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Project Name
17725 Hwy. 83 Second Dwelling
Minor Variance of Use for a second dwelling
6100000369 6100000369
Herbertson Family Trust
Joni Dreyer ( )
(719) 651-6342
Joni Dreyer ( )
(719) 651-6342
EA Number
File Number
Project Manager
Len Kendall
1/30/2019 2:07:46 PM

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Review Comments (16)

Link Agency Comment
PCD Project Manager
6/18/2019 4:29:35 PM
No additional planning comments. 6/18/2019 4:29:35 PM
View PCD Project Manager
4/17/2019 4:02:20 PM
Adjacent property owner redlined document 4/17/2019 4:02:20 PM
PCD Engineering Division
4/16/2019 1:29:58 PM
Engineering comments have been resolved.

Engineering has no additional comments.
4/16/2019 1:29:58 PM
View EPC Health Department
4/2/2019 8:52:09 AM
4/2/2019 8:52:09 AM
View PCD Project Manager
3/27/2019 11:14:12 AM
Site Plan Drawing redlined document 3/27/2019 11:14:12 AM
PCD Project Manager
3/21/2019 5:37:45 PM
Label all structures and setbacks in the site plan drawing. make sure the entire parcel is depicted. 3/21/2019 5:37:45 PM
PCD Project Manager
3/21/2019 5:36:15 PM
The last sentence of the letter of intent will only revert the structure back to a guest house that will not be allowed to be rented or leased. This statement is contradictory to the request. 3/21/2019 5:36:15 PM
PCD Project Manager
3/21/2019 5:22:59 PM
Adjacent property owner notification must be sent to all property owners listed on the El Paso County Assessor's records. 3/21/2019 5:22:59 PM
PCD Project Manager
3/21/2019 5:18:13 PM
Check the major special use box on the left had side of the page. 3/21/2019 5:18:13 PM
PCD Engineering Division
3/21/2019 5:03:44 PM
Engineering comments can be found on the site plan drawing, which will be uploaded by the project manager. 3/21/2019 5:03:44 PM
View Northern EPC Coalition of Community Organizations, Inc. (NEPCO)
3/21/2019 1:21:18 PM
3/21/2019 1:21:18 PM
Black Forest Land Use Committee
3/20/2019 8:14:17 PM
The Black Forest Land Use Committee recommends approval of this request. Since the property is larger than 10 acres, the second home does not make the density smaller than one home per 5 acres.

In the larger sense, we feel that allowing a guest house on a lot as small as 2.5 acres is not in keeping with the density of one lot per 5 acres in the Black Forest. We feel this provision in the Land Development Code should be removed. Even though the guest house is limited to family members and cannot normally be rented or leased out, families are not likely to have elderly parents or children staying in the guest house for extended periods of time and they might end up with a vacant house and no use for it.
3/20/2019 8:14:17 PM
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
3/20/2019 6:29:14 PM
Enumerations & Floodplain has no comment. 3/20/2019 6:29:14 PM
View El Paso County Conservation Dist
3/20/2019 1:07:59 PM
Please see attached comments 3/20/2019 1:07:59 PM
Tri-Lakes-Monument Fire Protection District
3/20/2019 11:48:25 AM
TLMFPD only request is that both residences maintain current addresses so as to not confuse the locations for 911. JCB 3/20/2019 11:48:25 AM
View Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.
3/5/2019 12:47:35 PM
3/5/2019 12:47:35 PM