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Proposed structure is 3 stall horse barn. Barn will be used for housing horses, feed, associated horse tack and stall/barn cleaning items. Structure is a 24x40 Port-A-Stall Barn. Steel framed building. Siding panels 3/4 plywood faced with 26 gauge galvanized steel. Anchor bolts embedded in sonatube foundation. 3/12 galvanized roof with 4x4x4.6 cupola. Front and back 14 ft breezeway with sliding exterior steel doors. 3 12x12 stalls faced with Galvanized steel, sliding doors. 1 12x12 feed/tack room. stall framing is integrated into exterior framing. Site drains well. The wellhead is located north and 70 ft uphill from the barn. Home septic system is Located 130 ft south east from barn. Setbacks: 717.8 ft from west property line, 669.9 ft from East property line, 591.3 ft from South property line and 717.0 ft from North property line.
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13155 Holmes rd
Colorado Springs, Co 80908
Dianna O’Brien
Dianna O'Brien ( )
(719) 761-0309
Dianna O'Brien ( )
(719) 761-0309
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AG - Agricultural Structure
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Appropriately sized doors to allow for livestock and/or agricultural implements and machinery to enter and exit the structure (REQUIRED); Barn Breezeway; Barn Cupola; Exterior Stalls; Appropriate siding material for weather exposure; Finished wood panels, vinyl siding, brick or stone veneer siding, stuco, etc.;
Use of the Structure
Shelter for livestock (including hen chickens) or for the storage of the feed and equipment relating to the care, training, raising, and/or maintenance of the livestock (including hen chickens);
Project Manager
Joe Letke
10/7/2020 5:34:23 PM

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