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Project Name
Quick Trip Final Plat DA-36-2021 and Quick Trip Final PUD Plan DA-35-2021
Town of Monument
Planner Debbie Flynn ( )
(719) 488-1604
Planner Debbie Flynn ( )
(719) 488-1604
File Number
Project Manager
Mercedes Rivas
9/27/2021 9:14:47 AM

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Link Agency Comment
PCD Engineering Division
10/22/2021 11:17:04 AM
PCD Engineering comments
1. Add the following plat note: There shall be no direct lot access to Baptist Road.
2. Provide a copy of any additional engineering documents that were submitted with this final plat application for County's review. Documents such as a Final Drainage Report, Traffic Study, Construction plans, etc. The only document received by PCD Engineering is the plat document.
3. The existing driveway on Baptist Road located between Lot 1 and 2 shall be removed and replaced with a standard C&G with this filing.
4. Provide an access easement for the FLMD Dillon Well Parcel through either Squadron Drive or Terrazzo Drive.
5. Staff encourages the Town to annex Woodcarver Road. A portion of Woodcarver, south of County owned land, may be owned by a private party and access through their land will need to be negotiated with that party.

The following comments were for Falcon Commerce Center Phase 1 (PROJECT NO. PDPSP-2020-543) provided by Jennifer Irvine, County Engineer and Elizabeth Nijkamp, Engineering Review Manager:

1. Per the meeting between EPC and the Town of Monument on March 5, 2020 (as well as other correspondence and meetings) EPC recommends that the Town of Monument annex Baptist and Woodcarver into the Town of Monument.
2. Note, if Baptist is to remain in the County at this time, access permits will be required to be submitted to EPC by the developer, on behalf of the Town of Monument, for all Town of Monument roads that are anticipated to connect Baptist. No direct lot access will be permitted onto Baptist. Due to the current classification of Woodcarver, as well as the county owned property in this area, additional conversations between the Town and EPC are recommended.
3. Please note that there is a regional trail that is in this area, an easement for this trail (EPC parks dept) will need to be maintained in any ownership scenario.

Reviewed by:
Gilbert LaForce
10/22/2021 11:17:04 AM