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Project Name
Chapman Commercial Stables Special Use
Commercial Stables
6116000001 6116000001
JD Chapman ( )
(719) 551-1270
JD Chapman ( )
(719) 551-1270
EA Number
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Project Manager
Lindsay Darden
3/21/2018 11:03:14 AM

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Review Comments (13)

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View Colorado Department of Transportation - Pueblo Office
12/13/2018 4:21:30 PM
12/13/2018 4:21:30 PM
View PCD Project Manager
9/12/2018 4:32:12 PM
Letter of intent redlined document 9/12/2018 4:32:12 PM
View PCD Project Manager
9/12/2018 4:31:18 PM
Adjacent property owner notification redlined document 9/12/2018 4:31:18 PM
View PCD Project Manager
9/12/2018 4:30:30 PM
Floor Plans redline document 9/12/2018 4:30:30 PM
View PCD Project Manager
9/12/2018 4:29:04 PM
Mineral Rights Certification redlined document 9/12/2018 4:29:04 PM
View PCD Project Manager
9/12/2018 4:26:00 PM
Site Plan Drawing redlined document 9/12/2018 4:26:00 PM
View PCD Engineering Division
9/11/2018 2:34:28 PM
It appears that engineering comments from review 1 were not addressed on the letter of intent and site plan. Please see below the review 1 comments.

Letter of Intent:
Identify where access to the property is planned to be taken. (Off of Saddlewood Road)

Identify what the anticipated average daily trips are for the proposed use. Since you are doing two actions at once, please also identify the anticipated daily trips from the proposed Agritainment PPR1825 (which has been identified as 98 ADT) in this letter.
Note, at this time the traffic impact fees will not be assessed unless/until you build an additional structure. (Combination of this action and the Agritainment may exceed 100 with no fees due at this time).

Add PCD File No. AL1812

Site Plan Drawing:
Please show the floodplain on this site plan as it is shown on the attached document which shows the limits of the 100 year floodplain within your parcel.
9/11/2018 2:34:28 PM
View EPC Health Department
8/27/2018 1:26:03 PM
8/27/2018 1:26:03 PM
El Paso County Conservation Dist
8/13/2018 12:14:40 PM
The El Paso County Conservation District's Board of Supervisors have no comments at this time. 8/13/2018 12:14:40 PM
PCD Engineering Division
8/9/2018 11:12:58 AM
Engineering comments have been provided on the following documents, which will be uploaded by the project manager:
-Letter of Intent
8/9/2018 11:12:58 AM
View PCD Project Manager
8/8/2018 4:09:21 PM
Revise and resubmit:

Site Plan Drawing
Mineral Rights Certification (attached)
floor plans and building
adjacent property owner notification.
8/8/2018 4:09:21 PM
View Tri-Lakes-Monument Fire Protection District
8/8/2018 12:03:16 PM
Attached. 8/8/2018 12:03:16 PM
View Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.
7/24/2018 1:34:06 PM
7/24/2018 1:34:06 PM