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Forest Lakes II PUDSP 5,6,& 7 -minor amendment with water sufficiency
Amend PUDSP to eliminate width at setback note, move two lots to the east, adjust tract for drainage, and request water sufficiency with preliminary plan. Applicant requesting Pre-development site grading. Applicant is also requesting future administrative plats. PC 11/5/19; BoCC 12/10/19
7100000433 7100000433
Andrea Barlow ( )
(719) 471-0073
Andrea Barlow ( )
(719) 471-0073
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Project Manager
Kari Parsons
6/10/2019 8:46:48 AM

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View EPC Health Department
11/21/2019 3:56:28 PM
No issues noted by El Paso County Public Health 11/21/2019 3:56:28 PM
US Army Corps of Engineers-Pueblo
11/1/2019 2:40:30 PM
Based on the information provided the Southern Colorado Regulatory Branch assumes all grading actions as presented avoid the Corps jurisdictional boundaries (Wetlands & waterways). Note: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers jurisdiction is located at and/or below the plane of the ordinary high water mark along both the North and South Beaver Creeks.
Assuming no planned activities will be encroaching on the Army Corps jurisdiction boundaries along access roads and trails crossing the creeks; the grading plan as proposed requires no permit from the applicant.
Any future proposed actions planned within the North and/or South Beaver Creeks may require an Army Corps' review to determine permit requirements.

Any questions, please contact our office at: 719.543.9400.
11/1/2019 2:40:30 PM
PCD Project Manager
10/23/2019 4:12:27 PM
Item is scheduled for PC on November 5th and BoCC December 12th. Item is scheduled as regular land use item. 10/23/2019 4:12:27 PM
PCD Engineering Division
10/23/2019 4:09:53 PM
Review 2: Approved drainage letter will be uploaded by the project manager. No additional comments.

Reviewed by:
Gilbert LaForce, PE
10/23/2019 4:09:53 PM
Lewis Palmer 38
10/15/2019 3:49:11 PM
No additional comments at this time. 10/15/2019 3:49:11 PM
View EPC County Attorney's Office
10/9/2019 1:23:41 PM
10/9/2019 1:23:41 PM
Tri-Lakes-Monument Fire Protection District
10/7/2019 12:14:29 PM
No Additional comments for the most recent submittal. JCB 10/7/2019 12:14:29 PM
View Northern EPC Coalition of Community Organizations, Inc. (NEPCO)
9/30/2019 10:14:40 PM
9/30/2019 10:14:40 PM
Colorado Geological Survey
9/30/2019 5:28:29 PM
Colorado Geological Survey has reviewed the minor amendment request. We have no objection to the amendment as proposed in the letter of intent by NES dated September 2019 and depicted on the drawings by NES dated 8.27.19. 9/30/2019 5:28:29 PM
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
9/30/2019 1:50:03 PM

1. For assignment of addressing for lots and tracts, place (xxx) where they are intended to be utilized. Lot marker placement to be front door.

2. Provide a 100 scale copy or larger of the entire APPROVED development to this department so that addressing can be assigned. Once received, the DP will be placed on a list to be addressed.

3. An email from El Paso/Teller County 9-1-1 Authority, reserving the street name is required to be emailed to the Enumerations department.
9/30/2019 1:50:03 PM
View PCD Project Manager
9/26/2019 12:16:26 PM
PUDSP redlines 1 9/26/2019 12:16:26 PM
PCD Engineering Division
9/26/2019 2:32:14 PM
Review 1 comments to the PUDSP will be uploaded by the project manager.

- Submit a drainage letter regarding the drainage design changes.
9/26/2019 2:32:14 PM
PCD Project Manager
9/26/2019 11:17:14 AM
Can you cross reference the pre-site development request file NO EGP 19-4 in the LOI. I will just ask for that now with this PUDSP19006 amendment in lieu of taking a separate item to the BOCC. 9/26/2019 11:17:14 AM
PCD Project Manager
9/26/2019 12:14:19 PM
MVEA Letter has wrong number and is more than year old. Black Hills is 2017 also. 9/26/2019 12:14:19 PM
PCD Project Manager
9/26/2019 12:18:36 PM
LOI was very helpful to see and understand the changes. Thank you. Will you add some of the pages from the final PUDSP181 LOI (with out the requests and modifications) to the back of this LOI since you refer to it for all the approval criteria and policy and small area plans, service providers etc please....? Substitute no 3 SF from AC- You can use both but keep AC at a minimum- I don't want to create confusion with opposition) in the LOI to identify a bridge in lieu of culverts at X rd. Add pre-site dev grading request also please. 9/26/2019 12:18:36 PM
View Colorado Division of Water Resources
9/23/2019 10:47:12 AM
9/23/2019 10:47:12 AM
View Colorado Division of Water Resources
9/23/2019 10:39:10 AM
9/23/2019 10:39:10 AM
County Attorney - Development Review
9/23/2019 10:13:46 AM
No comments from County Attorney's Office at this time. 9/23/2019 10:13:46 AM
View Parks Advisory Board
9/22/2019 10:00:43 AM
El Paso County Community Services / Parks Updated Comments - Review #4 - Please See Attached Documentation 9/22/2019 10:00:43 AM
View EPC Parks Department
9/22/2019 9:57:36 AM
El Paso County Community Services / Parks Updated Comments - Review #4 - Please See Attached Documentation 9/22/2019 9:57:36 AM
USAFA Base Planner
9/18/2019 11:59:14 AM
USAFA has no comments 9/18/2019 11:59:14 AM
View EPC Environmental Services
9/18/2019 10:50:49 AM
9/18/2019 10:50:49 AM
View Colorado State Forest Service
9/13/2019 9:48:36 AM
The Colorado State Forest Service recommends that all forested acres be mitigated to reduce the risk of wildfire and that defensible space be created for each dwelling using the standards in “Protecting Your Home From Wildfire: Creating Wildfire-Defensible Zones“ FIRE 2012-1 located on the Colorado State Forest Service website.

In addition, we recommend that all wildfire mitigation be completed before or during dwelling construction.
9/13/2019 9:48:36 AM
View Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.
9/12/2019 2:39:43 PM
9/12/2019 2:39:43 PM
911 Authority - El Paso/Teller County
9/10/2019 8:34:59 AM
Street names were previously approved in the Phase two submittal. No additional comments from E911.

Glenn West
9/10/2019 8:34:59 AM
EPC County Attorney's Office
9/10/2019 7:58:41 AM
County Attorney's Office will review once Colorado Division of Water Resources provides their water findings. 9/10/2019 7:58:41 AM
RBD Floodplain
9/9/2019 4:23:41 PM
no work is shown in the floodplain except converting a small piece trail from crushed limestone to type 1, I do not need a floodplain permit for this work. 9/9/2019 4:23:41 PM