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County Initiated Rezone to RR5 from PUD07017
Rezone back to parent zoning RR-5 from debunked PUD07017; Property owners will have to rezone and plat prior to new development post rezoning. to RR5. No documents for review Notice to all property owners with PUD and adjacent please
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El Paso County Planning
Petra Rangel ( )
(719) 487-4636
Petra Rangel ( )
(719) 487-4636
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P - Rezoning to A-5; A-35; F-5; RR.5; RR2,5; and RR-2
Project Manager
Matthew Fitzsimmons
8/1/2022 10:05:46 AM

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View Returned Mail
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View Vicinity Map
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View Sign Posting 8/30/22
View Sign Posting 8/30/22
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View Legal Description (MS WORD Version required) 8/1/2022 10:09:56 AM
View PUD Development Plan - can include phasing if proposed 8/1/2022 10:09:55 AM
View Zoning Map 8/1/2022 10:09:57 AM