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Meadow Lake Metropolitan District Nos. 1-3
The applicant proposes to file a service plan for the organization of Meadow Lake Metropolitan Districts which will provide for the financing and construction of certain public improvements as authorized by Title 32 and pursuant to the County's model service plan. The property to be included within the District's boundaries is approximately 254.7 acres and is proposed to consist of industrial and commercial development. Requests to rezone various portions of the property to the I-3 (Heavy Industrial), I-2 (Limited Industrial), and CS (Commercial Service) zoning districts are under concurrent review by the County.
Northwest corner of the Curtis Road and Falcon Highway intersection
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Craig Dossey ( ) Craig Dossey ( )
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ID - Special District
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Kari Parsons
5/18/2022 9:52:47 AM

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View Hearing Notice-Vicinity Map-Labels-Legal Notice
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View Legal Notice for Publication - 9/7/22
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View Application/Petition Form 6/30/2022 2:37:07 PM
View Legal Description (MS WORD Version required) 6/28/2022 3:40:22 PM
View Letter of Intent 6/28/2022 3:15:26 PM
View Vicinity/Location Map 6/28/2022 3:26:00 PM
View Additional Exhibits 6/28/2022 3:15:25 PM
View Annual Report and Disclosure Form 7/25/2022 9:17:22 PM
View Development Summary 7/25/2022 9:12:52 PM
View District Boundary Map 6/28/2022 3:32:15 PM
View Financial Plan Summary 6/28/2022 3:15:27 PM
View Infrastructure Capital Costs Exhibit 6/28/2022 3:28:19 PM
View Service Plan 8/4/2022 12:55:14 PM
View Redlined Service Plan 7/25/2022 9:22:29 PM