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14x40 main structure 14' tall ceiling with trussed roof 12x40 shed roof to the east with enclosed walls 12' tall at peak 8' tall at exterior side 12x40 shed roof to the west with enclosed walls 12' tall at peak 8' tall at exterior side open stalls to the west side and enclosed on the north and south Siding to be a mix of dark tones metal siding to blend into the shadows of the forrest and rustic wood siding on the front viewable from the driveway. Roll up doors will be trimmed to look like dutch doors Horses goats and chickens to be housed on the west side enclosure Center to hold tractor and east side to store hay, feed and other items for the animals
6116005016 6116005016
Project Address
17940 canterbury dr
monument, co 80132
jp electric inc
jeremy powell ( )
(719) 464-4377
jeremy powell ( )
(719) 464-4377
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AG - Agricultural Structure
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Exterior Appearance
Appropriately sized doors to allow for livestock and/or agricultural implements and machinery to enter and exit the structure (REQUIRED); Barn Breezeway; Exterior Stalls; Shelter Overhang; Appropriate siding material for weather exposure; Finished wood panels, vinyl siding, brick or stone veneer siding, stuco, etc.;
Use of the Structure
Shelter for livestock (including hen chickens) or for the storage of the feed and equipment relating to the care, training, raising, and/or maintenance of the livestock (including hen chickens); Agricultural products associated with horticultural, dairy, livestock, hen chickens, as well as other products customarily produced on a farm or ranch;
Project Manager
Joe Letke
9/13/2022 7:41:43 AM

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Approved PCD Site Plans Dennis Archuleta ( 9/22/2022
EPC Code Enforcement

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View Site Plan Drawing 9/13/2022 7:41:51 AM
View barn design 9/13/2022 7:41:51 AM