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Project Name
CKW Lot 4A Bradley Crossroads
Commercial Strip
6502407105 6502407105
Western States Management Group
Charles Holliday ( )
(719) 287-7600
Charles Holliday ( )
(719) 287-7600
EA Number
File Number
Project Manager
Lindsay Darden
8/15/2019 8:12:30 AM

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Review Comments (36)

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View PCD Project Manager
1/7/2020 11:08:46 AM
Please see PBMP Applicability redlines. 1/7/2020 11:08:46 AM
View PCD Project Manager
1/7/2020 11:08:08 AM
Please see SWMP checklist redlines. 1/7/2020 11:08:08 AM
View PCD Project Manager
1/7/2020 11:07:44 AM
Please see SWMP Redlines. 1/7/2020 11:07:44 AM
View PCD Project Manager
1/7/2020 11:07:19 AM
Please see GEC Checklist Redlines. 1/7/2020 11:07:19 AM
View PCD Project Manager
1/7/2020 11:06:43 AM
Please see GEC Redlines 1/7/2020 11:06:43 AM
View PCD Project Manager
1/7/2020 11:06:18 AM
Please see ESQCP redlines. 1/7/2020 11:06:18 AM
View PCD Project Manager
1/7/2020 11:05:40 AM
Please see drainage letter redlines. 1/7/2020 11:05:40 AM
View PCD Project Manager
1/7/2020 10:58:24 AM
See redlines on Landscape Plan. 1/7/2020 10:58:24 AM
View PCD Project Manager
1/7/2020 10:58:01 AM
See redlines on Site Development Plan 1/7/2020 10:58:01 AM
PCD Project Manager
1/7/2020 10:55:11 AM
Check all the plans ensure the light fixtures show up in the same places on all plans. I currently see discrepancies between the lighting and landscape but did not check every sheet for this. It seems that possibly lighting plan changes did not translate to other sheets? 1/7/2020 10:55:11 AM
PCD Project Manager
1/6/2020 4:31:00 PM
The site plan sheet index should only include the sheets that we review through the site plan process. The irrigation sheets are not part of that submittal as they are reviewed by another department. The floor plan sheet is not listed in the sheet index. 1/6/2020 4:31:00 PM
PCD Project Manager
1/6/2020 4:26:59 PM
Traffic Memo: See below correction to refer to the roadway impact fee rather than the building permit fee which might include other costs.

This project will be required to participate in the El Paso County Road Improvement Fee Program.
It is our understanding that the applicant will opt out of the two PID options. The 2019 “full fee”
amount is $4,958 per KSF (thousand square feet) for “General Commercial.” Based on the
planned 7.44 KSF (7,440 square feet) retail building, the total traffic impact fee would be
1/6/2020 4:26:59 PM
PCD Project Manager
1/6/2020 4:24:12 PM
Letter of Intent:

The first line of the letter indicating the property address still does not show the lot correctly as "4a". Please revise.

The section of the letter of intent regarding access should be revised if cross access is required to the parcel to the north. The section would then indicated that cross access will be provided.
1/6/2020 4:24:12 PM
Colorado Springs Airport Advisory Commission
12/31/2019 8:35:34 AM
Airport staff has no additional comments beyond those already provided. 12/31/2019 8:35:34 AM
PCD Engineering Division
12/31/2019 12:38:10 PM
Comments provided by Elizabeth Nijkamp, 719-520-7852. Please call Elizabeth or Steve (719-520-6813) with any questions you may have.

the following documents have redlines that will be uploaded by the Project manager. These documents will need to be resubmitted.
Drainage report
ESQCP form
Site development plan
soils report ( if not submitted prior)
Grading and Erosion control plan
GEC checklist (comments placed on version 1 checklist), Please keep these checklists separated.
SWMP checklist
maintenance agreement (from SF 07-012), project manager to provide a slot
PBMP applicability form (comments from v1)

Upon completion of the changes to the site plan, the TIS would need to be resubmitted to show the new site plan.

Due to the volume and complexity of the comments provided, we reserve the right to make additional comments.
12/31/2019 12:38:10 PM
View EPC Health Department
11/26/2019 3:37:55 PM
11/26/2019 3:37:55 PM
View PCD Project Manager
10/8/2019 8:58:13 PM
Traffic Memo Redlines 10/8/2019 8:58:13 PM
View PCD Project Manager
10/8/2019 8:57:52 PM
Site Plan Redlines 10/8/2019 8:57:52 PM
View PCD Project Manager
10/8/2019 8:57:33 PM
GEC Redlines 10/8/2019 8:57:33 PM
View PCD Project Manager
10/8/2019 8:57:15 PM
Financial Assurance Redlines 10/8/2019 8:57:15 PM
View PCD Project Manager
10/8/2019 8:56:48 PM
ESQCP Redlines 10/8/2019 8:56:48 PM
View PCD Project Manager
10/8/2019 8:56:23 PM
Drainage Letter Redlines 10/8/2019 8:56:23 PM
View PCD Engineering Division
10/8/2019 12:40:25 PM
See Comment Letter.
Steve Kuehster
10/8/2019 12:40:25 PM
View Colorado Springs Airport Advisory Commission
10/7/2019 1:00:02 PM
The attached land use summary with comments will be presented at the October 23, 2019 Airport Advisory Commission meeting. 10/7/2019 1:00:02 PM
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
10/4/2019 1:25:57 PM
Regarding a request for approval of a development plan at 1830 Main St. Enumerations has the following comments:

1. The secondary addressing shown in this plan is consistent with RBD guidelines and should appear this way in any building plans submitted for review/permit.
2. On page DP-1 the address is shown on the building as 1834 Main St. and is shown on the end tab as 1830 Main St. The correct address is 1830 Main St. and should appear this way consistently.

Floodplain has no comment or objection.

Brent Johnson
Enumerations Plans Examiner
Pikes Peak Regional Building Department
O: 719-327-2888 E: W:
10/4/2019 1:25:57 PM
PCD Project Manager
10/1/2019 6:43:46 PM
Advisory Comment: Due to the large number of comments with this review cycle that will prompt change to the drawings, it is anticipated that new comments may be generated at second review. 10/1/2019 6:43:46 PM
View PCD Project Manager
10/1/2019 6:41:49 PM
Traffic Memo: Please refer to Plat 14143 Bradley Crossroads Filing No. 1B, Sheet 1, Note 16 (see attached) which indicates that traffic impact fees shall be required to be paid at, or prior to, time of building permit submittals. 10/1/2019 6:41:49 PM
View PCD Project Manager
10/1/2019 6:33:10 PM
Letter of Intent:
Revise to indicate Lot 4a of Bradley Crossroads.

Provide a detailed project description in the letter of intent, specifically addressing items 1-5, 7, 9, 10, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, and 20 on the attached instruction sheet for the letter of intent.
10/1/2019 6:33:10 PM
PCD Project Manager
10/1/2019 6:26:15 PM
The site plan lists sheet A-O as the coverpage. If that is proposed, ensure the drawing list on sheet A-O includes all of the drawings for the site plan submittal and they are listed correctly per their page number in the title block of each sheet. Sheet A-O currently appears to have the drawing list for the permit set rather than the site plan package. 10/1/2019 6:26:15 PM
PCD Project Manager
10/1/2019 6:23:20 PM
Ensure the vicinity map shows the parcel outline. Currently it appears to just show the building outline. 10/1/2019 6:23:20 PM
PCD Project Manager
10/1/2019 6:21:52 PM
Lighting Plan:
Revise lighting so that the light levels at the property line do not exceed 0.1 foot candles and so that the maximum on-site lighting levels do not exceed 10 foot candles. Currently there are areas on-site as high as 20 foot candles. LDC Section 6.2.3.

Ensure that all lighting is full-cut off and specify mounting height of wall fixtures and pole fixtures. Wall fixtures shall not exceed 15 feet and parking lot pole light fixtures shall not exceed 20 feet.

Ensure that all cut sheets on the lighting plan are sufficient quality for all text to be read when zoomed at 100% (actual size.)

See related comments on site plan regarding tree/light conflicts.
10/1/2019 6:21:52 PM
PCD Project Manager
10/1/2019 6:27:28 PM
Site Plan Comments Continued:

If you change the most eastern row of parking and the northeastern most section of parking to angled parking with one way access it would fix some of the circulation issues by allowing for a narrower drive aisle which would allow extra depth for the parking spaces on the east side of the building to be adjusted to standard sized parking spaces.

Verify the zoning and plat references for the surrounding parcels to ensure they are correct. The parcel to the west is now zoned residential and has a different plat.
10/1/2019 6:27:28 PM
PCD Project Manager
10/1/2019 6:09:25 PM
Landscape Plan
The Plant Legend has several incorrect scientific and common names. Please revise as follows:

Yucca filamentosa 'Bright Edge' - Bright Edge Variegated Yucca
Aronia melanocarpa 'Low Scape' - Low Scape Mount Chokeberry
Amelanchier × grandiflora 'Autumn Brilliance' - Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry
Potentilla fruticosa 'Goldfinger' - Goldfinger Potentilla
Gleditsia triacanthos 'Skycole' - Skyline Honeylocust
Sorbus x hybrid - Oakleaf Mountain Ash

Ensure that each plant symbol abbreviation shown on the landscape plan is also listed in the Plant Legend. PR is not appear to be listed in the legend.

Plant Legend: In the size column indicate how these plants will be sized and delivered. For example, the LDC requires deciduous shade trees to be 1.5" caliper; B&B rather than 1.5". Shrubs should be 5 gallon minimum and groundcover and vines shall be 1 gallon minimum.

In the Plant Legend, break out landscape calculations for each requirement. LDC Section 6.2.2(G)(2)(h)(ii-iii) require that the most restrictive landscape requirement applies and that landscaping only fulfills one requirement. For this project, the types of landscape that you will have are: Roadway landscaping, parking lot trees, parking lot screening, and internal landscaping.

Roadway Landscaping (West Side): Per Table 6-1, the required depth of the roadway landscape area shall be increased to 15 feet along a non-arterial road where the road separates a non-residential use from a residential zoning district. Ensure that 15' is provided not including the easement. Currently it appears that depth is approximately 7' wide. Table 6-1 also specifies the number of required trees shall be increased to one tree per 15 linear feet of roadway frontage and that a minimum of 1/3 of the trees be evergreen. Revise landscape to meet this standard.

Per LDC Section 6.2.2(B)(1), where a roadway easement has been provided the minimum depth for roadway landscaping areas shall be measured from the roadway easement. Ensure that the roadway landscape areas required on the West, South, and East that meet that minimum depth requirement and that required plant materials are not within the easement. Grass, mulch, and stone can be within the easement but trees and shrubs shall be located within the roadway landscape area.

List the total SF of internal landscaping provided excluding areas counted toward roadway landscaping, parking lot landscape areas, and parking lot screening. 37190 SF parcel size x 0.05 = 1859.5 SF of internal landscape area is required. Label areas that are counted toward internal landscape area. Ex. Internal Lnadscape area 1, 2, 3, etc. and then have the areas (and their respective SF) itemized in the internal landscape calculations in the plant legend.

The minimum height of the required parking lot screening shall be 3' and may be accomplished using berms and plantings. Ensure that shrub species proposed for screening will meet the 3' requirement, otherwise berming may be required. LDC Section 6.2.2(C)(5).
10/1/2019 6:09:25 PM
PCD Project Manager
9/30/2019 8:37:56 AM
Please ensure that all drawings are rotated to be right side up before saving and uploading to EDARP. Drawings that are not rotated and are submitted in EDARP do not allow us to rotate and provide redlines. 9/30/2019 8:37:56 AM
PCD Project Manager
10/1/2019 6:04:36 PM
Site Plan:
Site Development Data:
Revise proposed Land Use to Retail/Restaurant.

Remove the "I" after the CC CAD-O

Parking Summary:
List the number of proposed compact parking spaces and the number of standard spaces.
List the number of proposed bicycle parking spaces.

Revise the schedule of development to reflect the proposed timeline since Summer 2019 has passed.

What are the black areas on the site plan? You cannot see through those to the layers below. Please remove, label what these items are, or change linetype to improve legibility.

LDC Section 8.4.4(E)(3) requires private roads meet county standards. The urban cross sections for county roadways include sidewalks. Provide sidewalks along the south and west sides of the property.

Label the direction of the drivethrough traffic. It appears that circulation shows backward traffic coming out of the drive-through lane unless it is intended for the passenger to pick up from the pickup window rather than the driver. Please clarify.

Identify the pickup window on the site plan so stacking can be verified. (LDC Section 6.2.5(G)

Label the building entrances on the site plan.

How will the proposed waste refuse area be screened? Provide a detail for the waste enclosure if one is provided showing the materials, the proposed height (screening should be 8" taller than the height of the dumpster inside), and the gate material and detail.

All parking lot tree islands should be at least the size of a parking space (9 x 18) per LDC Section 6.2.2(C)(2). Please adjust islands that do not meet this requirement.

It is unclear where the dumpster and/or waste handling area is located on the plan. Please label for next submittal.

Please check the parking space dimensional requirements in LDC Table 6-4. It appears the majority of parking spaces provided are compact spaces. Per LDC Section 6.2.5(D)(1)(a)(v), a maximum of 30% of the required number of parking spaces can be compact. All others shall be standard sized. Please label all compact parking spaces with a "c" and ensure that appropriate dimensions for depth and width are provided to designate dimensions for varying areas of parking stall sizes throughout the project.

Per the parking tables 6-4 and 6-5, overhang of 2' shall be provided for 90 degree parking spaces. Overhang shall not protrude over pedestrian paths, walkways, sidewalks, or otherwise block. Is the parking adjacent to the building at grade with the sidewalk or is there a curb. If no curb, how are vehicles prevented from pulling forward and blocking sidewalk? Wheel stops will be needed if there is no curb to prevent vehicle overhang onto the sidewalk.

Each disabled parking space shall be served by a pedestrian access aisle for loading and unloading. The pedestrian access aisles shall be 5 feet wide and striped except adjacent to a van accessible disabled space where the required pedestrian aisle shall be 8 feet wide. One in every 8 disabled spaces shall be van accessible. Provide access aisles adjacent to the disabled spaces that are not van accessible that are shown on the site plan. LDC Section 6.2.5(D)(2)(c).

Label the accessible path of travel from the parking to the building entrances.

The following note should be added to all site development plans or non-residential site plans, as applicable, prior to PCD approval:The parties responsible for this plan have familiarized themselves with all current accessibility criteria and specifications and the proposed plan reflects all site elements required by the applicable ADA design standards and guidelines as published by the United States Department of Justice. Approval of this plan by El Paso County does not assure compliance with the ADA or any regulations or guidelines enacted or promulgated under or with respect to such laws.

Per LDC Section 6.2.2(C)(2), islands shall be located at the end of center rows of parking and at entry locations to direct traffic and minimize cutovers. Please provide islands as described. Currently you have striped aisles rather than islands at the west entrances and there is also no island at the north or south end of the center double loaded row of parking on the east side of the building.

The hatch pattern for the concrete sidewalk seems to be missing on the east side of the building and instead is shown under the parking spaces that are assumed to be asphalt. Please correct.

Ensure that parking lot pole lights are located far enough from proposed trees to avoid tree light conflicts (trees shading lights and prompting unsightly pruning.) We recommend that light fixtures be placed a minimum of 15' away from the locations of proposed canopy trees. In many cases on the site plan, lights are shown within 6-11 feet of proposed canopy trees. Resolve these conflicts for next submittal.
10/1/2019 6:04:36 PM
Colorado Springs Utilities, Dev, Svc.(includes water resources)
9/24/2019 4:16:50 PM
Hey Lindsay,

CSU has no comments and recommends approval. Let me know if you need anything else from me.


9/24/2019 4:16:50 PM