifying all the adjacent neighbors as well as the ones across the street and diagonal. Here is a list:

Justin and Sarah Taylor
9922 GOLF CREST DR PEYTON CO, 80831-8367

3575 KENYON ST STE 200 SAN DIEGO CA, 92110-5350C


Victoria and Kevin Saunders
9945 GOLF CREST DR PEYTON CO, 80831-8367

Agustin and Monica Luis
9933 GOLF CREST DR PEYTON CO, 80831-8367

Cynthia and Charles Stine
9957 GOLF CREST DR PEYTON CO, 80831-8367

Please notify any property owners that have not yet been notified and upload a complete adjacent notification document for next submittal.
10/17/2019 10:04:49 AM
PCD Project Manager
10/17/2019 9:14:26 AM
Site Plan - please label the lot numbers on each lot depicted on the site plan exhibit.

Please only depict the lot for which setback relief is requested on the site plan

The letter of intent indicates the setback reduction would allow a "closed" Covington model house on the infill lot. This appears to the describe the proposed home on the lot next door that is labeled as a model home that meets the setbacks rather than the existing home on the lot to the west that does not meet the setbacks. Please clarify the explanation of what is requested.
10/17/2019 9:14:26 AM
PCD Engineering Division
10/15/2019 7:33:03 AM
Engineering has no further comments for this site.
Elizabeth Nijkamp, 719-520-7852
10/15/2019 7:33:03 AM
Falcon Fire Protection District
7/30/2019 1:17:31 PM
Falcon Fire has reviewed this request and has no objections or further comments. 7/30/2019 1:17:31 PM
View PCD Project Manager
7/26/2019 2:36:36 PM
Adjacent property owner notification 7/26/2019 2:36:36 PM
Woodmen Road Metro
7/24/2019 9:14:09 AM
Woodmen Road Metropolitan District has no objection. 7/24/2019 9:14:09 AM
PCD Engineering Division
7/22/2019 10:48:38 AM
It appears that the window wells are placed within the drainage easements. A licensed Colorado State Professional Engineer shall determine the required height of the window wells to accommodate the side yard drainage swales.

Land Development Code, Section 5.4.3.E Projection into Setbacks states that, "Window wells may extend into the required side and rear yard setback. No portion shall project into any utility or drainage easement except with the permission the agency or agencies having jurisdiction over the easement. "

Thank you,

Beck Grimm
7/22/2019 10:48:38 AM
Black Forest Land Use Committee
7/17/2019 11:20:12 AM
This proposal is outside the planning area for the Black Forest Land Use Committee so we will not be submitting comments on it. 7/17/2019 11:20:12 AM
View Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.
7/16/2019 9:18:16 AM
7/16/2019 9:18:16 AM
View El Paso County Conservation Dist
7/15/2019 3:49:47 PM
7/15/2019 3:49:47 PM