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SCHorseranch - Admin Determination
Admin determination required for sale of 35 acres to demonstrate compliance with zoning, etc.
5150 Log Road
3300000228 3300000228
Patricia McCarthy
Patricia McCarthy ( )
(719) 351-9338
Patricia McCarthy ( )
(719) 351-9338
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Project Manager
Lindsay Darden
2/4/2019 2:47:46 PM

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PCD Project Manager
3/6/2019 4:45:25 PM
Based on the survey, it appears that a portion of the Garrett Road Public ROW may have been included in the land area shown as the 35.03 acres to be conveyed. Public ROW cannot be used to meet the 35 acre minimum lot size to meet the subdivision exemption. The lot area shown to be conveyed on the survey must stop at the edge of the public ROW rather than the center line and still comprise 35 acres to be a legal division of land. We cannot issue an administrative determination until it is clear that the land area to be conveyed measures 35 acres or greater excluding public ROW. 3/6/2019 4:45:25 PM
PCD Project Manager
2/20/2019 9:59:01 AM
Please provide a survey or other exhibit that shows the location where the portion of the parcel to the be sold is located. I need to verify that it does not affect setbacks or other requirements of the Land Development Code. 2/20/2019 9:59:01 AM