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Forest Lakes Phase II PUD Preliminary Plan Amendment
As result of community input, the applicant reduced lots to 180 from 231- roads have changed -second submittal fall 2018. Second submittal will reflect reduction. Amendment of Forest Lakes PUD/Preliminary Plan to increase the number of lots from 131 to 199 and reconfigure the internal subdivision layout.
The property is located at the end of Forest Lakes Drive approximately three (3) miles west of State Highway I-25
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Andrea Barlow ( )
(719) 471-0073
Andrea Barlow ( )
(719) 471-0073
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PUDSP - Combined PUD/Preliminary Plan
Project Manager
Kari Parsons
9/14/2017 1:29:53 PM

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View Legal Description (MS WORD Version required) 11/29/2017 5:34:08 PM
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