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The Ranch Metropolitan District NOS. 1-4
Creation of Metro District in conjunction with a sketch plan approved.
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Spencer Fane LLC
Pat Hrbacek ( )
(303) 839-3895
Pat Hrbacek ( )
(303) 839-3895
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Project Manager
Kari Parsons
1/23/2019 7:31:50 AM

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Review Comments (39)

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PCD Project Manager
7/10/2020 4:55:00 PM
No changes to Service Plan proposed post PC. Item scheduled for BOCC July 28, 2020 7/10/2020 4:55:00 PM
County Attorney - Development Review
6/23/2020 3:48:09 PM
No further comments from County Attorney's Office. 6/23/2020 3:48:09 PM
County Attorney - Development Review
6/18/2020 11:26:38 AM
I do not see that any of the County Attorney's Comments from Aug. 28, 2019 have been addressed. 6/18/2020 11:26:38 AM
PCD Engineering Division
6/16/2020 9:15:11 AM
PCD-Engineering has no further comment - previous comments were resolved. 6/16/2020 9:15:11 AM
PCD Project Manager
6/11/2020 4:41:29 PM
The development summary in the Plan and the LOI are still calling out a substantial shortage in commercial acreage. Three (3) acres or 130,680 square feet is shown on sketch plan. You are calling out 26,000 square feet which is 2.5 acres less, roughly. Please email me if that is intended. If not please correct, and resubmit as soon as possible. 6/11/2020 4:41:29 PM
View PCD Project Manager
5/5/2020 5:10:25 PM
Planning comments 3 on Service plan as discussed with Pat 5/5/2020 5:10:25 PM
View PCD Project Manager
5/5/2020 5:09:39 PM
Engineering comments on Service Plan Version 3. Please work with Classic ENG to obtain real number for all drainage and channel improvements with sketch plan area. 5/5/2020 5:09:39 PM
View PCD Project Manager
5/5/2020 5:08:43 PM
LOI redlines (Pat we discussed these) 5/5/2020 5:08:43 PM
PCD Engineering Division
4/27/2020 8:16:02 PM
Note: Engineering comments/questions were provided on the "Track Changes" pdf document.

Jeff Rice - 719-520-7877
4/27/2020 8:16:02 PM
EPC County Attorney's Office
4/9/2020 10:00:12 AM
No review of water sufficiency necessary on this matter. 4/9/2020 10:00:12 AM
Upper Black Squirrel Creek GWMD
11/20/2019 10:19:44 AM
The Upper Black Squirrel Creek GWMD does not have any comments at this time but reserves the right to comment in the future. 11/20/2019 10:19:44 AM
Woodmen Hills Metro
9/12/2019 9:18:46 AM
Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District has no objections to the development. 9/12/2019 9:18:46 AM
View EPC Health Department
9/11/2019 2:57:23 PM
9/11/2019 2:57:23 PM
View PCD Project Manager
8/29/2019 10:56:50 AM
Service Plan Redlines Version 2 Engineering 8/29/2019 10:56:50 AM
View PCD Project Manager
8/29/2019 10:54:51 AM
Service Plan Redlines KP version 2 8/29/2019 10:54:51 AM
View PCD Project Manager
8/29/2019 10:54:29 AM
LOI Redlines Version 2 KP 8/29/2019 10:54:29 AM
View PCD Project Manager
8/29/2019 10:54:08 AM
Capital Cost Redlines 2 8/29/2019 10:54:08 AM
PCD Project Manager
8/29/2019 8:59:32 AM
Development Summary
The figures utilized assume development in 2019; the applicant must get the sketch plan approved, then a rezoning, the preliminary plan and final plats. It is more likely 2020-2021 before the entitlements will occur.

Financial Plan
The Financial Plan assumes 200 homes built out by 2020, this seems unrealistic given the number of applications to be completed and the infrastructure that will need to be designed and installed. The home value used is $it is $351,000.00 in 2020.
The plan also shows 100 lots being delivered in 2019- that is impossible. 2020 may be a push to deliver lots.
There is now 3 acres of commercial shown. 13000 SF may be low as written also there is a large difference in the proposed density on the proposed sketch plan verses the plan. The service plan is conservative which seems a better end-result, rather than over estimating-thank you.
8/29/2019 8:59:32 AM
View EPC County Attorney's Office
8/28/2019 3:14:14 PM
Attached are the County Attorney's Office comments on this service plan. 8/28/2019 3:14:14 PM
PCD Engineering Division
8/20/2019 12:42:05 PM
See remaining redlines. 8/20/2019 12:42:05 PM
Meadow Lake Airport Association
8/12/2019 11:59:45 AM
Outside Meadow Lake Airport traffic area ... no comment 8/12/2019 11:59:45 AM
View EPC Parks Department
7/31/2019 3:48:42 PM
El Paso County Community Services / Parks Final Comments - See Attached Documents (Sketch Plan Endorsed by PAB January 2019) 7/31/2019 3:48:42 PM
Falcon Fire Protection District
7/30/2019 1:21:21 PM
The Falcon Fire District has reviewed the Ranch Metropolitan District request and has no objections or concerns with its formation. 7/30/2019 1:21:21 PM
View PCD Project Manager
7/29/2019 2:36:28 PM
Loi redlines- Please review current Sketch plan; density and acreages have changed. Please revise service plan accordingly. Max mill has been exceeded per Policy. 7/29/2019 2:36:28 PM
View PCD Project Manager
7/29/2019 2:29:11 PM
Engineering Service plan Redlines- Planning will provide detailed review after resubmittal per our phone conversation and related comments on Retreat's service plan. 7/29/2019 2:29:11 PM
View PCD Project Manager
7/29/2019 2:28:05 PM
Infrastructure cost redlines per SKP and engineering. 7/29/2019 2:28:05 PM
PCD Project Manager
7/29/2019 2:05:45 PM
Please revise based on our telephone discussions and explanation of the adopted Service Plan Policy. 7/29/2019 2:05:45 PM
PCD Engineering Division
7/26/2019 3:23:37 PM
See redlined LOI and Service Plan. Regional/sub-regional drainage improvements should be addressed. 7/26/2019 3:23:37 PM
View Woodmen Road Metro
7/24/2019 9:58:59 AM
This development is not within the Woodmen Road Metropolitan District Service Area. The District has no comment. 7/24/2019 9:58:59 AM
Woodmen Heights Metro Dist
7/24/2019 9:56:31 AM
The Woodmen Heights Metropolitan District has no objection to this item. 7/24/2019 9:56:31 AM
Bent Grass Metro
7/24/2019 9:54:09 AM
The Bent Grass Metropolitan District has no objection to this item 7/24/2019 9:54:09 AM
View Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.
7/18/2019 12:40:04 PM
7/18/2019 12:40:04 PM
View El Paso County Conservation Dist
7/18/2019 11:17:47 AM
7/18/2019 11:17:47 AM
View El Paso County Conservation Dist
7/18/2019 11:17:12 AM
7/18/2019 11:17:12 AM
Black Forest Land Use Committee
7/17/2019 11:18:17 AM
The Black Forest Land Use Committee has already expressed its opposition to this development because of high density issues.

The committee has no input to this proposal except to say that new residents will be paying a lot of money to fund this metro district and we hope this will be make clear to them before they purchase lots.
7/17/2019 11:18:17 AM
Colorado Springs Fire Department
7/15/2019 4:52:00 PM
Not in city nor in Cimarron Hills Fire district. No comments. 7/15/2019 4:52:00 PM
Colorado Springs Utilities, Dev, Svc.(includes water resources)
7/15/2019 10:31:45 AM
No comments, recommend approval. Call Kyle Schelhaas at 719-668-8126 with any questions. 7/15/2019 10:31:45 AM
Academy SD 20 Building Fund
7/15/2019 8:11:09 AM
Academy District 20 has no comment regarding The Ranch Metropolitan District Nos. 1-4 proposal as the documents provided would indicate the proposed metropolitan district is in District 49 versus District 20.

If you need additional information, please contact me.
Don Smith, Planning Consultant
Academy District 20
7/15/2019 8:11:09 AM
View EPC Environmental Services
7/10/2019 12:34:22 PM
7/10/2019 12:34:22 PM